Source: Rucriminal publishes the continuation of the investigation of the "criminal list" of the owners of Alfa-Bank. In the first three parts, we talked about criminal cases and just criminal stories, from which it was possible to "get out" to Mikhail Fridman. In the fourth article will cite the materials of a criminal case on illegal banking activities.

During the investigation, secret services recorded a conversation between the shadow bankers Petr Chuvilin (currently serving time) and Sergei Yuryevich Zakharov, better known as the Redhead. The main topic of the conversation is their dark business. Also, they both brag about each other with their high-level business partners. In particular, Zakharov talks about his leisure with the owners of Alfa-Bank Herman Khan and Peter Aven. They fly in a special plane to Hungary and arrange a hunt off the banks of the Danube. Often, bankers take with them employees of the presidential administration.

And when Pyotr Chuvilin and Sergei Zakharov pass to the planned "nude" operations, the latter directly says that he can use Alfa Bank's schemes.

Petr Yu. Chuvilin (P.Yu.) (translated) I never spoke with the Hungarians. Are they normal?

Sergei Zakharov (S.). They are now the best. They ... (not mastiff.) Germany, Hungarians are the main consumers of gas and oil in our country.

P.Yu. Ah.

S. Because they have nothing. They ... (not mastiff.) The Prime Minister was the first to sign the South Stream, the first to come from Hungary. They suck, because they really are ... with Putin. There are some people out there, from the Administration, who form his program.

P.Yu. Maybe yes.

S. Yes. We just take them to Hungary to hunt. Aven takes the plane ...

P.Yu. (переб.) And in Hungary there is still a hunt?

S. Yes, not that word! There's a super hunting!

P.Yu. And where?

S. There ...

P.Yu. Well, in the Carpathian Mountains somewhere?

S. ... around Germany somewhere.

P.Yu. No, hunting is very good in Romania.

C. In Hungary it's even better. It's just closed.

P.Yu. Yes? Well, on the Danube, like here, here, probably?

S. Closer to Ukraine, yes. That's where ... not far from Tokay, fifty kilometers. We took, well, Aven takes the plane ...

P.Yu. (pereb.) Aven is ... (not dog_)

S. (translated) Well, Alfa Bank.

P.Yu. Alfa Bank, right?

S. Beret Khan and all the others, and we made them exit. And he takes from the President's Administration ...

P.Yu. (pereb.) And how much is it?

S. Well, he's a plane - I do not know.

P.Yu. No, the plane is understandable. I mean the hunt, the beast, how much does it cost?

S. For them, a penny ... (not mastiff.) I do not know.

P.Yu. No, there are not a penny, it's all very expensive.

C. My Hungarian does it all.

P.Yu. Well, maybe.

S. I ... (not mastiff.) It's nothing to us.

P.Yu. I got it. Because this time we went to this very, Slovakia, Slovenia, also on the mountains they climbed, on a hunt - and we hunted for 40 thousand euros. And after that I abroad somehow do not take it very well.

S. I can learn from him. Actually…

P.Yu. Yes. Well, well, it's really far. And what is there: a deer, a wild boar, yes? What is there?

S. Deer, wild boar, pheasant. And there's someone in the hundred and twenty pieces, like this ... photos ... on the computer: one hundred and twenty pheasants. I say: "Where so much?" Just ... (not mastiff.) No, everything is cheap there. In Hungary, it's all cheap.

P.Yu. I, frankly, was not about fifteen.

S. I bought a penthouse there: one hundred and twenty meters and one hundred and twenty meters of terrace - two thousand euros per square meter.

P.Yu. Well, yes, it's cheap.

S. Directly on the bank of the Danube, the second line, opposite Margaret Island ...

P.Yu. Well, it's in Budapest, right?

S. Yes, in Budapest itself.

P.Yu. In Budapest, some hotel, "Crown", or what, yes? There it was.

S. There they have hotels ... I do not know.

P.Yu. I used to be. Well that was fifteen years ago. Very nice hotel.

S. Well, Margaret Island, where the thermal springs.

P.Yu. I'm not an expert. I'm in Hungary, unfortunately ... (not dog.)

S. And what kind of baths are there! There are a lot of thermal springs. This is the bathhouse where Shvartsnegger was shot in the "Red Heat".

P.Yu. Was it there?

C. In Budapest. 1534 - the Turks built a bath, where the thermal springs are beating, and there ... (not dog.) And there Zhirinovsky comes, everything. There they have, well, what a year, yes, Turkey built. There are several such small pools, in each basin a certain degree of water. Due to what? They lay pipes, the bigger the serpentine, the water ... (not dog.) The water there is all 42 degrees, the coils go, the water cools. And in each, the naive from 28 to 42 rises ...

P.Yu. (read) No, but it is in any country there are such events.

S. Well, yes, everywhere there is. But there stands in the center of Budapest, I read, the most beautiful castle, such as a palace. This source runs into a bath, a public bath. Inside, closed, or rather ... (not dog.) CAT, inside ...

P.Yu. (translated) Oh, and we, you know, what they offer? By the way, our German partners also offer an investment project in Budapest, namely in Budapest, the construction of office centers, there is something else.

C. Maybe.

P.Yu. Such ... (not mastiff.) The Germans are actively active there.

S. Yes. I have a friend there, an oligarch alone. There are three of them, respectively. Water is one of them, I had it ...

P.Yu. (pereb.) And in Hungary how many people?

C. 10 million.

P.Yu. Well this is big enough.

S. ... in Budapest.

P.Yu. Big enough.

S. They are now building the European Hollywood of the European Union at Budapest. Hollywood for the European Union.

P.Yu. A!

C. There will be a movie, everything will be done. But it's enough .... My friend also has his own sports club. I just wanted to talk with Oleg, but this is your theme.

P.Yu. With whom?

S. With Oleg. We did not have a close contact with you.

P.Yu. In the sport, please.

S. We have ... (not mastiff.) I now came when I was in football. Major League, she now holds, will fight for silver.

P.Yu. What kind of sport?

C. Football.

P.Yu. But we have the same hockey.

S. And, you have hockey.

P.Yu. We have a hockey club "Spartak Moscow".

S. And I still thought football.

P.Yu. I'm the CEO.

С. This is "LUKoil" football.

P.Yu. ...

S. (переб.) No, we're hockey, please.

P.Yu. And I kept thinking ...

S. (переб.) No, we are hockey, please, we will undertake.

P.Yu. ... I work now as a consultant, too.

P.Yu. No, we're hockey, please, any hockey situation. But hockey is Germany more. Germany, Denmark, Switzerland.

C. Hungary is not present.

P.Yu. Hungary, I think not, in my opinion.

S. No, they have football, I forgot ... built the largest stadium in the city of Gyor, where the "Audi" is produced. They have there "Audi" bought the plant "Rab", where they used to make these same engines for "Ikarus". Have redeemed, there such monster in the center of Europe - "Audi" makes. Well Audi TT, that's them ...

P.Yu. I understand.

S. And there, in this city ...

P.Yu. (read) No. I think, you know, what a situation, in Russia football is not profitable. Soccer is profitable only in Europe. I think that even the Central European club, at least, you can say on English clubs, the club even the second division is already two or three million profit for the year. In Russia, unfortunately, any sport, due to the lack of a law on sports, that is, when you can invest in taxable profits in sports events and ... (not mogul.) Remember, at one time there was a Moscow income tax you could transfer to sports organizations , and it all counted to you.

S. Yes, yes.

P.Yu. Unfortunately, there is no such thing at the federal level, and Moscow has been abolished. Accordingly, all this from the net profit is paid, or here such support funds as though, here we are organized. But there people just really launder money.

S. Well, yes. It's all…

P.Yu. (pereb.) That is, they do not even have money, but their advertising budgets, so let's say.

S. Well, I wonder, for some reason I thought you had football.

P.Yu. No, football - it's unreal, so what? I do not know what to do to have football. It is necessary to be Fedun, there is "Lukoil".

S. (translated) No, here ... he has his own football club. He built a fucking stadium for 20 thousand people. Small, but for ...

P.Yu. (pereb.) No, 20 thousand is a good stadium.

S. And there is a hotel nearby and a swimming pool in general. I came…

P.Yu. (переб.) We now also on the falconers will build. We will build a hotel and so on, we will build everything. But, unfortunately, this is a city, a park zone of federal importance, it's all so difficult.

S. In Sokolniki, of course.

P.Yu. Too difficult.

S. I can really offer something. There are some inexpensive projects on the ground, or you are serious about ...

P.Yu. (pereb.) Well, we Rublyovka, basically, we're actually virtually nowhere else.

C. Nowhere?

P.Yu. Rublyovka and Mozhaiskoe Reservoir. We have nothing more.

C. There is no desire or simply not ...

P.Yu. (pereb.) Yes, somehow ... (not mastiff.) No, well, in Russia, in Moscow it builds as if we build a lot. In Moscow - Seleznevka, Reserve Passage, we have already built two towers. Now for the Novoyasenevsky supermarket a huge complex for 60 thousand meters. Then on the "Seleznevsky baths", directly opposite the baths corner building, a dwelling house for 18 apartments, luxury. On Sretenka, the Last Lane is there. It was in the Last Lane.

C. It is there, in the Last? I know where Sintobank is sitting, I have friends there.

P.Yu. Where MGTSnaya substation is, imagine?

S. Down there, huh?

P.Yu. Yes Yes. Next to it directly. We did not start anything there, because we could not agree with them.

S. But the whole complex was built, by the way, by a Jew, I forgot, the owner of Sintobank. I'm just friends with the guys. That is, there it is ... (not dog.)

P.Yu. Well, if something is going in for sports, on sites, with pleasure, call, everything is considered, we all do it.


P.Yu. Good. And that's all, yes? Do you have any more, no?

S. All ... I just asked. I can apply to "Alpha", I have there ... (not mastiff.) Take. Or in the Hungarian ... bank.

P.Yu. Yes. Let him, of course.

S. But I think it's better that he does not shine.

P.Yu. Let him turn.

C. Better than mine, right?

P.Yu. Let him turn, let him turn.

S. I do not want to be contacted and received some kind of vague ...

P.Yu. (Pered.) No, well, he will not get an inarticulate, I'm telling you.

C. If necessary there, I will progarantirovuyu there as ...

P.Yu. Yes.

S. Surety, I do not know ...

P.Yu. No, let's, of course. Well, I understood, and here ... one hundred and thirty already.


P.Yu. Three million, already one hundred and thirty.

S. Well, yes. Now ... Is it better to contact someone or directly to you?

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal