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2020-11-23 19:29

"I put a gun to his body"

The late thief in law Rovshan Lyankoransky was testified

2020-11-22 20:05

Money for Russian coronavirus nanovaccine stolen

Anatoly Chubais is "innocent" as always

2020-11-21 19:21

"Dull shots, blow to the back of the head, then everything stopped."

The surviving victim of the mass shooting described the incident to the investigators

2020-11-20 20:23

"FSB officer" was filled with cement in a barrel

A wiretap specialist survived the murdered family of a banker for two months

2020-11-19 19:59

Banker kidnapped during a search

"Has extensive contacts with law enforcement agencies."

2020-11-18 18:57

"President's dacha" was surrounded

The mayor of Gelendzhik and his convicted friend slipped a network of guest houses to the special object

2020-11-17 20:07

"I packed my suitcases with cocaine like a diplomatic pouch."

Ambassadorial drug channel through the eyes of an eyewitness

2020-11-16 18:59

The enemy of presidential projects is a friend of the governor

Why does Veniamin Kondratyev need the "Wolverine project"

2020-11-15 19:13

Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation leads to the depot of ex-governor Vladimir Gruzdev

The former city manager of Tula testified against him

2020-11-14 20:34

Who "rules" the Ukrainian "thieves in law"

"The boss of all bosses" was in uniform

2020-11-13 20:23

Gazzayev and Aksenov left the case of thief in law Shishkan

The investigation against the king of the bandit suburbs is over

2020-11-12 19:46

"Served in the state security agencies for a long time"

Former plenipotentiary of the head of Chechnya escaped from the court

2020-11-11 19:00

“Personally, Mishustin M.B. you need to pay "

The "fixer" turned in patrons and clientele

2020-11-10 19:46

"Pay for the appointment to Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin"

Testimony against the prime minister appeared in the Khizriev case

2020-11-09 20:38

"Thief in law" rushes to the aid of the FSB of the Russian Federation

How Vasya Voskres caught Vershinin's lawyer and former GUUR operative

2020-11-08 19:42

Skolkovo "Paperclip" Bakalynik

Viktor Vekselberg's "right hand" turned out to be the "king" of microfinance "pyramids"

2020-11-07 18:23

"This is a complete villain, such people should not live"

The missing banker was found at the bottom of the Volga

2020-11-06 19:26

How to breed a thief in law for $ 300 thousand

Vasya Voskres became a Tourist

2020-11-05 19:19

"Gave the command to attack the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation"

"Plenipotentiary of Kadyrov" was replaced with "authority among persons belonging to the Chechen ethnic group"

2020-11-04 19:26

Yulia's harem: from the president's security guard to the head of Gazprom

The investigation receives incriminating evidence from the escort

2020-11-03 19:53

Favorite escort of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

SMS for the billionaire: “We want 100 million rubles. You have 3 days "

2020-11-02 19:17

Gift - bullet to the head

Congratulations in the form of a sacrifice

2020-11-01 19:40

Double agent Lenya Mackintosh

Six times convicted "investor" helps officials to launder money

2020-10-31 19:25

"Stuck a knife in the neck"

How the Family executed the "traitors"

2020-10-29 19:19

FSB came for the heir to the mafia

Maxim Lalakin under attack

2020-10-28 19:28

The gas king became the caviar king

The entire mafia of the "owner" of the Rostov region Ali Uzdenov

2020-10-27 19:20

Swiss liaison of the oldest "laundry"

Mikhas and Master Lakutin

2020-10-26 19:22

Sniper from the State Duma

Why are contract killings not solved in St. Petersburg?

2020-10-25 20:36

Hitman-sniper set: galoshes and shaving cream

"If you don't listen to Traber, then people come with guns and go unpunished."