A source from the telegram channel VChK-OGPU said that the curator of the Prosecutor General’s Office from the FSB of the Russian Federation, an employee of the Directorate M, Evgeniy Poronkin (pictured on the right, in black). It was he who at one time led the operations to detain the former head of the Investigative Committee for the Volgograd Region, assistant to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, General Mikhail Muzraev, developed the story of receiving a bribe by Investigative Committee employees Maksimenko, Lamonov, Drymanov, and developed Investigative Committee investigator Ruslan Miniakhmetov.

Poronkin was promised a great future in the FSB of the Russian Federation, but after the story with Miniakhmetov, he was “stuck” in Directorate M, as the curator of the Prosecutor General’s Office. According to the source, an attempt to “stimulate” Poronkin’s career growth even led to his resignation with a “wolf ticket.” The director of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bortnikov, received a call from the Administration of the Russian Federation with a hint that Poronkin had “stayed too long” in his position and deserved more. However, the reaction was completely opposite. According to Bortnikov’s decision, Poronkin was fired with the wording “for discrediting the service” - there were more than enough reasons for this.

A Rucriminal source said that a former employee of the “M” department of the FSB of Russia, Evgeny Poronkin, played an important role in the case of the shootout on Rochdelskaya. In December 2015, two days after the incident in which two people were killed, suspects in a group murder, Vladimir Kostrichenko and Pyotr Cherchintsev, found themselves in the reception room of the “M” department of the Russian FSB. Here they were met by Evgeny Poronkin. This meeting was organized by lawyer and longtime friend of the Office of M, Eduard Budantsev.

Эдуард Буданцев

It was Poronkin who was tasked with creating an alternative version of events on Rochdelskaya. The main task was to remove the members of Budantsev’s group from under attack and whitewash them. Suspects Kostrichenko and Cherchintsev were made an offer they could not refuse. They gave testimony, which later became part of the plot of the fictitious events of the criminal case, which became the reason for the confrontation between law enforcement agencies and the imprisonment of high-ranking officers of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

According to the new version, Budantsev, together with his team, during legal support, resisted the armed gang, and the police officers who were at the scene were inactive and were generally accomplices in the raider takeover.

The case was opened by investigators from the capital's Investigative Committee department without a proper pre-investigation check against police officers under the article of negligence (Article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). After the police were detained, the “secret officers” informed the manager that the case file did not contain a crime, and that the information provided by the FSB officer Poronkin did not correspond to reality. It is worth noting that Poronkin at that time supervised the work of the investigative committee from the FSB. He easily managed to force the arrest of two police officers. Poronkin informed the leadership of the Moscow Investigative Committee and the Moscow Prosecutor's Office that their guilt would be proven by the operational materials at his disposal. No evidence was presented; the police received a sentence based on the slander of lawyer Budantsev and his group.

As a source told Rucriminal, one of the participants in the shootout, a friend of Budantsev, Pyotr Cherchintsev, told the Presnensky District Court information that it was the FSB officers who dictated explanations to them, which then formed the basis of the fabricated case. As a result, Poronkin flew out of the central office of the FSB with a wolf ticket.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued