What is behind the large-scale heat outage in Podolsk near Moscow and what role did the Maybach of Hitler’s mistress play in this? Details at

Майбах Евы Браун

On the night of January 3-4, over 20 thousand people were left without heat in Podolsk near Moscow. It is believed that the accident occurred in the boiler room of the Klimovsky Specialized Cartridge Plant (KSPZ) named after the former General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Yuri Andropov as a result of a water hammer. But sources close to the board of the enterprise are sure that the general deterioration of the city heating system was to blame, and the plant management was made guilty in order to nationalize the unique production.


Breakthrough of the Year

How it happened that an important infrastructure facility is located in a closed area is now difficult to understand. Old-timers say that this is a legacy of the Soviet period: the city-forming enterprise was responsible for the residents of the microdistrict.

An interesting fact: at the end of last year, Podolsk was recognized as the best city near Moscow in the “Effective Resource Management” category, at the same time Governor Andrei Vorobyov presented the mayor of the city, Grigory Artamonov, with the “Breakthrough of the Year” award.

And a week after the ceremonial part, Vorobyov and Artamonov, during the days of heat outages in Klimovsk, reported that while the authorities were at the scene of the accident, they did not see anyone from the management of the enterprise.

Sources on the board of the KSPP told the VChK-OGPU telegram channel that all responsible persons were on site in those days. Moreover, the strong professional Chikov, the head of the boiler room, moved to live at his place of work long before the incident. By the way, he constantly sounded the alarm and informed city officials about the critical condition of the heating system.

Александр Чиков

Chikov’s nightmares were destined to come true in the pre-Christmas days: at least three ruptures appeared on the territory of the plant, which was classified as sensitive facilities, and ruptures also appeared in the pipes of the Podolsk heating network outside the plant. Calls that it was time to change the system became fatal for the head of the boiler room - he was made a switchman and sent to a pre-trial detention center. Along with him, the court arrested the director of the enterprise, Igor Kushnikov, and the deputy head of Podolsk for housing and communal services, Roman Ryazantsev.


Foreign owners


One of the shareholders (10% of the management company), Marina Sakharova, is sure that the key role was played by the condition of the heating network pipes, and not by a malfunction in the boiler room. In her opinion, the authorities took advantage of the situation to nationalize the enterprise. At the same time, Sakharova refutes information about her German citizenship and says that she is forced to live in two countries, Germany and Montenegro, so as not to violate the limit of stay on the territory of the European Union.

Евгений Рудаков

As the VChK-OGPU telegram channel found out, another foreign shareholder is businessman Jorge Portilla-Sumin, previously convicted of murder. In 2000, he bought the company. After this, a series of strange events occurred. In 2002, the plant went bankrupt, and in 2003, the former director of the plant, Evgeny Rudakov, disappeared. At the same time, the company's accounting department burned down. In November 2023, information appeared in the media that Portilla-Sumin had been detained and a criminal case on charges of fraud, deliberate bankruptcy and money laundering related to the KSPP was being considered in the Moscow Regional Court behind closed doors. As found out, the case has indeed been under consideration for two years, but without the foreign businessman, since he left Russia in August 2008. And here is the most interesting thing. According to our sources, the initiation of a criminal case coincided with Rostec’s attempts to squeeze out the plant. Moreover, the owners were told that such a “go-ahead” came personally from Sergei Chemezov.

Хорхе Портилья-Сумин

Abroad, the organizer of the confrontation with Chemezov, Jorge Portilla-Sumin, died in September 2021 under suspicious circumstances. His body was taken and sent to America by his brother Jose.


Unique collection

Another key character in the factory’s history is the former chairman of the board of directors, Vitaly Poletaev. According to sources, at the end of 2013, together with another participant, he made investments in the enterprise, but received a collection of vintage Maybah cars as collateral as guarantees. Twenty-three retro cars - one of them belonged to Hitler's mistress Eva Braun, and the other to Hitler's closest ally Martin Bormann - were stored on the territory of the enterprise and were available to a narrow circle of people. The collection was collected for many years by one of the shareholders of KSPZ.

Виталий Полетаев

The source said that the owner of the fleet of unique cars did not transfer ownership rights to Poletaev, but this did not prevent him from disposing of the collection at his own discretion. And at the same time, the former chairman of the board of directors is still trying to get his investment back. The interlocutor is sure that until recently Poletaev was an agent of the Directorate “M” of the FSB of Russia. And his curators were arrested for billions in bribes in the Merlion case.

Sources close to the board yu KSPZ, we are confident that all criminal cases of that time were ordered in nature and initiated by Rostec.

In addition to Sakharova, the plant’s shareholders are 6 more individuals (her relatives) and Rostec’s subsidiary RT-Capital LLC.

In turn, Vitaly Poletaev assures that the cartridge plant in 2014 was “plundered and had about half a billion in debts.” According to him, then the post of deputy director of the plant was held by Alexey Garin, who is now again part of the management of KSPZ. On May 13, 2016, the Klimovsky City Court sentenced Alexey Garin to imprisonment on charges of fraud on an especially large scale. Later, the Zyuzinsky and Kuntsevsky district courts of Moscow satisfied civil claims for damages in the amount of more than 125 million rubles. in front of JSC "KSPZ". The verdict stated that from 2013 to 2014, Garin stole flammable gas worth 91.9 million rubles. from Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow LLC. He “supplied the specified volume of gas in the form of thermal energy through the connected heating network for the needs of heating and hot water supply to the municipal unitary enterprise “Teploset”, but did not pay the supplier.

KSPZ is known for the production of machine gun and pistol cartridges of 7.62 and 9 mm caliber, which it produces for underwater shooting weapons, as well as the production of construction, sports, hunting and pneumatic bullets. In 2012, the chairman of the board of directors of the plant and former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Anatoly Shkirko, said that the company sells 7.62x39 caliber hunting cartridges in the United States.

Timofey Grishin

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