As a source told the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and, on December 15, a meeting of the extended board of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was held, dedicated to the Literary Institute. A.M. Gorky. The meeting was attended by representatives of the FSB, they also gave an opinion on the institute. Rector and writer Alexei Varlamov, who is a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation, and First Vice-Rector Lyudmila Tsareva were called to the carpet for a report. Whether Alexander Kharlov was with them is not clear, but it was he who was the brain behind the machinations with financing construction and repairs on the territory of the Literary Institute. This trio worked together for years, as a result of which they carried out several schemes for repair and construction on the territory of the Literary Institute in violation of the tender, and all these enterprises ended with questions about the quality of work that diverged from the budget.

Алексей Варламов

As a result of the mediocre management of Varlamov - Tsareva - Kharlov, on December 15, it was decided to disband the legendary university. This shocks the public. From the educational institution there will be only a "stub" in the form of 2 departments, which will be attached to the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography in Khimki. For some reason, Herzen's house passes into private hands, into a private foundation.

The Literary Institute is located in the building - a cultural monument of the 18th century, the House of Herzen, where Andrei Platonov lived and worked, Mayakovsky often visited, the poets Akhmadullina and Yevtushenko studied. This building served as a prototype of Griboyedov's house in the novel by M.A. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita", and real writers' organizations: the All-Russian Union of Writers, the Russian Association of Proletarian Writers, etc., located in the estate in the 1920s, were launched there as the literary association MASSOLIT.

Varlamov has already been caught manipulating the funds of the university. As a result of checking the financial activities of the university, the loss of one and a half million rubles was discovered. But Varlamov has very strong defenders. In particular, he is patronized by Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy, an adviser to the president. It was he who attached Varlamov to the Presidential Council. Therefore, the results of the check were not sent to law enforcement agencies. Varlamov simply returned the money to the institute's budget after some time. So he got away with it.Владимир Толстой

It is noteworthy that Vladimir Putin himself patronized this institute, visited it in the 2000s, and appreciating the cultural significance of the institution, allocated large annual grants for repairs and development. All of them were mercilessly mastered by the financial director Tsareva, went to bonuses to their entourage, to generous travel allowances. By 2017, the university reached an emergency state, Rosobrnadzor issued a bunch of prescriptions and fines. Then they began to make repairs in the main building. But they forgot about the hostel on the street. Dobrolyubov house 9/11. There, a relative of Tsareva, Sergey Lygarev, was in charge, and Dmitry Sletkov, Lygarev's nephew, commandant. Both drank right at the workplace, with mechanics, electricians, etc. These two allowed strangers (migrants) into the student dormitory and the hotel, they took payment for themselves.

It was with the participation of the FSB that the hotel of the university was closed in 2018. Another relative of Lygarev was in charge of the hotel.

In the summer of 2021, the work of the student hostel was stopped for 3 months. A scandal began, it thundered on social networks, students went to protests. Varlamov simply began to prepare them for rushing out into the street. Varlamov received a document from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where it was written that he had brought the dormitory building to an emergency state, and it was life-threatening to be in it. The building also needed a major overhaul, but there was no elementary repair, rotten linoleum from the times of the USSR, crumbling plaster, mold and fungus, old wiring hanging on the walls, etc. Violations were not eliminated and the patience of the Ministry of Emergency Situations ran out. Until September 1, Varlamov added about 10 people to other dormitories, but apparently he did not really want the rest, and they were evicted, about 200 students, graduate students and workers. Varlamov tried to hide all this, but already in the summer, students understand what everything is going to start running around the authorities.

Дом Герцена

As a result of all the misfortunes and many years of complaints from students and staff about the mediocre management of the university, real help from the Ministry of Culture was not achieved, Medinsky always patronized Varlamov, Tolstoy Vladimir does the same, the result of their friendship and trust in the weak-willed Varlamov is the loss of the university.

There is a version that the company: Varlamov - Tsareva - Kharlov deliberately drowned the university in order to lay it in private hands for a fee. Taking into account the fact that he ended up in private hands, an object of cultural significance, located 800 meters from the Kremlin.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov