Source: continues to publish an extremely entertaining document that opens the reader to the backstage of major business battles. These are the documents of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow and the fourth Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation regarding a friend of the entire Petersburg elite Ilya Traber and State Duma deputy from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov. It turns out that they were not only well acquainted, but also participated in separate power operations together. Earlier, we published a resolution of investigators in which they asked the FSB officers to organize the monitoring and documentation of the criminal activity of Ilya Traber. And today we will give testimonies of representatives of the law firm Egorov Puginsky Afanasyev & Partners (EPAP) (created by classmate of the head of state Nikolai Egorov). Testimony of how they received threats from Traber and Delimkhanov.

A brief history is as follows. Once Vitaly Orlov and Alexander Tugushev were partners, they created the Norebo fishing holding, estimated now at billions. Then a “war” began between the partners, Orlov and Tugushev pulled influential patrons to their side. As a result, various criminal cases, endless trials in the courts appeared. This "war" continues to this day. However, some of her moments remain behind the scenes. A light published by will shed light on these moments.

“During the inspection it was established that Tugushev A.I., Konkov A.V., Begun A.A. and Krotov P.V. in the period from 11/02/2015 to 11/15/2015 c. during repeated meetings held at the offices of the Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners Law Firm located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, they demanded that the lawyers of the Bureau Savvin Yu.V. and Krasnikhin A.A. refused to provide legal support for the Karat group of companies. In addition, Tugushev A.I. and others put forward unlawful demands for the transfer of Orlov V.P. the latter holding 33% of the shares of the holding in favor of Tugushev A.I., while expressing the threat of unjustified criminal prosecution involving administrative resources and the assistance of high-ranking officials.

Wanting to illegally persuade Orlov V.P. to conclude a transaction on the alienation of shares owned by him, members of the group threatened to apply coercive methods against him that are outside the legal field, including by involving persons close to criminal structures in solving the issue.

These actions by the applicant Orlov V.P. regarded as extortion.

Interviewed during the inspection Orlov V.P. explained that the Karat group of companies includes more than 30 enterprises, including those established by him, Roth M. and Tugushev A.I. CJSC Almore Atlantic. At the beginning of 2003 Tugushev A.I. informed him that he had decided to enter the civil service of the State Committee for Fisheries of the Russian Federation, in connection with which his share in CJSC Almor Atlantic would be redeemed by CJSC Norebo Invest. 04/01/2003 between Tugushev A.I. and Norebo Invest CJSC concluded a share purchase agreement based on which A. Tugushev sold the indicated company his 20,318 shares in ZAO Almore Atlantika. The transaction amount amounted to 20,318 rubles., However, actually Tugushev A.I. An amount of approximately $ 30,000,000 has been paid.

Since 2014, Tugushev A.I. began to demand from him a free registration of 33% of the holding’s shares, as well as the provision of financial documents of the Companies. At the request of Tugushev A.I. he responded with a categorical refusal.

Legal support of the interests of GK Karat is carried out by the law firm Egorov Puginsky Afanasyev and Partners (hereinafter referred to as EPAM). November 10, 2015 lawyer Krasnikhin A.A. called him and said that at 16:00 in the office of "EPAM" at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka d. 40, p. 5, arrived A. Tugushev accompanied by A. Kon'kova, partner of the Hrenov & Partners Law Firm, A. Beguna and Krotova P.V., who introduced himself as a businessman. During this meeting, Krasnykhin A.A. The demand for transfer to A. Tugushev was voiced 33% of the group’s shares. At the same time Tugushev A.I. He did not dispute in civil law the 2003 deal for the sale of shares in the company.

At the meetings Tugushev A.I. did not express any threats. At the same time, conversations were held in raised tones, since Tugusheva A.I. they were not satisfied with the refusals to apply for a 33% stake in Karat Group of Companies. In 2015, the conflict escalated.

Interviewed in Krasnikhin A.A. explained that 10.11.2015 in the office of "EPAM" at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka, d. 40, p. 5, a meeting between Orlov was to take place. V.P. and Tugushev A.I., at which he was supposed to be present as a representative of Orlov V.P. However, for reasons unknown to him, the meeting of V. Orlov has been cancelled. November 10, 2015, at about 4 hours 00 minutes, Tugushev A.I., as well as Begun A.A., Konkov A.V. arrived at the EPAM office and Krotov P.V. To all those present, he explained that V. Orlov canceled the meeting. Then Krotov P.V. in a heated atmosphere, in an elevated tone, he demanded to transfer to Orlov V.P. demand for the transfer of the latter in favor of A. Tugushev 1/3 share in the Karat group of companies. At the same time, the transaction price was not reported. The only condition voiced by Krotov P.V. was that the consent of Orlov V.P. must confirm in writing by 2 p.m. 11/16/2015.

11/13/2015 he, together with Savvin Yu.V. arrived in St. Petersburg, where at the EPAM office at the address: 24, Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, at 13.30 a meeting with A. Begun was held During the meeting, Runner A.A. He said that he represents the interests of businessman Traber II, who was contacted by a resident of Moscow with a request to help resolve the conflict regarding the fishing business of the Karat group of companies. During the conversation Begun A.A. explained that to the settlement of the conflict between Orlov V.P. and Tugushev A.I. A. Delimkhanov’s people are involved who use machine guns (weapons) to solve problems and go unpunished. At the same time, Chechen law enforcement agencies can make “bold decisions”, and the existing conflict can go into the criminal law plane. These words were threatening. ”

To be continued

Timofey Grishin