As it became known to, the Presnensky Court of Moscow granted the petition of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow for the absentee arrest of Sergei Zimin, the son of Dmitry Zimin, the founder of VimpelCom (Beeline). According to the investigation, Dmitry in the 90s was the leader of the Koptev organized criminal group named Zema and was involved in contract killings. Specifically, he is charged with the massacre of the Tushino crime boss Vyacheslav Stepanov in 1998. During the attack on Stepanov, the killer fired at a passing tram and wounded four passengers. One woman later died in hospital. Since 1998, Zimin has been a suspect in this case, put on the federal wanted list, but his arrest in absentia and international wanted list were absent. Now they have appeared. Soon, materials on Sergei Zimin will be transferred to Interpol.

Дмитрий Зимин

 Sergei's relatives were ready for this turn of events. In March 2021, his son filed a complaint about Sergei's disappearance back in 2000. He was last seen in Spain. Whether Sergey Zimin is alive or not is really a big question. Sources say that in the case of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, whose members often visited Spain, there is evidence of the murder of the “authority” of the Koptev organized criminal group. At the command of the leaders of the Orekhovskys, he was invited to ride a yacht. During the voyage, they strangled, and the body with a tied load was thrown into the sea. Due to the fact that everything happened in another state, there is no body, they did not work out this episode.

By 1998, the Koptev group consisted of about 250 fighters and was famous for its discipline. It was divided into six mobile groups, each of which controlled its own part of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow.

Until 1995, the leader of the organized crime group was Vasily Naumov. On March 23, 1995, on the Leningradskoye Highway, an Audi 100 car with Alexander Naumov and Yuri Kuzmenkov, nicknamed Motya, cut a VAZ-2104 and forced it to stop. As soon as this happened, unidentified killers opened heavy fire through the back window of the Quartet, as a result of which Naum Sr. and Motya were killed on the spot.

Могила Василия Наумова

After that, Alexander Naumov became the leader of the organized criminal group. On January 23, 1997, on Petrovka Street, Vasily Naumov's car was fired upon. The authority was killed right outside the building of the Moscow City Internal Affairs Directorate.

After the death of Alexander and Vasily Naumov, Sergei Zimin became the leader of the Koptev group after the death of Alexander and Vasily Naumov, who made his way from a "bull" -boxer to an "authority". It was through his efforts, as well as the efforts of Vasily Naumov, that the Koptevsky cash desk was invested in the capital of numerous companies. Also, the Koptevs established a number of banks.

In 1995, the officers of the RUOP of Moscow tried to detain Sergei Zimin (he lived in the same entrance of house 24 on Festivalnaya Street with the head of the RUOP Vladimir Rushailo), but he managed to escape. During a search of his apartment, an unregistered pump-action gun was seized, as well as numerous documents and certificates, in particular, a new certificate of a senior lieutenant of the Moscow Region GUVD in the name of Sergei Dmitrievich Zimin, an international identity card ("passport of a man of the world"), a large number of various financial documents ( under one of the contracts there was a deal for 420 million dollars).

Vyacheslav Stepanov, whose murder Sergei Zimin is accused of, broke away from the Koptev "brigade", but did not lose ties with it. From time to time he could be seen in the society of local "authorities" with whom he solved the problems of his new grouping, Tushino.

On January 12, 1998, Stepanov spent in the Dolina bar, which, according to operational data, is controlled by Koptev bandits. At the beginning of 7 pm, he and his friend Yevgeny Berezin left the bar and went to a nearby SAAB 9000 car. Before they could take a few steps, the first shots rang out from the darkness. The shooter was dressed in all black - this is the only thing that the witnesses remembered about him.

       Stepanov was killed on the spot - bullets hit him in the chest. His friend ran across the road, in the opposite direction from the killer. Several bursts thundered after him. The bullets hit the tram in the fire zone. Berezin was not injured, but four passengers were injured. One of the women on the tram died a few hours later in the hospital.

       They managed to find out about Stepanov's alleged killers after his criminal connections were checked. It turned out, in particular, that recently he had rather strained relations with the leaders of the Koptev organized criminal group. Militants of the Koptev group Vladimir Bazhanov and Roman Gromov were detained. In addition, the prosecutor's office of the Northern District has declared Sergei Zimin (Zema) on the federal wanted list. He himself went to Spain.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued