Source: returns to the publication of a series of articles on "high-profile" surnames that were lit in the case of a bribe for the employees of the TFR for the liberation of the "authority" of Andrei Kochyukov (Italian), the closest associate of the "thief-in-law" Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). For a long time there was a monitoring of the representatives of the TFR, the "thief in law" and his entourage, their conversations were listened. The participant of "behind-the-scenes games" in the UK Denis Nikandrov gave detailed testimony. As a result, this case literally "teems" with the names of the heads of entire departments, oligarchs, State Duma deputies, shadow businessmen, etc. In the last article told how the two main defendants of the case - General SKR Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonov, it is said that in connection with the story of the shootout at the Elements restaurant, Kochuykov's arrest, a meeting took place between Zakhar Kalashov and billionaire Alisher Usmanov. That is, as one can understand, the "arrow" of Shakro and Usmanov took place, on which, in connection with all these events, the first put forward serious claims to the billionaire. But Usmanov is forced to make excuses and promises not to do so.

In the new publication, we will give a complete dialogue between Maksimenko and Lamonov (removing a large mate). And also we will make the reader's story another conversation, in which Usmanov's last name sounds again. It was held between Maximenko and his subordinate Denis Bogorodetsky, who was an intermediary in the transfer of bribes. Bogorodetsky asks that in connection with this story the names of State Duma deputy Andrei Skoch and Alisher Usmanov not surfaced., having analyzed the case materials, came to the following conclusion. After the arrest of Kochuykov, one of the first to join the issue of his release from the prison was the "shredder" Dmitry Smychkovsky. On the one hand, he is familiar with Shakro, on the other hand, with the entire "top" of the TFR. Smychkovsky receives an open credit line for several million dollars to resolve the issue. Who provided it, will tell you another time. Smychkovsky constantly discusses this topic with Maximenko. And puts forward such version of events. Allegedly for the fact that the Italians have taken so much, there are two businessmen who are close to the lawyer Eduard Budantsev (their names we will name in another publication). It was this defender who was the main participant in the shootout from Elements and was beaten up by the Italian militants.

Shakro himself also believes that the persecution of his friend Kochuykova is influential and rich people. And, as follows from the case materials, sent to clarify the relationship to Usmanov. Here is how this meeting is discussed between Maksimenko (MI) and Lamonov (LA).


LA - (Grins). Listen ...

MI - No, it's serious ...

LA - Yes, I understand that seriously ... Usmanov is behind this ... Estimate, Usmanov is ...

MI - ... Shakro Usmanov says ...

LA - Yes oh .. l! Yes?

MI - "Did you draw, you, you forgot, with ... eh?" Have you forgotten how you ...? "

LA - Well, yes.

MI - "Who are you, ...? What are you to me, ..., send, ..., birds, ...? "-" I'm nothing. Everything, everything, everything. "

After this communication between the "thief in the law" and the billionaire, the junior business partner Usmanov is immediately connected to the situation by the State Duma deputy Andrei Skoch. Moreover, for him this is a very close topic. In his youth, he was close to the authoritative people from the Solntsevo metropolitan area, Kochuykov also treated the latter. A business partner Skoca for a number of projects, Oleg Sheykhametov (Sheikh) is generally friendly with the Italian, they were together in a colony. It is Sheykhametova Skoch and instructs to try to redeem Kochuykova. As a result, the Sheikh, apart from Smychkovsky, agrees to transfer a bribe of 500 thousand dollars. Intermediaries are the former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Evgeny Surzhikov and the employee of the SCR Denis Bogorodetsky.

Shortly after Bogorodetsky gave the money, he came to a meeting with Maksimenko and between them there was such a dialogue, the decipherment of which is available to


DB - You-get out.


DB - Let's go now, let's say. Just ...

MI - Because its ...

DB - (says in a whisper) Yes. Was created ... and specifically set to cling. ... In general, neither to Skoch, nor to Usman in any case ... That's the question.

MI - Well, he says that to me ... what will happen. To me, by and large, too. It must be Dima ... afraid. And in another way it will be (?) ... nothing will come of it.

DB - And if he refuses?

MI - From what?

DB - From this consciousness.


That is, Bogorodetsky, having transferred money, asks Maksimenko, so that in connection with this story, the names of Usmanov and Skoch "did not surface". From all this we can draw such a conclusion. Because of this whole situation with Kochuykov, Shakro Young "hit" Usmanov, he connected Skoch to the settlement of the issue, and Skoch allocated money and sent them to bring in Sheykhametov.


To be continued


Maxim Voevodin