Arrests and searches against members of the “transport gang” of St. Petersburg will continue in the very near future

Against the backdrop of ongoing detentions, searches and arrests in the ranks of the "transport gang" of St. Petersburg, RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-LYZIN-KOMYAGIN-SELEZNEV-GAEVSKY continues the "Brownian" movement with attempts to snatch funds from the city budget a little, and even countries.

Here, for example, Andrey VELESEVICH, Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg Transport Committee, despite being fired from both jobs (you know which one is the second), he does not give up hope of getting a job back at the Committee. At least for some position. The motives are clear, who would want to leave the “hilled up” and plundered glade for so many years. I wonder how the City and the Committee's leadership looks at it? Given the past "merits" of VELESEVICH and his accomplices, questions arise for those who are trying to get him a job. And this is the notorious SELEZNEV, who loves to declare his alleged capabilities in terms of administrative and power resources, trying to help his accomplice. Failed transport reform, embezzlement of billions of rubles, including the withdrawal of funds "over the hill", support for the economy of unfriendly countries - and as a result, criminal cases. All this, of course, is the best recommendation for the restoration of VELESEVICH in public service.

Inoperable buses, scattered parts from burned-out buses everywhere, strategic objects of St. Petersburg left without protection, elite apartments and mansions, fleets of elite foreign cars, foreign accounts, cashed money - with such merits, the right place to work in the committee on transport of St. Petersburg. Or is it still not?

It was under the strict guidance of VELESEVICH that the following operations were carried out:

- carried out the distribution of government contracts for the "necessary" companies (LLC "PiterAvto", JSC "Aspect North-West", LLC "Palmira", LLC "Taxi", LLC "ATP Bars-2", LLC "UK RTS" aka LLC " Paritet, LLC Redsis, LLC GeoCad, etc.);

By the way, JSC "Aspect North-West" enjoyed special sympathy with Mr. VELESEVICH, together with its director GAYEVSKY (well, they don't leave their own).

So, under the auspices of VELESEVICH, Aspect delivered equipment: to customs, for 200 million rubles (this is only in the metro), for bridges (for hundreds of millions) and other infrastructure facilities in St. Petersburg. Equipment:

A) does not function properly, which creates an objective reason for the threat to the safety of residents who regularly use the St. Petersburg subway. Of course, VELESEVICH and the company have nothing to do with this. They themselves do not use the metro, and why, when it is possible to travel in premium cars;

B) CCTV and security systems do not work on the bridges. Such "equipment" is installed in almost all objects of St. Petersburg.

- for a rollback, he promoted the companies of A. L. MIRONOVSKY, whose contract portfolio at the moment is approximately 1.5 billion rubles. The companies mainly perform work for the State Unitary Enterprise Gorelektotrans.

- together with his accomplices, he “brought” the notorious Redsis to the State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans. It was very popular in Moscow, in a very short time it received contracts worth billions of rubles. But in St. Petersburg they were marked by a tax arrears of 40 million rubles, and "jambs" in the modernization of the technical means of the aforementioned state unitary enterprise (the contract amount is 83,509,285.39 rubles). For VELESEVICH and his "friends" the amount is not great, but not for long, but the fact that the transport sector is again in danger - well, who cares? (By the way, after all this story, Redsis ended up in bankruptcy at the right time, in addition to the criminal case. Interesting ...

- uncontrolled installation of security systems at transport infrastructure facilities, which is nothing more than an add-on to a product manufactured by MILESTONE with offices in NATO countries, which makes it possible to broadcast information from strategic facilities in St. Petersburg directly to a potential enemy. There is no need to explain that the supplied equipment is all the same millions of rubles that have "leaked" not only into the pockets of the already well-known characters RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-LYZIN-KOMYAGIN-SELEZNEV-GAEVSKY, but also to other countries for which open access to all objects of strategic importance.

Despite this, he and his accomplices, since at least 2016, have been distributing among themselves the funds "taken" from the budget, amounting to billions of rubles. In turn, VELESEVICH all this time carried out the general patronage of the "transport gang" of St. Petersburg. By the way, VELESEVICH was always very careful in “attaching” the money received from government contracts, he left no traces, he registered the property in such a way - that one could guess for a long time - where did the money earned in the most “honest” way go.

Information published in the media, on the website of the state order so far - these resources give an idea of ​​all the contracts, the amounts that were received with the assistance of members of the transport gang of St. Petersburg RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-LYZIN-KOMYAGIN-SELEZNEV. With all the “deeds” carried out by the gang, all non-working equipment will be inherited by the city and companies that will correct what the offspring of VELESEVICH and his accomplices have done.

Wrecking the city and the state, complete disregard for the safety of citizens at the infrastructure of St. Petersburg for the sake of personal enrichment - this is the principle by which Mr. VELESEVICH works and, apparently, would like to continue working. It is good that the hiring officials in the City and Committee leadership are aware of the prospect of a continued series of searches and arrests if this character is reinstated in the civil service.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin