The criminal case of embezzlement of funds of "Promsberbank" is growing like a "snowball". One of the most active participants of the shadow banking business, Ivan Myazin, as already reported, is in jail. He is charged, he refuses to testify. However, some of his partners are still at large. The closest of them is Evgeny Dvoskin, who is rightfully considered to be the "King Naked No. 1". His last "brainchild" - "Genbank". If Dvoskin also goes to jail, the "strings" from him will be drawn not to the shadow, but to public figures. For example, to Yevgeny Giner (by the way, Dvoskin is a big fan of CSKA and often goes to the matches of the club). Or to Senator Alexander Babakov.

Now one more shadow banker Alexei Kulikov is moving to Moscow from the colony (within the "business of Promsberbank"). He was sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing the funds of Promsberbank. He was already "marred" in the colony. And now investigators want to conduct new investigative actions with him. Earlier Kulikov kept silent, but now he can speak. And to tell him, according to, there is that. For example, about his relationship with Babakov.

In this connection publishes the fourth part of the archival certificate of the special services. It deals with Kulikovo, Babakovo and their relations.

"Alexey A. Kulikov ..., the place of work of KB" Kreditimpexbank ". He is a member of the political council of the party "Fair Russia". Has a business relationship with Bababkov AM. In 2007, he laundered money from the party or Babakov personally, intended for the election company. In December 2007, he participated in the elections to the State Duma. Has through his relative Shakhov MN. (Major-General of the Russian FSB in retirement), close contacts with the staff of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. When resolving issues in the actively used by the Interregional Public Organization to assist in the fight against terrorism and extremism, the address: Moscow, st. Zorge ..., the nominal leader Bobkov Alexander Kuzmich.

           Babakov Alexander Mikhailovich ... ... Was directly related to the following commercial structures of LLC West-IC, OJSC MAB Tempbank (head, chairman of the supervisory board). He is a co-owner of a number of Ukrainian energy companies: Zhytomiroblenergo, Sevastopolenergo, Kirovogradoblenergo, Khersonoblenergo, Odesaoblenergo.

         Hotels - Premier Palace (Kiev), Rus, Oreanda (Yalta), Dnestr (Lviv), Start, Londonskaya (Odessa), Cosmopolit "(Kharkov) Aeropolis, travel company Latina, Foundation for the Promotion of Science, Education and Culture Rodina, JSC Aquapark in Luzhniki.

 A special service certificate published by rucriminа states that in 2002 he took part in the privatization of the Latvian Sberbank as a representative of Mac Asyng Holding BV, registered in the Netherlands.

          He had close business relations with the citizen Kurochkin M. (one of the leaders of the "Izmailovo" OPG). In Ukraine Kurochkin M. represented the interests of the Lipetsk OPG (the main task is the legalization of the financial resources of this group). In 2007, Kurochkin was killed.

          According to the Ukrainian magazine "Focus", AM Babakov. was one hundred of the richest Ukrainian businessmen under number 36. His condition in Ukraine alone was estimated at 520 million dollars. USA.

           In 2001, Babakov was one of the leaders of VS Energy (a subsidiary of the Slovak company VSE) and Iwenta SA (Canton of Zurich). In the years 2001-2003. served as chairman of the board of directors of ZAO PFC CSKA.

           In December 2003 he was elected a deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation under the list of the Rodina bloc.

           In December 2007 he was elected to the State Duma of the fifth convocation on the list of the party "Fair Russia", he is deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

           Previously had close business relations with Berezovsky BA, possibly has Israeli citizenship.


To be continued