Source: Rucriminal continues to publish materials from the Interpol report, which includes intelligence information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, wiretapping materials and surveillance of immigrants from the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related persons among them which are a lot of big businessmen, former and current officials. In this article, lists the most influential clans that, according to Interpol, were part of the Solntsevo OPG. Among the leaders of these clans you can meet the president of the Wrestling Federation of Russia Mikhail Mamiashvili, the president of the Association of Stuntmen of Russia Alexander Inshakov. The report also mentions the singer Joseph Kobzon.

"I. Organization of Evgenia Lustarnov

This criminal organization consists of 15 people and is headed by

Evgeny Lustrannov

LYUSTERNOV Eugene, born. October 18 ... in Moscow, he was Lustrick, Lustarik, Russian passport ..., was the bodyguard of Mikhailov.

Was "authority".

Attended the meeting in February 1995 in Prague (Czech Republic). According to the Interpol NCB in Washington, he also received income from extortion from MIKHAILOV and was in Switzerland. He was suspected of involvement in conspiracy to commit extortion and murder of a Russian businessman MOKHINA (MOCHINA)

His organization is responsible for contract killings and executions of members of the organization who have become traitors.

 II. Organization of Mikhail MAMIASHVILI

This criminal organization consists of 35 people and is headed by


MAMIASHVILI Mikhail, who is also "Misha Mamik", born. November 21, 196 ... the year - coach, former colonel and former bodyguard KANTRISHVILI.

III. Organization of Alexander INSHAKOVA

This criminal organization consists of 25 people and is headed by

INSHAKOV Alexander

INSHAKOV Alexander, aka Inshak, a stuntman. January 23 ..., he prepared the tricks for films. He was engaged in extortion from stuntmen and provided "protection" to the studio "Mosfilm". Former bodyguard Otari Kvantrishvili, belonged to the group "Mongols".

IV. Organization of Peter Gorbatykh

This criminal organization includes 10 people and is headed by


GORBATHY Petr Feliksovich, he is also a "Brokeback", genus. October 17 ... of the year, nicknames "Petya", "Garbaty" and "Garbal". For a long time he was MIKHAILOV's bodyguard and one of the leaders of the Solntsevo group. Currently resides in the Czech Republic and is responsible for the criminal activities of the Solntsevo group on its territory. AGAEV was also controlled by the Czech police in May 1995 in Prague at the V Holubu restaurant.

(1) GORBATHY can be identical to Garabat Peter, who heads one of the subgroups controlled by the KUDINA brigade.

V. Brigade Yuri Drozhin

This team, according to the report, which is at the disposal of Rucriminа, consists of 35 people and is headed by a Russian subject YUGOSHIN Yuri. According to the NCB of Interpol in Washington, this brigade is considered the richest, dangerous and brutal in the Solntsevo grouping. It includes 12-16 former athletes, considered to be the Delta group of the Solntsevo group. According to the information of the NCB of Interpol in Prague, this brigade was responsible for the safety of the Solntsevo group.

This brigade was used by the leadership of the Solntsevo group in complex or secret operations, such as killing rivals, racketeering and settling disputes, especially when it came to large sums of money. In addition, this group was often provided by the Solntsevo group to other Russian organized criminal groups, including the IVANKOV group. Murders have always been carried out at a high professional level - using a sniper, machine gun or an explosion with remote control.

According to reports, the brigade killed at least six leaders of Russian organized crime. At some point in time, the brigade had disagreements on the moral plan, and more than half of the experienced militants moved into a rival group to Alexander Sedov.

Brigade DROZHINA, according to the report, which was at the disposal of Rucriminа, is allegedly responsible for the following criminal acts:

• January 1994 - the murder of Jemal MIKELADZE.

• March 1994 - the murder of Valery * DLUGACH (or Glugech), he is also "Globos" or "Globe", the leader of the Moscow organization dealing with the supply of drugs.

• March 1994 - the assassination of Anatoly Semenov, the senior adjutant Dlugach, three days after the murder of his chief.

• April 1994 - the assassination of Vladislav Vainer, the same Bobon, the adjutant Dlugach and his two bodyguards, two weeks after the murder of Semenov.

QUANTRISHVILI operated large sums of money in the import-export of oil, cement, aluminum, iron and titanium ore. He began with the opening of the training complex in Lyubertsy, where young people came to play sports. These young people formed the core of militants specializing in racketeering. Thanks to close contacts with the KGB, he then created a financial empire. He was assisted by many well-known Russian figures, for example, singer Joseph COBZON, who appeared on television and became known as a businessman sponsoring sporting events.

• In September 1994, a car exploded, driven by Sergei Ivanovich Timofeev, who is also Sylvester.

According to open sources of information, "Sylvester" owned companies in Cyprus and invested in Russian oil with the assistance of the early Otari KVANTRISHVILI mentioned. The oil sector was controlled from New York by the JAPAN. "Sylvester" met with YAPONCHIK and became his official representative in Russia.

According to the information provided by the NCB of Interpol in Prague, after the death of Sylvester, the Solntsevo group took away its commercial and financial enterprises. According to the information of the NCB of Interpol in Prague, this could be a falsified murder, which enabled Timofeev to live in Israel or Vienna. The murder of Timofeev and Dlugacha allowed Solntsevskaya to accept members of the groupings of the killed and to take control of the drug trade and other criminal activities in the territory controlled by them.

• In November 1994, the murder in Moscow of Leonid ZAVADSKOGO, aka Lenya, who led a criminal group that broke away from the Solntsevo criminal group.

• In December 1995 - the murder of two unidentified bankers in Moscow and one Georgian "thief-in-law", who were also considered members of this brigade. Murders have always been committed in a highly professional manner.

Drozhin Yuri

Yuri Drozhin, family. August 5 ... year, he is also "Hot", is the leader. He is also known as Drozhzhin (Drosin) Yuri Ivanovich, born. August 5 ... in Moscow (Interpol's NCB 6869 / BCN / 2000/04/03 / LM of 12/04/2000) and DROVIN Yuri. Drozhin is a Russian citizen (Russian passport ..., as well as a Russian passport ...). His Moscow address is: .. ..

He was the main performer of the Solntsevo group and was stationed at the office in the Central House of Tourists in Moscow. According to the report, which was available to Rucriminа, in late December 1994 or early January 1995, MIKHAILOV and DROZHIN made a trip to Miami, Florida, on forged documents.

He stated that he is the president of AO Ochakovo in Moscow, which deals with international trade in products and the release of goods. Interpol's NCB in Moscow confirmed that it was linked to the Solntsevo group, however, was never brought to trial and was not convicted.

According to the Interpol NCB in Washington, DROZHIN was arrested in 1996 for violating the law on weapons. According to the information provided by the NCB of Interpol in Moscow, in 1997 and 1998, participated in two murders, but was not brought to trial and was not convicted.

According to the NCB Monaco, in July 1994, he was in the same hotel as Boris FUSHMAN, born. February 12, 1947, known for his connections with the company "NORDEX", and Roman FRUSMON, born. October 2, 1944, associated with Russian organized crime, which was killed in February 1998.

Russian subject Sergei KATOLIKOV, born. October 16, 1968 in Moscow, obviously, is the bodyguard of DROZHIN. He is the owner of the Russian passport number ... .., issued on January 22, 1998 in Moscow, which, however, according to the information of the NCB Interpol in Moscow, he was not issued. His address in Moscow: Leninsky district, the village of Moscow, 25-18. He has on his right hand a trace of the wound, he said, as a result of the August 1998 attack. June 11, 1997 in Moscow on the life of Drozhin was assassinated, a second attempt was made in 1998.

He was sentenced by Victor AVERIN and became the object of two or three attempts. It is known. that he wanted to work for the Izmailovo criminal group, but did not inspire confidence among its members.

According to the NCB of Interpol in Monaco, DROZHIN and KATOLIKOV wanted to settle in the south of France in the Nice area. DROZHIN and KATOLIKOV were expelled from Monaco in 1998 for gambling and participation in organized crime.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal