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Available was "closed" voluminous work of Interpol, which collects all the data of international intelligence agencies to "doubtful" Russians. It dates back to 2000, so is called "Millennium". Interpol summarized intelligence information, reports of national offices of various countries, materials "wiretaps" and surveillance against people from Russia (primarily members of the Solntsevo) and related persons. In the document a lot of big names and texture. On the one hand, part of the information is outdated, and they set out a bit naive. On the other hand, collected a dossier relating to the dashing 90-ies, when happened the formation of many of the current State Duma deputies, officials of different ranks, the participants of "Forbes" list. That is why this report is extremely interesting, and at times is now a detective fiction. In the first article of a long cycle, drive, so to speak, the introductory part of the "Millennium" and the description of the activity of specific persons.

Solntsevo criminal group - a collection of major and independent organizations, groups and teams and four main units: 1) the command group, consisting of nine executives engaged in a criminal direction and managing the "obshchak" (common funds), including the two main leaders, "authority "Sergei Mikhailov and Victor AVERIN; 2) security group providing group management advice and information related to security issues; 3) Strike Group, responsible for the implementation of the crime, and 4) financial group, using the structures created for the community income. The grouping in accordance with the different sources are available from 1700 to 2000 active members.

With criminal association linked five "thieves in law" and "thieves, thieves who live according to the law." The most significant of them is Vyacheslav Ivankov. "Thieves in Law" does not really deal with the implementation of the management, but they have an impact on decisions and resolve disputes between organized crime groups.

Solntsevo organized criminal group named for its location - Moscow Solntsevo District. The organization was established in 1984 in Moscow, Sergei Mikhailov and Sergey Timofeev. By the end of 1989, it controlled almost the whole of Moscow, and then began to spread its influence in Eastern Europe. So, in the nineties, it has launched operations in the Czech Republic and it continued until 1995, when the leader of the group and some of its members were denied entry into the country. In 1993, Mikhailov and Mogilevich organized several companies in Hungary.

The leaders of organized crime traveled and / or settled in Western Europe, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, etc., as well as in Israel, Costa Rica, United States, investing in real estate and industry in these countries. They have worked in close cooperation with businessmen, lawyers and other specialists necessary for them who were members of the Solntsevo criminal group or contributed to its activities. Solntsevo criminal group maintains ties with other Russian criminal groups, such as the Izmailovo and Association "XXI Century Fox" Kobzon. It has representatives in other countries, such as Italy and Latvia. She is also collaborating with the Italians and Colombians in the drug trade.

Solntsevo criminal group acquired the real economic power in the territory of Russia and beyond, eliminating the leaders of rival groups, absorbing their members and gaining control over their territories. In Moscow, it penetrates into the banking and financial sector, as well as major companies. It uses corruption, sometimes at a very high level as well as blackmail and bribery. The members of the Solntsevo group engaged in drug and arms trafficking, hostage-taking, fraud, trafficking in stolen works of art, commit murder and carry out money laundering. In its activities, they rely on a broad network of front companies, financial institutions, funds and legitimate companies to launder the proceeds obtained by illegal means.

Solntsevo criminal group acquired in Russia, a number of companies, such as: "System" (Sistema), "CPI-Corporation (IVK-Corporation)", "CB Holding (SV-Holding)", "Agro Plus (Agro Plus)", and is active in areas such as the sale of oil, telecommunications, tourism, manufacturing and sale of computers, insurance and banking. She also invest in companies in Austria, Belgium, Israel, Latvia, Great Britain, Hungary, USA and Cyprus.

Tofig Azimov and Evgeny Akimov - two main person who carried out for the organization of money laundering. A significant role in the organization of the money laundering networks Mikhailov, AVERIN and Ivankov also played Semyon Mogilevich. He belongs to the Board leadership and financial groups and is responsible for communication with the Ukrainian criminal groups. He created or participated in the creation of casinos and companies that produce or sell weapons, magnets, oil / "Arbat International (Arbat International)", "Arigon" (Arigon), "Magneks" (Magnex), "IBM Magneks" (YBM Magnex) / Hungary, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Cyprus, Channel islands, etc. However, now its status in a criminal slightly lower.

In conclusion we can say that the Solntsevo criminal group constitutes a threat to democracy. It turned out that it is very difficult to gather evidence of the implementation of its leaders and members of money laundering, as well as their membership in a criminal gang. It is very difficult to prove the illegality and the source of the money without the cooperation of the countries where the crimes were committed. The matter becomes even more complicated when it comes to countries with high levels of corruption. That is why it is important that member states cooperate closely with each other. Banned from entering the leaders and members of criminal group on the territory of the Member States, we can prevent the spread of its influence and, accordingly, to ensure their protection.


Links / Contact

According to the Interpol NCB in Washington, the group has the political contacts at the highest level in the governments of Russia and Austria, and also supports communication with members of the Governments of such countries as Israel, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. These contacts facilitate the criminal activities group, mainly due to the possibility of obtaining false identity papers and travel documents.

For example, the Interpol NCB in New York City provided information about a BAUSBEKE Leopold (Austria), who was an employee, who is a senior official in the Russian government, in Fanas / FANASE names, VANASSE, VANAJSE /, about 55 years old. Fanas lived in Vienna and has been engaged in business related to the spread of food.

* Note analyst. BAUSBEK / BAUSBECK / may be identical to the Austrian businessman Leopold BAUSBEKU / BAUSBEK /, owner of the company "ABV 4", referred to in the report of Interpol NCB in Moscow in connection with the investigation of money laundering by "Nordex" (Nordex), headed by Gregory Luchanskaya.

According to the Interpol NCB in Jerusalem, the organization runs several thousands of people in various countries around the world (Germany, Austria, USA, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, England). Some countries have established contacts between the leaders of the gang and the local organized crime, as well as politicians.

1. Contacts. Accomplices. Partners



(See. Also the section on business activities Solntsevo criminal group)

ABDUDDEL Randy (born May 1, 1951) met with Sergei Mikhailov's in April 1995. They were introduced by Alexis KOROTAYEV. ABDUDDEL Mikhailov visited the house in Switzerland for five or six times. Mikhailov was engaged in trade in oil and other products and was interested in the possibility of investment in the US. ABDUDDEL helped his brother, Kevin ABDUDDELU and Mikhailova establish in Houston (TX), the company "KARTA Auto Brokers". Start the "Karta" put wire transfers 30,000 and $ 200,000. Mikhailov and Randy ABDUDDEL established in Russia, the US company "Sun Motors" to oversee the work "KARTA Auto Brokers". "Celtex Corporation" in Switzerland was a partner of both companies. CELIKALAIL Partner ( "Celtex") tried through MIKHAILOVA start in Russian pre-prepared operation.

Alexander Abramovich


Abramovich Alexander Leonidovich (Born May 23, 1943) played for the Solntsevo criminal group as a business cover, and currently resides in Miami, Florida. Abramovich with his partner Vitaly Kuznetsov led network of jewelry stores "Almaz" in Moscow. Sergey Mikhailov suggested Abramovich and Kuznetsov to enter the enterprise directorate "Gold House", but both refused. Abramovich is closely in contact with the "Golden House" because of its position in the "Diamond". Later he was the victim of extortion by Mikhailov (he had to pay a criminal group, at least 40% of the income generated by his company), and he fled to South Florida. He was the main witness in the case Mikhailov. The US authorities have helped his daughter to leave Russia, but his son was killed. He was paying "tribute" Solntsevo turnover of their companies first in Moscow (1988) and then in the US, where in 1992 he founded the company "US Trading Information Centre". The total amount of funds extorted from his group (in cash and transfers) amounted to approximately US $ 1,800,000.

Yevgeny Akimov


Evgeny Akimov / aka Eugene Akimov / (born November 16 1955) was a banker and representative of Solntsevo in Miami Beach, Florida. In Moscow Akimov had a close relationship with the group of Kazan. According to reports, Akimov, also worked on the team, "Vazha" Chechen criminal group led by Arthur Tadevosyan. Head of the Chechen Ruslan was Labazanov. Activities Akimov on two fronts contributed to the emergence of differences between the Chechens and the Solntsevo, forcing Akimov at the time to lie low. He is the former "right hand" Gerashchenko (name unknown), head of the "Central Bank" Russia and the former deputy director of the "Sayan Bank" in Moscow (Russia), institutions controlled Solntsevo criminal group.

Levan Ardzinba


Levan Ardzinba / aka Lopik / (born February 15, 1954) - "thief in law". According to reports, he was involved in drug trafficking. GCA reports that Ardzinba was in Russia in prison for murder, fraud and drug trafficking. GCA believes that Ardzinba was on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea on the yacht "Savarona" together with Mikhailov and Averin.

Tofig Azimov


(See. Also section business activities Solntsevo criminal group)

According to the NCBs in Washington, Tofig Azimov, possibly identical to the citizen in Russia / Azerbaijan Tofig Azimov Gamidovich (born 30 January 1952), living in Scotland, to provide financial 'cover' for Solntsevo. He established in the UK for four or five companies, one of which was "Transportanic Investments", which, according to the British authorities, was the successor to the "Atkom Consulting". Previously located in Vienna, Austria, "Atkom Consulting" was the main front company Asimov. David Sanikidze stated that he is the real owner of the company, and Mikhailov and Sergey Azimov stand behind him. Sanikidze and AVERIN actually led the company. Azimov worked on Mikhailov and AVERIN since 1993 and was considered a "scout" Solntsevo creating shell companies and lays the foundation for activities in various countries. Azimov often carrying large bags of money from one European city to another. He had an Argentine diplomatic passport.

Creating a base for work in a foreign country, he began with the opening of a large horoto furnished office, sought out the most influential lawyers and involve them in the conduct of affairs. In Vienna, they were the following lawyers: Dr. Sepp VEGROSTEK. Dr. PHILLIPS (name unknown), Dr. Meyer (first name unknown), Dr. Leypi (first name unknown). Each of them received a retainer of 16 million shillings.

Tofig Azimov carried out money laundering to Sergei Mikhailov and Victor AVERIN through "Atkom". Russian civil servants medical Dmitry Volodin had to sign contracts in the "Atkom" offices themselves Mikhailov and AVERIN is not present. All payments from the government went through "Atkom", coordinated by Irina ZAPFEL, former assistant / secretary Azimov in Vienna. She was in close association with Dr. Seppo VEGROSTEKOM, who was considered the father of her child.

Tofig Azimov was represented by Sergei Mikhailov for three or four years before David Sanikidze (aka "Dato") Before he was introduced to Mikhailov, Azimov paid Sanikidze for ensuring his "roof". Azimov send and receive large amounts of money for Mikhailov and Solntsevo through the bank accounts of a Swiss company Asimov "Citco Trading Company". With the transition under the protection of Asimov MIKHAILOVA Sanikidze lost a good source of income. Between Sanikidze and Asimov friction began, which lasted until the death of Sanikidze.

In January 1996, the main legal advisor Solntsevo Vladimir KIZYAKOVSKY said that Tofig Azimov has caused strong dissatisfaction Mikhailov. Mikhailov believed that AZIMOV stole six or seven million of profit from investments in two companies, which they owned together with Mikhailov. According to reports, these companies have a large company on the import of marine products, based in Bulgaria and importing caviar and white fish from Kamchatka and the oil company controlled by Asimov.

Sergey Mikhailov Asimov kept at a distance and was very careful with it, because it allows for the possibility of cooperation with the Austrian Asimov and British intelligence agencies. In order to isolate Asimov and make it back to the Mikhailov Mikhailov was going to open a warehouse in Russia, which would receive the profits from issuing licenses customs on imported goods, regardless of Asimov. It is also clear that Mikhailov, AVERIN Sanikidze and discussed the issue of the elimination of Asimov. Azimov allegedly owed Sanikidze about 300,000 - $ 500,000. Sanikidze accomplices paid 30,000 dollars for information about the location of Asimov. Mikhailov and AVERIN Azimov were dissatisfied because of the frozen funds of the enterprise for money laundering under the name "Wimmo". Azimov received substantial commissions from the owner Gennady Semigin funds for their "unfreezing".

In December 1995 - January 1996 AZIMOV got in touch with Boris and Leopold KANDOVYM BAUSBEKOM to them on his behalf have entered into negotiations with Mikhailov to settle the existing problems. At this time, Mikhailov just waiting when AZIMOV reinvests shortfall before eliminate it.

He lives in Edinburgh (Scotland) in 1995, where he runs the company "Transbritania Ltd". On his business card did the name "CitcoTrading Est" company (Liechtenstein).

Birshtein Boris

(See separate study General Secretariat of Interpol "ProektMillenium: Birshtein".)


(See. Also business activities Solntsevo)

Interpol in France has requested CS Intepola in Bern on whether Mikhailov ruled Victor AVERIN and Boris "MAV" BIRNSHTEYN activities of the company, located in Switzerland. Further, in a statement from the NCB Brussels to Helsinki CS reported that the supposed existence of the relationship between Boris Birstein (born November 11, 1947) and Mikhailov. However, any other information on the subject absent.

According to open sources, between Mikhailov and Birstein, an entrepreneur who created a network of companies, known as "Sibeco" (see separate study Interpol General Secretariat:. The "Millennium" Birshtein "), has the relationship. Probably was discovered contract for a loan in the amount of $ 150 million, resulting in MIKHAILOVA Birstein, Birstein on the same he said that he enjoyed Solntsevo services to "solve problems". It is also said that in Antwerp Birshtein instructed his accountant firm Mikhailova help register the company "MAP International." In one of the company's management Birstein relatives included (father-in-law Birstein), Yevsei Schneider, as well as a number of its employees. According to the Central Bureau of Interpol in Kyiv, Birshtein Mikhailov gave us a soft loan of $ 150 million.

According to another open source information MIKHAILOVA arrest at his home it was found an agreement to provide a loan of 150 million dollars between Mikhailov and Birstein. In addition, between the two parties several times there was a transfer of certain amounts ischilyaemyh in tens of millions of dollars, and without any commercial justification. Birshtein also contributed to the registration of "MAV" in Antwerp (Belgium).

According to another source, Boris BIRNSHTEYN was one of the main partners MIKHAILOVA business. He was a partner and Viktor Mikhailov AVERIN Company "MAP International", located in Antwerp (Belgium). They said that "MAV" belong to Mr. Mikhailov, Averin and Birstein. In addition, the "Seebeck" / Seabeco / Moscow is located on land belonging to Solntsevo. Birshtein also worked with Dmitry Jakubowski, when he was in direct communication with Yeltsin.

Leonid Bilunov


Bilunov Leonid Fedorovich, who was born May 5, 1949, has links with Mikhailov, Averin and Tammy. This information is confirmed by Interpol in Jerusalem, which tells about his links with Mikhailov and Averin and that he was an assistant to Semyon Mogilevich. He is also associated with Vitaly Leiba party Solntsevo and CEO of the "Red Star".

Also known as: Bilunov (BILUNOV / BIELUNOV) Leonid, date of birth - June 12, 1949; BILYUNOV (BILJUNOV / BILUINOV) Leonid Fedorovich, date of birth - June 12, 1949.

Nicknames: "Mac," Stephen Magee.

Identity documents:

• The owner of an Israeli passport and a Russian passport 0121753 T35594400 and Hungarian passports 5,204,495.

• Israeli identity card and a Russian passport 313679979 № 21-355944.

Citizenship: He is a citizen of several countries, including Israel and Russia, has forged Yugoslav citizenship, and Hungarian citizenship under the name of Stephen MIGA.

He came to Israel under the name of Stephen MIGA 5 May 1993 in Budapest (Hungary) and left the country in October 1993. He immigrated to Israel in 1994. He has an apartment in Tel Aviv (7/2 frame), but usually he lives in Budapest and France. His Israeli citizenship was revoked by the Israeli authorities.

He is a "thief in law" and the leader of Russian organized crime group based in Paris, France. He lives in Nice and studied the model and the oil business. He is in contact with Mikhailov and Averin. According to reports, Michael Shamis manages the activities of the metallurgical enterprises in the Urals. The company was privatized. AVERIN was its shareholder. Solntsevo wanted to gain control over the firm. TAMM bullied Shamis, to force him to sell his shares. In 1997 Shamis went to Nice, requiring Bilunova ensure its protection. Bilunov came into contact with Tammy, dispose of "thieves in law". According to reports, Shamis received for their shares half the amount previously proposed, and he had to pay Bilunova 2.5 million for "protection." Since 1999, Shamis became a businessman working on Solntsevskaya gang. According to the information Interpol in Jerusalem, he was an assistant Mogilevich.

He was three times convicted in Russia for serious crimes. It is connected with the murder in Budapest in 1992, a man drovich names. He was arrested in Hungary on suspicion of murder and released for lack of evidence. September 20, 1996 Bilunov was sentenced in Paris (France) to 6 months' imprisonment (the execution of which was suspended) for illegal possession of firearms and the use of false administrative documents. In 1997, he was under investigation on suspicion of money laundering in France. He also traveled to South Africa with Tohtahunov, CHOLOKYANOM and Fancini.

According to the information Interpol in Washington, Bilunov is the leader of the Russian criminal gang "Lion". He operated from Moscow (Russia); then from Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria) and now operates from Paris (France). He took over the leadership after the assassination of former leader of the group Vani Luberetskiy. He had close ties with the "Capital Bank" (Moscow, Russia). At some point Bilunov pondered the possibility of expansion in the United States. In May 1991 he made a trip to Stamford (CT). Contact Bilunova in the US included Imre PAKHA STANTCHIKA and Alexander in New York. Imre PAKH (born 28 June 1950) was in Hungary under investigation on suspicion of money laundering, and it has repeatedly banned from entering France.



(See. Also section business activities Solntsevo criminal group)

Omar lateral (rozhdngiya date of February 20, 1967) was closely related to the Tofig Azimov, settled in Vienna (Austria). It was believed that he was involved in drug trafficking in the United States as a drug user. He often traveled to Turkey with a false Argentine passport obtained by Jose Martinez-LAMELA (MARTINEZ-LAMELA). SIDE founded unspecified company located on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach (FL), through which the large-scale transfer of funds from accounts in Asimov's "Atkom Consulting" and "Citco Trading". Funds can be transferred and from a company called "Wimo", a joint Russian-Austrian company, which is owned by Gennady Semigin. Sergey Mikhailov, Victor AVERIN and Tofig Azimov used "Wimo" to launder large sums of illicit origin by means of payment for supplies of Russian military products.

Other accomplices were BOKOVA Omar David Sanikidze, Leonid Ostrovsky and Avner Kandy. Bodyguard BOKOVA in Vienna was Peter ZALLFELLNER (SALLFELLNER). Lateral and ZALLFELLNER living in Miami Beach (Florida) until June 1995, some 6 months.

Source: Rucriminal