Meet Konstantin Gozman. Oligarch and deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region, owner of the Doronichi agricultural holding. He became rich during the years when his relative Leonid Gozman (the Russian authorities recently recognized him as a foreign agent) had great influence on the leadership of the Kirov region. Gozman receives multibillion-dollar subsidies from the budget of the impoverished Kirov region and buys personal helicopters with them, and builds business on preferential state loans at 1-7% per annum. Now, due to his friendship with the governor of the Perm Territory, Dmitry Makhonin, he is rapidly enriching himself in the region. Gozman not only competes with Makhonin in the absurdity of hairstyles, but also has common habits. For example, order fictitious criminal cases against those who refuse to dance to his tune and talk about his corrupt connections.

Константин Гозман

Konstantin Gozman regularly attends drinking parties with the participation of the Perm governor (and not only Makhonin is a big fan of drinking, in this he can compete with his friend Anton "Six liters, not cans" Udaliev). Trustworthy witnesses of these joint libations willingly share with me the information that it is at these boozes that Gozman is promised to give up one sector of the economy of the Kama region after another.

At first, he was offered all legal and illegal preferences for the Doronichi grocery stores to enter the Perm Territory. Gozman was eyeing this proposal, but did not dare to completely capture Perm retail. Either the price tag was bent for such an opportunity, or I did not see easy money in this. Gozman opens piece shops in the Perm Territory, which is loyal to him, and waits for a better moment. To weaken the position of Perm competitors (that is, to "wet" our local agricultural producers), his friend Makhonin helps him. However, it is not always successful, because there is not enough sense.

Development became the first productive direction of corrupt cooperation between Makhonin and Gozman. To begin with, the regional Ministry of Property gave the territory of the Perm Meat Processing Plant to the Gozman company Zhelezno for construction. They have already announced the Kamapolis mini-city, the cleaning of which, before the start of construction, the thrifty oligarch Gozman instructed volunteers and enthusiasts. Then "Zhelezno" began to look at other sites, and openly announced its interest in getting a part of the Chernyaevsky forest for development. Under Gozman, Makhonin forced city deputies to remove the status of the Chernyaevsky Forest specially protected natural area from the territory of the Chaika recreation center, but with our participation such a fuss was made that the prudent businessman abandoned his plans to get into the building of the sacred forest for the Permians. In the end, the site was bought by another developer.

Thanks to Makhonin's team, Gozman became not only a food and construction billionaire, but also the owner of a strategic defense enterprise. His one-day office, which was previously listed as a private security company and received a license for ammunition the day before the auction, acquired the Dzerzhinsky Plant for ridiculous 725 million rubles (with a starting price of 3.622 billion) as part of the bankruptcy procedure. The young oligarch became interested in this asset thanks to his father Mark Gozman, who worked in senior positions in the state company Avitek for more than 50 years (this structure is the main customer for ZiD products). And Vladimir Teplyashin, the ex-head of the department for protecting state secrets in the government of the Kirov region, was recorded as the director of the buying office. When your father's connections guarantee you the loyalty of a military-industrial customer, your people manage state secrets, and accomplices of your friend the governor control the bankruptcy procedure - you can easily take over a defense plant. After all, Lev Shlyapin became the receiver of such a sweet purchase. What role this citizen plays in the gang of the Ryabininsky swindler, I will tell you in detail later.

It is noteworthy that the ZiD territory is closely adjacent to 11 hectares of land of the Perm Meat Processing Plant, which Gozman, with the light hand of Governor Makhonin, received for the construction of housing. And when ZiD veterans went on a hunger strike, rightly fearing the construction of a strategic enterprise, Gozman's managers with Makhonin's PR people began to repeat that "the plant is provided with orders until 2025." Are we waiting for the second stage of "Kamapolis" at the site of the defense plant after the specified period? The question is rhetorical. Whether at the same time the production necessary for the country will be transferred to another site owned by Gozman, or ZiD will be closed altogether - time will tell.

Gozman outlined his appetites for the development of all the tidbits of the Perm Territory not so long ago, but his familiar corrupt official in the most important Perm office has already succeeded in satisfying them. I have no doubt that there will be more to come.

Ilya Lisnyak