Members of the transport gang of St. Petersburg RODIONOV-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-LYZIN began to testify against the former vice-governor of St. Petersburg - Maxim Sokolov, who headed AvtoVAZ.

РОДИОНОВ предводитель транспортной шайки СПб изгнанный со всех мест службы и работы за коррупцию.



СИЗОв-советник Комитета по развитию транспортной инфраструктуры СПб до сих пор действующий сотрудник.



НОВГОРОДСКИЙ -зам директора «ПАССАЖИРАВТОТРАНС»СПб - изгнанный со службы за коррупцию.



ЛЫЗИН-директор «ПАССАЖИРАВТОТРАНС» фигурант уголовных дел о взятках и откатах.

As soon as one of them was “pinned down” to save their skins, the rest spoke up, hoping to soften the punishment for themselves. Thus, very interesting things began to emerge. Frightened and angry at the fact that they were not taken with them (and who needs such a criminal ballast), the fragments of V. RODIONOV's transport gang report that the financial situation of the latter has significantly improved as vice-governor. During this period, the list of property has significantly expanded - here are numerous non-residential (commercial) premises provided for rent both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Moscow, apartments in Sochi, residential buildings in the Leningrad region and the Moscow region.

The fleet of vehicles consists of: Mercedes-Benz CLS, Motorboat, Trailer. Although, compared with the fleet of the former “pseudo-adviser acting without shoulder straps”, RODIONOV is quite modest.

In the testimonies of the members of the RODIONOV transport gang, there is information about flights and rather expensive trips - the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, the countries of Europe, America, etc.

In their testimony, they also point to the fact that their former patron was not only an official, but also a "talented" schemer. Having taken the position, he already had an idea of ​​​​how money is “sawed” between departments. It was not difficult to correctly integrate into this scheme with maximum benefit for oneself (there are connections left in order to “take” what is needed). And having taken as "advisers" VITALY RODIONOV - the "gray eminence" of the transport system of St. Petersburg, who is close to the vice-governor - they immediately began to "earn".

Members of the RODIONOV transport gang talk about the huge volumes in the field of real estate and the organization of the comfort of work spaces, as well as the rental and management of their own or leased real estate. So, in the testimony there are non-residential premises in the City of Capitals complex (Moscow Tower, 54th floor, building No. 77: 01: 0004042: 4146, cadastral value of 38 million rubles, Moscow, the construction and decoration of a house in the Moscow region has begun.

In 2021, together with a major developer Arkady Buravy, they are organizing a workspace and Coworking on Kazanskaya LLC (St. Petersburg, Kazanskaya st., 3). In addition, they own and manage several premises at addresses that appeared after the liquidation of Corporation S LLC. From the testimony of members of the RODIONOV transport gang, it follows that the company was the brainchild of partners, including -N. Sergeenko.

N. Sergeenko, while they were all together in Moscow, was in charge of business in St. Petersburg. Together with N.Yu. Sergennko are the founders of X-CLINIC LLC (adaptive medicine clinic in St. Petersburg). According to the fragments of the RODIONOV-LYZIN-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY transport gang, the turnover of the clinic in 2021 amounted to about 500 million rubles, which is 200 million rubles more than in 2020.

According to an accomplice in the "cutting" of financial resources allocated for the transport sector of St. Petersburg, all purchases, where companies covered by the transport gang V. RODIONOV participated, have a connection with departments, organizations, institutions of the transport sector of Moscow and neighboring regions (Tula region). All this was done with the help of numerous contacts who remained in Moscow.

RODIONOV-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKII-LYZIN and accomplices testify about the connection with V. Makarov, who was previously the acting chairman of the Moscow City Advertising Committee, who was detained on charges of fraud in 2020 as part of an organized criminal group. At present, Makarov is in custody in the Butyrka pre-trial detention center, while correspondence is being conducted with him, in which they discuss joint holidays, business ideas, mutual acquaintances and the possibility of Makarov's speedy exit with the assistance of the transport gang of St. Petersburg.


In St. Petersburg, it is widely known about the "cases" of the transport organized crime group for amounts exceeding 2 billion rubles. It must be said that M.Yu. played an active role in this. Sokolov, who took RODIONOV as his adviser, from whom it became a habit to embezzle budgetary funds. The most profitable projects have always been with people who were in the inner circle of the transport gang of St. Petersburg. Sokolov's activities both as Minister of Transport and as Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg are now being criticized by the very accomplices of the RODIONOV transport gang. So, for example, during his ministerial work, they report that many of the planned activities were never implemented:

- the Platon system did not receive benefits in 2015;

- high-speed railway line Moscow-Kazan (its construction was mentioned in 2013) was never built;

- the problems of the reconstruction of airports in the Far East remained open, which makes them still inaccessible to the majority of Russians. At the same time, out of 106.1 billion rubles, more than 64 billion rubles “disappeared”. Question: where?

With such amounts of money “floating away” in an unknown direction, it is quite natural to choose RODIONOV as an adviser. It was a truly profitable decision for all members of the RODIONOV-LYZIN-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY transport gang, these people know exactly how, what and at what moment to do, who to “drag”, who to substitute for their own enrichment. Now they testify against each other in the hope of easing their lot and reducing the terms.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin