Former prisoners, and more recently militants of PMC Wagner, told the Cheka-OGPU about the situation in the ranks of the recruits.

How many people ended up leaving your colony?

More than 300 people left our colony.

What is the contingent?

Yes, there are idiots everywhere. Frames are rare, desperate, like us, well, most of them, who have no idea where they are yet. There are both sick and lame. Diverse, in short, the audience.

On the way, while we were driving to the assembly, was the whole region mixed up?

No, the regimes were not mixed. Individuals (special regime) went separately. And so, in Rostov, everyone saw each other, of course.

How were you equipped?

Weapons, not new, but not wooden either. Everyone has automatics.


They drove, they told everything. Shooting range. We served, it’s easier for us to remember everything ...

Are they all signed up for stormtroopers?

99%. What they promised, they say, be smart in training, you will get into art, it didn’t work in our race. A couple of dozen guys who served as artillerymen were taken there without talking and that's it. People from our region, a few people from Saratov, I know, got there.

Away from the front line, more chances to survive?

Yes, everyone thought so. But now we talked to our gunners who got there, they gave up these hopes.


So they also served on self-propelled vehicles, large-caliber installations. And here for them, at least for prisoners, only Rapiers (Soviet towed smooth-bore anti-tank weapons with a maximum range of a projectile of 2.5 kilometers). Relearn how to handle them. In short, their positions are also close to the front. And what kind of war is going on now, it is not yet clear where the safe radius begins.


Yes, regularly. And these drones are very dangerous weapons. Arrives not only along the lines, but also according to the location.

Tell me where are you?

Artemovskoe direction (now the city of Bakhmut). Previously, in general, they say, it flew in such a way that many people died. This is because forces have concentrated in a narrow area, now the front line has stretched, we have dispersed, it’s not so dangerous anymore, but it’s still a lottery.

What conditions do you live in?

There are no barracks here, in groups in small houses in which the miners lived. The same "houses".


They said that there are enough fools everywhere, but here there are a lot of them.

Were there any emergencies?

Not without it, but there is no anarchy.

What is the name of your division?

Yes, 5th SHO, assault detachment.

All prisoners?

I don't think. Visually, of course, the majority, like us. But, they say, a lot of people come from the will. In the end, everything will mix. Both in general and locally, it is necessary to plug holes.

Did you manage to talk to any of the old-timers?

Oh sure. The guys are mostly on the front, but there are also former prisoners,

Are they cheating on money?

They say no. We were told to think about it the least, they say, money is not an issue.

What are your salaries?

From 200-240 thousand rubles. Plus bonuses for equipment, successful completion of tasks. They said to provide accounts, and, preferably, people with a power of attorney. Ideally two. Just in case, you know what.