Judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Elena Kondrat appealed to the Supreme Court against the decision of the VKKS, which gave consent to initiate a criminal case against Kondrat on the grounds of a crime under part 4 of Article 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Mediation in bribery on an especially large scale"). According to the ICR and the FSB department for Moscow and the region, Kondrat transferred $ 50,000 to her former assistant, and now also the judge of the LRA, Elena Makhlkina, for making a decision that the businessmen needed. The meeting on the redneck Kondrat is scheduled for September 28.

The correspondent learned what documents were submitted to the VKKS for making a decision on consent to initiate a case against a judge. These are 3 volumes: two of them - Kondrat's track record and one volume - the report of the FSB officers, Makhalkina's statement and voice transcripts of the conversation between Kondrat and Makhalkina. At the same time, the textual decoding itself is incomplete, the phrases are taken out of context and the investigator points out in many places that the text has been lost.

For example, the investigation believes that on September 1, Kondrat and Makhalkina, while in the Swallow restaurant, ordered sea urchins, and ordering sea urchins means an offer to receive a bribe. Further, there is a "space" in the text transcript. Let's fill it in. At that moment, the waiter came, brought sea urchins, explained that they need to be eaten with quail eggs, etc. Kondrat told Makhalkina that in Herosima and Nagasaki, after the nuclear bombardment, the Japanese ate sea urchins to remove radionucleides. Makhalkina was surprised that there was such a fact, said that she did not know history at all and thought that Herosima was the song of the singer Sandra. But there is nothing about the "bribe" in the conversation.

It is worth noting that, contrary to the information that appeared the other day, Kondrat never cooperated with the investigation, moreover, she had no communication with representatives of the operational-investigative group at all. Investigator Kondratyev refuses to question Kondrat. He motivates it like this. If VKKS, on the basis of the submitted materials, agreed to initiate a case, it means that the materials were collected in full and did not need interviews. And after the approval of the VKKS, the materials can no longer be supplemented.



 At the same time, one of the arguments of the investigation was that it was not possible to get an explanation from the judge, since it was also not possible to establish her whereabouts. While, until May 24, 2020, Kondrat was considering cases. From May 25, 2020, she was on sick leave for 10 days, the VKKS sent her a notification 5 days before the meeting, and the apartment was not indicated in the notification, i.e. "to grandfather's village". Throughout June 2021, Kondrat considered cases.

The VKKS submission was considered on May 31, 2020. Kondrat reported an improper notification and the question was postponed until July 12, 2021. On July 12, Kondrat also did not appear and was on sick leave for 9 days due to contact with a relative who had a coronavirus.

“Judge Kondrat E.N. no one has ever questioned, moreover, the investigator avoids communicating with her. She sent him four letters and he sent her a formal reply (the text is published by that since the verification materials have been formed, there is no need to interrogate Kondrat, ”said a source close to the Kondrat family.

According to him, Kondrat also filed an application to initiate a criminal case against Makhalkina and the FSB officer A.A. Ushakov, who was preparing materials for the VKKS.

As told, according to operatives, Kondrat transferred money to Makhalkina for making a decision not to bring a number of individuals and legal entities to subsidiary liability, namely: United Standard LLC, its founders S.I. Soloveychik. and Shendrik V.G., accountant and financial director of LLC "USTS" Kostash O.A. and Pankova A.V., LLC "TransStroyMekhanizatsiya", as well as on bringing to subsidiary liability the former directors of LLC "USTS" Vershinin A.N., Seoev A.M., Laptev A.I., Pleskonos S.A. and Sakuna B.V.

Kondrat herself insists that she transferred money to the former assistant Makhalkina at her own request, since she did not have enough to buy an apartment and became a victim of a provocation. At the same time, Kondrat cited a recording of her conversation with Makhalkina, in which she admits that in 2020 the cattle were detained by the FSB while receiving money from the manager A.V. Goloshumova. ... In a personal conversation with Kondrat E.N. 04/27/2021 (recordings of the conversation are available), E.A. Makhalkina. said that she was caught red-handed, there are her fingerprints and for 10 years she must cooperate.

Already continuing to be under the control of the FSB, Makhalkina E.A. became a participant in an operational experiment in the case of the fixer Ullubiy Medzhidov. In December 2020, Majidov was detained.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov