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The chief of Department T GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko during a search found more than $ 120 million, or 9 billion in ruble equivalent. This amount did not cause any surprise to conduct operations FSB employees. During the development of the representatives of the Office of T and certain senior staff of all GUEBiPK, counterintelligence found that collided with a multi-holding company with billions in profits. "Fighters with corruption" is no longer niggle. They help to rid the banks tens of billions of funds of depositors and creditors (at Zakharchenko found the money derived from the Note-Bank), under the control of the company to them, went ahead according to the volume of contracts obtained by "Gazprom".

    If the FSB of the Russian Federation will be able to realize all the information gathered, to Zakharchenko the whole group to join his colleagues in the prison cell, both from the Department of T, as well as directly from the administrative board GUEBiPK. Why official agencies do not comment on this story? Because at the top there is a discussion to one level is to raise the bar of the investigation.

    To understand how to GUEBiPK taken billionaires, lead stories that shed light on the sources of the appearance of their capital.

GUEBiPK Interior Ministry - a competitor Timchenko and Rotenberg

Gennady Timchenko and brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, whose structure is obtained from the "Gazprom" contracts for tens of billions of rubles, a new and unexpected rival. This is a previously convicted businessman Eduard Sarifovich Hasanov. Led by Bashkir LLC "RDI NG" PETON "recently unexpectedly concluded with the gas monopoly contracts by more than 50 billion rubles. Fantastic amount is a kind of payment for the tranquility of top-managers of "Gazprom" and its subsidiaries from the representatives of the Interior Ministry. More precisely - from GUEBiPK and Bashkir clan at the top of the Russian police. It was this clan in reality and is behind Hasanov and "PETON".

     The first major contract with "Gazprom" began to appear in "PETON" in 2014, but "the river," they poured on the Bashkir companies in 2015-2016. Now in the "basket" Hasanov contract structures are more than 50 billion rubles, concluded with the PJSC "Gazprom", OJSC "VNIPIgazdobycha", OAO "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat", "Gazprom processing", "Gazprom Orenburg", "Gazprom Invest Yug" .

The time when "PETON" became "swim" in the Gazprom's money well coincide with those in the central office of the Interior Ministry was built in a kind of Bashkir "vertical." In 2014, former Deputy Interior Minister Andrei Kurnosenko Bashkiria was appointed deputy head of the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK, and less than a year he led this control. In September 2015, deputy Kurnosenko in GUEBiPK was the ex-head of the CID Interior Ministry Bashkortostan Vladislav Gorkavtsev. Also from Bashkortostan in Moscow has moved a group of police officers, who took GUEBiPK in various management positions. They quickly joined by several members of the old team, in particular the head of one of the blanks departments that oversee gas complex. However, forms a lot of "legacy" even when Sugrobova, so it is "away from sin" was sent on a long trip to the Crimea. His place at the head of the "gas" the Department of the Interior Ministry took GUEBiPK Uvarov- Kurnosenko friend and his former subordinate on Goosby. A prominent participant grouping is acting Head of T in charge of the entire Energy, Dmitry Zakharchenko. This "vertical" is already well known to many participants of the gas market.

    To begin with firms that were going to compete with the "PETON" for the right to sign contracts with "Gazprom", "head" reported: you will stop - get problems with GUEBiPK and "tax". The latter structure was called not by chance. Representatives GUEBiPK established a partnership with the Interregional Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for Major Taxpayers number 2, in which the reference area includes "Gazprom". Special friendship among representatives of the Bashkir vertically formed with the deputy head of the tax inspectorate №2 Sergei Andrianov.

     Since the threat came directly from representatives GUEBiPK, including management 'T' Office, potential competitors preferred to "go the distance". And among them are even "daughter" of "Gazprom" structure. But there were "not understanding" and hard-nosed. For example, "Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk" and "East morneftegaz", who refused to give in voluntarily are potential billions and eliminated from the competition for the right to enter into contracts. They immediately came a large group of unexpected guests, consisting of employees GUEBiPK (primarily Office T) and the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. They have undertaken a large-scale inspection of enterprises, with the indispensable accusatory materials sufficient to initiate criminal proceedings.

    GUEBiPK themselves employees of the Interior Ministry can not come up with the initiative to test "providers" of "Gazprom". But INFNS number 2 such a test is quite capable to organize. As a result, the partners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs called Andrianov firm, which must be attacked. He makes it to the list for the extraordinary visit "of the tax." And at the same time of the inspection introduces GUBiPK employees of the Interior Ministry. In reality, it is the latter, and supervise all audit firms through tax, searching and confiscating documents they need.

In such a situation is not to the competition and "PETON" easily got rid of the competition.


How to Control T to build "Gazprom"

Of course, such an abundance of money could "fall" to "PETON" without the knowledge of top-managers of "Gazprom" central office in charge of contracts. However, with them, in particular with a member of the board of gas monopoly Kirill Seleznev from GUEBiPK Interior Ministry has held relevant "outreach" work, not without compromising. And then it made an offer difficult to refuse. "If you want, what would your shadow GUEBiPK were employees of the Interior Ministry, organized weekly recess, check" shaken ", related to the company you? Then, of course, you can not help "PETON". If you choose friendship with the police, it is necessary to share billions of Gazprom. "

As a result, already by the end of 2016 in the magazine Forbes in the list of top recipients of money from the "Gazprom", together with the names of Timchenko and Rotenberg can appear surname chairman "PETON" Edward Hasanov. However, he is a person in this business many nominal. Behind him are the real recipients of these revenues, GUEBiPK representatives of the Interior Ministry and the Office of T. The fact Hasanov who is, and how he met with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, tell soon.

Source: Rucriminal