Source: continues to tell how in the village of Pestovo, Mytishchi district, the entire coastal strip was captured by the resident of the Forbes list at number 49, now well-known to many, Farkhad Akhmedov. He became famous when a recording of his conversation with producer Iosif Prigogine got on the Web. In the audio recording, the interlocutors criticize the Russian leadership in harsh terms for the so-called SVO against Ukraine, which led to the isolation of Russia from the rest of the world. And Akhmedov also complains that everything was taken away from him in Russia.

Despite the huge controversy over the recording, the Kremlin has chosen to ignore the situation, and the construction of the Akhmedov estate is on an even larger scale than before his scandalous telephone conversation with Prigozhin. The construction is also fully supervised by the billionaire's wife. Akhmedov himself rarely appears at the construction site.

In the photo you can see the fence that encloses the estate. The fence is completely cast from concrete, and the outside is finished with expensive varieties of wood. The concrete used to cast the fence would have been more than enough to build an average apartment building.

It is difficult to calculate how much money is being pumped into the construction of the estate of the Akhmedovs. If only the fence around the estate, the cost of a concrete box of an apartment building in the suburbs, and the guard house in size and architecture is akin to an average house on Rublyovka.

All these dances on blood are very strange, to put it mildly ... Especially after the phone conversation that has already become iconic. Any average citizen of Russia for such dialogues would instantly be put behind bars for 5-10 years. Here, Prigozhin and Akhmedov not only continue to live as they used to, but with even greater scope and enthusiasm continue to enjoy life at the expense of Russia and on the territory of Russia.

After the article, the Administration of the city of Mytishchi did not even raise an eyebrow to at least conduct an audit, and if the facts were confirmed, file a lawsuit to demolish the fence and return part of the land located in the 20-meter coastal strip to the ownership of the Russian Federation. The fence enclosing Akhmedov's property is still standing. And what’s more, it even enters the water so that, God forbid, mere mortals do not enter his possessions (which, by law, are the property of the Russian Federation).

It is impossible to privatize, that is, to buy from the state plots within a 20-meter coastal strip (clause 8, article 27 of the Land Code).

In turn, citizens have the right to be on the territory of a 20-meter coastal strip, move along it, engage in recreational fishing, and also moor to the shore (especially since Akhmedov has already made a pier from the shore - for citizens, we believe).

But for Akhmedov, the law is not written. Akhmedov is above citizens, above the law.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued