In July of this year. the telegram channel of the VChK OPGU and reported a leak of data on the concluded agreements for the equity participation of the developer Wainbridge Development LLC in the Bvlgari hotel & residence Moscow premium class project, including: Bogachev Alexei Igorevich - Russian businessman, chairman of the supervisory board and owner of the bank Sistema, a minority shareholder of the Magnit supermarket chain; - Yunaeva Irina Romanovna - according to the Cheka-OGPU - wife of Avsholum Mikhailovich Yunaev - Member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the NO Charitable Foundation "Russian Jewish Congress", Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Gazprom avtomatizatsiya"; Itemgenov Kairat Shakirtovich, Gurinova Galina Nikolaevna, apparently, a relative of the business partner of Gennady Timchenko - Vadim Gurinov, Artsyman Sergey Mikhailovich.

At the disposal of the Cheka of the OGPU and were data on the concluded agreements for the DDU of another project of the scandalous developer - this is the Aquatoria residential complex, located at the address: Leningradskoye sh., 69, Moscow.

In addition to the register of DDU agreements itself, the VChK OGPU also has an extract from the USRN with details of the concluded agreements, which confirms the reliability and relevance of the information below.

According to the register, more than 250 citizens became happy owners of apartments in the Aquatoria residential complex in Moscow with a price of 1 square meter of about 350,000 rubles and a minimum cost of an apartment of 25 million rubles. We publish a list of the most significant people, as well as those who may be interested in the tax authorities and departments responsible for combating corruption.

Александр Горбылев

In the list of equity holders, such persons as Isinbayeva Elena Gadzhievna, a Russian pole vaulter, are of the greatest interest. Two-time Olympic champion (2004, 2008), bronze medalist of the 2012 Olympic Games, Anastasia Dmitrievna Pechkurova (daughter, Samara): father: Dmitry Vladimirovich Pechkurov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department, Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Samara Region for pediatric gastroenterology, Cherednichenko Pavel Sergeevich - Khimki city court (Moscow region), judge, Kulikov Andrey Viktorovich - convicted ex-head of the district and minister of industry of the Saratov region, Gerasimova Natalya Pavlovna IRKUTSK NATIONAL RESEARCH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor. Institute of Power Engineering - Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Molchanov Alexander Sergeevich Chief Researcher, Ural Federal University, Executive Director of the National Methodological Council for Technological Education, editor-in-chief. magazine "Interactive Education", National Methodological Council for Technological Education, Vakhov Alexander Georgievich Deputy of the Magadan City Duma Constituency N4, Gorbylev Alexander Anatolyevich - First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Governor of the Moscow Region - Head of the Legal Department of the Governor of the Moscow Region, Nikulin Andrey Olegovich until April 2014 was Deputy Director and Director of the Ground Support Department of JSC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, Torkhov Ivan Sergeevich (son): Former head of the Leninsky regional administration of the city of Kirov Sergey Torkhov headed the management company, Glukhov Andrey Vladimirovich Authority: Duma of the Tchaikovsky urban district of the Perm Territory, Position in the authority: Member of the deputy association, Yanina Alla Vladimirovna - daughter of Vladimir Yanin, General Director of JSC "Plant" Component ", Kotaev Alexander Vasilievich. Acting head of the council of the Sokolinaya Gora district of the city Moscow; Deputy Head of the Council for Construction, Property and Land Relations and Transport, Shaposhnikova Olga Lvovna - daughter of the honorary citizen of Nizhny Novgorod, President of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University named after Kozma Minin", Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Lev Evgenievich Shaposhnikov, Sitnikova Snezhana Yuryevna - GAUZ MO Khimki Central Clinical Hospital, head, Luneva Ekaterina Nikolaevna - full compliance with the data of the official "leading consultant of the Lipetsk Region Finance Department", anti-corruption declaration for 2020 in the form of income in the amount of 154,541.56 rubles, as well as a whole a number of other curious people of different levels.

Павел Чередниченко

 In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Meshchansky District of Moscow dated August 27, 2022, during the pre-investigation check against the company Wainbridge Development LLC, it was established:

“...Thus, in the actions of unidentified persons, signs of a crime under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. However, at the moment there is not enough data to resolve the issue for initiating a criminal case. For a comprehensive and objective verification of the information received and the adoption of a procedural decision in accordance with Article.Article. 144-145 Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation must be installed to interrogate and interrogate Khvorov P.Yu., Diker Babyur ... "

The VChK-OGPU reminds all buyers of apartments from Kirill Pisarev and his partners of the need to timely indicate the amount of income comparable to the concluded DDU agreements, and if this is not the case, then you still need to hurry to do it, because the law on exemption from liability for tax offenses in the event of voluntary (albeit belated) declaration and payment of all penalties.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued