For the arrested for hooliganism Abdulgamid Hajiyev, the son of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Murad Hajiyev, there is a very, very long train of criminal stories, including the use of weapons. And not only for Abdulgamid, but also for his older brother Murtuz. Until recently, my father managed to solve their problems with the law. As it was on the night from 24 to 25 July this year in Derbent. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, the state of emergency occurred after a fight between MMA fighters A. Emelianenko and M. Ismailov. After watching the battle, several townspeople and young guys were returning home in a car. At the intersection of Y. Gagarin and G. Hasanov streets, a foreign car blocked their way. At the request to clear the road, followed by a selective mate. Moreover, the auto drivers started a skirmish, and then a fight. As it turned out, the road was blocked by a car in which there were the youngest son of Murad Hajiyev Abdulgamid, the grandson of another figure, director of the Derbent College of Finance and Law, Gaidarov N.A., who is friends with the Hajiyev family, the youngest son of the former head of the city of Derbent district, Kurban Kurbanov ... Local youth were not afraid of the majors. Then they began to urgently call for help from among their friends and relatives. The first to arrive was the eldest son of Murad Hajiyev, Murtuz. After a short skirmish, a fight began again with the use of firearms. It was lucky that the combat pistol in the hands of one of the majors did not fire, the shooting was carried out from a traumatic weapon. The police arrived at the scene, but the retinue of the Hajiyev family and relatives of the Kurbanovs quietly hushed up the question with promises to investigate and punish the guys who did not recognize the "authority" of the offspring of the Hajiyevs and Kurbanovs.

State Duma deputy Murad Hajiyev is considered the “king of Derbent”. It is interesting how he got his start in business. In the difficult and gangster 90s, the city of Derbent was the arena of battles between the criminal, mafia and tribal clans of Dagestan at the stage of formation.

In 1993, the director of the cognac factory, Nikolai Ivanovich Chubov, was pressured, by raids, beating right in the office at the workplace, armed athletes came and demanded to give up the enterprise. Such attacks were repeated until the director of the plant gave up from despair. The plant had to be handed over to the Hajiyev family. From whom and in whose interests the athletes acted is clear. Before joining the plant as a director, Murad Hajiyev worked as a technologist at a small winery in the village of Khazar, Derbent region. Over time, Murad Hajiyev practically took over the entire city. Of course, not without the help of father Stanislav Gadzhiev, or rather, everything with his help, who held a high position and was close to MMM.

According to a source, another character, Magomed Sadulayev, acted according to the same scheme and became the owner of the Derbent sparkling wine plant. In the same way, the then director Robert Ilyich Nakhshunov, a famous winemaker, Ph.D., was pressured by means of blackmail and threats. In the basement of R.I. Nakhshunov was thrown a combat grenade, which exploded inside the basement of his own house on Kandelaki Street in the city of Derbent, fortunately no one was hurt. But Robert Ilyich Nakhshunov understood everything and left the city for good with his family, and the young technologist Magomed Sadulayev, who was working at that time at the plant, became the director of one of the city-forming factories of Derbent.

Murad Hajiyev's real estate and property acquired by "back-breaking labor" has grown: five city parks, the city's seafront.

The only sports complex and football stadium "Urozhay" in Derbent on Sovetskaya Street, where city and republican sports competitions were held in the city, sports sections, clubs for children and youth were located, with the coming to power of Murad Hajiyev and his team became his property ... Being an athlete himself, this man deprived the city and residents of a sports facility and sports sections. The stadium was eventually dismantled and a clothing market was built in the center of the city, and where there was a jogging track and premises under the stands, it was used as a hippodrome and a stable for Murad Hajiyev's horses. On his instructions, a fragment of the ancient fortress wall of the historical and cultural museum-reserve "Naryn-Kala" (included by UNESCO in the List of World Heritage Sites) was demolished, since the wall, unfortunately, "ended up" between its two bazaars.

As the source told, when Murad Gadzhiev was chairman of the Derbent City Assembly, the Derbent Grinding Machine Plant, located on a vast territory of 10 hectares in the very center of the city, completely ceased to exist, with huge buildings and factory workshops, its own transport workshop and a hostel. A unique enterprise, 80% of whose production in Soviet times was exported was sold for scrap, machinery and equipment were also sold and squandered.

They also killed and brought to bankruptcy the operating and profitable Derbent carpet factory, known throughout the Soviet Union, located at 38 Salman Street. People were thrown out into the street, the economy was sold, and the factory building and a tidbit of land went to Beipulat Feyzullayev, Murad Hajiyev's henchman.

By the way, Beipulat Feyzullaev is a very interesting character who, together with Murad Hajiyev and Felix Kaziakhmedov (the hand mayor of Derbent in the hands of Murad Hajiyev), sold agricultural lands of federal significance located within the city of Derbent, which were under the control of the Dagestan village, for the construction of high-rise buildings and individual housing construction experimental station of viticulture and vegetable growing of the Dagestan Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture RASN. Previously, it was the V.I. N.I. Vavilov. For these purposes, Beipulat Feyzullayev becomes the director of the institution and "a great winegrower and scientist." There were 224 hectares in total, today there are 124 hectares! The rest is sold out and built up. According to sources of, a criminal case has been initiated against this henchman of Murad Hajiyev.

Murad Hajiyev and his henchmen have a big craving for the lands, although they do not shy away from anything. One of the most loyal confidants, performers of intrigue, will and orders of Hajiyev for artificial conflicts between young people on the basis of everyday life and the basis of interethnic strife, in particular between Lezghins and Azerbaijanis, is the rogue and intrigue Ali Ibragimov, known in the city of Derbent, nicknamed "Kolkhoz".

In the recent past, Director of the State Budgetary Institution RD "Derbent State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum - Reserve", Naryn Kala fortress.

A person was appointed to this position without the appropriate education, absolutely nothing to do with history and culture, a former zootechnician, for 10 million rubles (which he bragged about in a narrow circle, although this story is known to everyone).

He was appointed to the post, having removed from it an educated and learned person, thanks to the close relationship of his patrons to Rajab Abdulatipov.

Once in the city of Derbent there was a thriving agricultural enterprise, the collective farm named after A. Zhdanova. On the balance of which there was a garage with cars and agricultural equipment, its own club, which was called the club. A. Zhdanov, own market and trade pavilions for the sale of products, hundreds of hectares of agricultural irrigated fertile land within the boundaries and borders of Derbent, where the collective farm of the millionaire also grew fruits and vegetables.

Fraudulently, inciting intrigue and interethnic strife in the collective farm. A. Zhdanov, organizing sabotage, public actions of Ali Ibragimov with the support of Murad Hajiyev and his father-in-law Selim Akhmedov becomes chairman of the collective farm named after A. A. Zhdanova.

The result of his chairmanship on the collective farm is non-payment of taxes to the state treasury in the amount of 914 million rubles, illegal sale of agricultural land of more than 250 hectares, real estate, agricultural machinery. Ali the collective farm appropriated the proceeds, and the enterprise was brought to bankruptcy.

After Ali Ibragimov left the collective farm, his father-in-law Selim Akhmedov came to his chair, who renamed the enterprise into the SPK “Kolkhoz named after G. Kazimov” and transferred it to the ownership of the people of his patron Murad Hajiyev.

Selim Akhmedov, the former chairman of the city council of Derbent, replaced Murad Gadzhiev in this post when he was elected deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a close and confidant of Gadzhiev.

His son Akhmed Selimovich Akhmedov is also the nephew of the wife of the former prosecutor of Derbent and already the former first deputy prosecutor of the Republic of Dagestan Izet Hajiyev. Kinship with the prosecutor and the "thug" father constantly saved Akhmed Selimov from justice. The wife of the prosecutor Hajiyev is the sister of Selim Akhmedov.

According to information from law enforcement agencies, Akhmed Akhmedov is a longtime member of the Derbent "forest" bandit underground, known in the "forest" as Mohammed. In 2008, Ahmed-Muhammad was brought to trial on charges of aiding terrorism (part 1 of Article 208 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), but thanks to the patronage of the prosecutor's uncle Izzet, he received only 7 months in prison. On May 8, 2010, a prosecutor's relative was detained on suspicion of involvement in the explosion at the Derbent railway station, which occurred on May 7 of that year. In the car without license plates, in which the detainee Akhmedov was "tied", an AK-47 assault rifle with a loaded magazine, an AKM assault rifle with one full magazine, 119 cartridges of 5.45 caliber (for AK-47), an F-1 grenade with fuse. Thanks to his kind uncle Izet, Ahmed again escaped a just punishment.

At the end of 2014, the elusive Akhmed took part in a brawl near the Derbent restaurant "Russia". The most interesting thing is that Akhmed's father Selim Akhmedov and the rogue director of the Naryn-Kala museum Ali Ibragimov, nicknamed Kolkhoz, took part in the fight.

Murad Hajiyev's henchmen and former “important” prosecutor Izzet Hajiyev have a lot of such stories ...

Ali Kolkhoz is a figure in a solitaire game that was carefully put together in Derbent by the former owner of the city, Murad Hajiyev. Without Hajiyev's permission, the collective farm could not and would not have been able to handle such dark deeds of Ali.

Now Ali Ibragimov is a defendant in 3 criminal cases initiated against him by the investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the RD and the Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the RD, but here's the incident, Ali Ibragimov lives and is in Moscow, is not detained and is not in jail despite the serious charges brought against him ... Apparently, having connections, money from the sale of state land and property of the collective farm and such a "roof" as Murad Hajiyev, this is not to be feared.

On the coast of the Caspian Sea in the city of Derbent, there were tourist centers "Chaika" and "Derbent", well-known in the republic and in the RSFSR, which once belonged to the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions of Dagestan, where the permanent leader was Murad Gadzhiev's father, Stanislav Gadzhiev. These tourist centers with all the infrastructure, huge land plots on the seashore became the property of Murad Hajiyev. On one of them the well-known celebration hall "MORYANA" was built and is functioning, on the rest of the territory there is a hotel complex, a cafe, etc.

The assets that the father and son Hajiyevs appropriated only belonged to the trade unions of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, a huge amount along the entire coast of the Caspian Sea. Sanatoriums, rest houses, tourist centers, including the well-known in the republic Sanatorium "Kaspiy", Hotel "Tourist" in Makhachkala at the intersection of 26 Baku Commissars (now M. Yaragsky) streets and Kalinin Avenue (now I. Shamil Avenue) ...


Murad Hajiyev does not keep all of his main financial assets in the Russian Federation, except, of course, necessary. He prefers Malta, where there are accounts of his relatives, although his property is hidden in many countries - the Bahamas, Malaysia, France, Great Britain.

The first known company Melita Europe Holdings Ltd, located in Malta, in the city of Sliema, 64 St. Anne`SCourt, Flat 5 BisazzaStreet.

44.6% of JSC "Derbent Brandy Factory" belongs to this company, the beneficiary of the company is the sister of Murad Gadzhiev's wife - Sapiyat Kurshieva.

55.35% of JSC "Derbent Brandy Factory" belongs to the wife of Murad Gadzhiev - Ashura Magomedzagidovna Gadzhieva.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Derbent Brandy Factory" - Kurshiev Magomedzagid Kurshievich. Apparently, the father-in-law of Murad Hajiyev.

The second company is the Cypriot Van Denel Ltd, the address is the city of Nicosia, Αγίας Ελένης, 2, STASSINOS BUILDING, Floor 6, 1060.

Registered in the name of Pavel Yagutilovich Mishiev - in the past the chief engineer of JSC "Derbent Brandy Plant", now the General Director of the plant.

The well-known story of the defrauded equity holders of the construction of an apartment building on Sovetskaya Street. Wherever the victims complained, even having the decisions of the courts in their hands, they failed to achieve justice against Murad Hajiyev. Only with the arrival in the city of a stronger team of Suleiman Kerimov, represented by the new head Khizri Abakarov, after negotiations, Murad Hajiyev and his henchmen were obliged to complete the construction of houses and transfer the housing to the owners. The question is still open. Promises made, obligations not fulfilled.

When Murad Hajiyev was the Chairman of the City Assembly of Deputies, the deputy corps in the city was divided into Hajiyev's people, who were 2/3, some of the people represented Sadulayev and several independent people whose status did not allow Hajiyev and Sadulayev to rule them. For so many years, the city's budget was completely made up at the direction of Hajiyev, and the spending of the budget was controlled by him and his structures.

The result is obvious. The most ancient and beautiful, original city fell into complete decay. Chaos was happening in the city, every piece of land was sold and built up in violation of all the norms of the Town Planning Code and other standards.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov