Many Russians receive fines for traffic violations, which in reality did not exist. They should thank the devices that recorded the "fake" violation. However, who is behind such examples and earns billions from motorists is usually not visible. It's time to introduce them. These are Lev Gurevich, Vyacheslav Smirnov and Alexander Shayud - the owners of Skolkovo residents “Digital Vision Laboratory” and “Traffic Monitoring Systems”. Within the framework of more than 150 government contracts, these firms supply low-quality equipment "Lobachevsky", "PTOLEMEI-V", "PTOLEMEI-S" and "Ptolemy-SM" to more than 50 subjects of Russia.

Gurevich L., Smirnov V. and Shayud A. Through their activities, Gurevich L., Smirnov V. and Shayud A. caused irreparable damage to the interests of the state, society and citizens in the amount of more than 5 billion rubles. At the expense of motorists and taxpayers, Israeli citizen Gurevich, former police officer and ex-partner of Maxim Liksutov Smirnov are bathed in luxury. Details are in the investigation.

Максим Ликсутов

Let's start our story from the distant 2008.

Around this year, a young researcher at St. Petersburg State University, a promising mathematician, Lev Stanislavovich Gurevich, managed to choose the main direction of activity, which had a positive impact on his financial condition in the future, but, unfortunately, badly affected the wallets of many residents of Russia.

According to a source, Lev Gurevich has always been a painful and shy child, many complexes haunted him, and an ardent mind made him constantly look for a way to attract attention, and around 2014 he succeeded. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Лев Гуревич

This is what the budding son of a math teacher looked like in 2004. The smile was kind, the eyes were not clouded by the drug drag.

In 2008, Lev Stanislavovich, meets his future business associate - Vakhitov Alexander Timurovich and chooses a new, fateful for himself and many Russians direction for his research - stereo vision tasks, the purpose of which was to obtain data on the distance to the object using mathematical algorithms for image analysis ...

 Until 2010, Gurevich and Vakhitov, developing mathematical algorithms, did not achieve much success in the scientific field, but at the same time Gurevich had an idea about the possibility of additional earnings and on November 25, 2010 at his parents' apartment he registers a limited liability company "Laboratory of Digital Vision", main type whose activities - "Other scientific research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences."

 Until 2014, in their free time from teaching and research at the University, now the companions were developing a certain device in the apartment that allows them to determine the distance from the CCTV camera to vehicles. The concept was constantly changing, the absurd and impulsive nature of Gurevich constantly interfered with Vakhitov and made his own adjustments to the development, Gurevich was constantly not satisfied with something and he wanted everything at once. As a result, by 2013 they managed to assemble a certain technical measuring instrument - the Rakurs photometric complex. As it turned out, the Rakurs complex was of no interest to anyone either from a scientific or a commercial point of view, but the company did not disintegrate, and development continued.

In 2014, Gurevich was fortunate enough to meet the "authoritative" entrepreneur, the shark of the IT business - Vyacheslav Smirnov.

Вячеслав Смирнов

Vyacheslav Smirnov graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in propulsion, power and energy-physical installations of spacecraft. He did not learn how to make engines, and from 1996 to 1999, Smirnov served as an officer of the analytical group of the investigative department of the Moscow City Internal Affairs Directorate. He worked as a specialist in the Department of Integrated Engineering and Technical Protection Systems at RNT CJSC. From 2000 to 2010, he was the General Director of Paravan IT LLC. In 2010, he was appointed General Director of CJSC Sitronics Kasu. In 2011-2012, he was Vice President for Integrated Management and Security Systems at Sitronics. In 2012, he worked as Deputy General Designer for Automation and Integrated Security Systems at OJSC Concern Vega. Since 2014 Smirnov V.I. worked for a bit as CEO of NVision Group, which is part of AFK Sistema.

Noteworthy are the comments of Internet users to the article about Smirnov's successes:



Smirnov V.I. for a short time, the management of NVision Group acquired influential business partners, among whom was the vice-mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov - the head of the transport department of the capital. Together they drank several billion rubles.

After several serious conflicts, V. Smirnov had to leave NVision Group, and also buy in Abkhazia "premium pistol" for security purposes. According to the interlocutor of, Smirnov V. loves to tell fictitious stories to his friends and relatives about the "premium" pistol - allegedly he was awarded for special merits while serving in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. But for what could an ordinary ordinary engineering and technical employee of the analytical department be awarded ?! We assume that it is possible for the destruction of paper enemies.

The acquaintance of Lev Gurevich and Vyacheslav Smirnov became fatal for both.

Smirnov liked a young active man named Lev, in addition, his developments seemed promising to him and, having reached an agreement, Gurevich sold 70% of the share of Digital Vision Laboratory LLC to V. Smirnov's company UK Development. Now L. Gurevich continued the development already under the control and patronage of an "authoritative" businessman.

Until 2017, Smirnov invested about 200 million rubles in Gurevich's company, but as we remember, this amount for Smirnov was quite insignificant compared to the "several billions" he earned earlier together with Maxim Liksutov.

Around this time, Gurevich attracted several programmers to his team, and in addition, a little-known one - Alexander Shayud, with whom the founder of the "Laboratory" studied at the University, joined him. A. Shayud organized entertaining parties for Jewish youth in St. Petersburg and positioned himself as a successful businessman, since he had a household chemicals outlet in Finland. L. Gurevich told his friend about the business prospects, in addition, he needed a commercial director, a person capable of managing financial affairs and a so-called "fixer" who can be trusted.

By 2017, with the help of Vakhitov and Shayud, Gurevich developed and registered several complexes in the state register of measuring instruments: "PTOLEMEI-V", "PTOLEMEI-S" and "Ptolemy-SM". All the complexes did not work very well, in fact they did not work at all - they did not meet the requirements of GOST 57144-2016, but the programmers housed in a new rented apartment in St. Petersburg did not stop for a minute, but most importantly - for the real life of ordinary people up to this moment time this activity had no impact.

Changes for the worse in the lives of ordinary Russians began in 2017, but they were first noticed by residents of the long-suffering city of Volgograd.

In 2017, Vyacheslav Smirnov, through his friend - First Deputy Governor of the Volgograd Region Valery Viktorovich Bakhin, decides to organize an electronic auction in preparation for the World Championship, the tender documentation for which was personally prepared by L. Gurevich and the subject of which was the delivery of the developed LLC LZZ complex of photo and video recording of traffic violations "Ptolemy-SM". A. Vakhitov did not have enough time to complete this device and bring it to meet the requirements of GOST, he left the limited liability company of L. Gurevich and V. Smirnov.

From that moment on, the life of Lev Stanislavovich Gurevich began to play in new colors, since the price of the state contract dated 03/10/2017. No. 10-17 concluded between GKU VO "Safe Region" and LLC "Paravan-2000" amounted to 971 986 608.69 rubles, and according to the agreements of Smirnov V.I. and Gurevich L.S. the profit was divided, respectively, in the proportion of 70% by 30%.

The prime cost of the project was a penny, Gurevich assembled photo and video complexes in artisanal conditions, in a team of like-minded people, from cheap household components. The cost of one device did not exceed 150,000.00 rubles, the cost of creating the entire infrastructure in the Volgograd region was practically zero, and the project minus the “kickback” to VV Bakhin brought L. Gurevich the first multimillion-dollar profit.

Лев Гуревич

For a researcher from a modest working-class family, the money received from the execution of this contract was fabulous. Gurevich Lev made his old dream come true - he became attractive to the female sex, he spent the money he earned on a grand scale, in the capital, and despite his innate stinginess, even after fulfilling a state contract, he moved to a new office with a personal account. The difference is visible to the naked eye.

This is how the history of Digital Vision Laboratory LLC began for the rest of Russia.

There was only one problem - the Ptolemy-SM complexes delivered within the framework of the specified state contract did not meet the requirements of the technical specifications, the requirements of GOST 57144-2016 and incorrectly measured the speed, for which they issued fines to the guests and residents of Volgograd, but did it have any significance when fulfillment of the dream of L.S. Gurevich?

Bakhin V.V. he regularly worked out his “kickbacks” and did everything so that the lower-level employees of the Safe Region State Institution did not resent the faulty equipment, in addition, the employees of the CAFAP ODD UGIBDD Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Volgograd Region were forbidden to complain about the low quality of materials and obvious technical problems unfinished by Gurevich L .FROM. complexes.

Then I wanted more, new financial opportunities appeared, almost Having witnessed the success of impunity and dizziness from permissiveness, the management of Digital Vision Laboratory LLC, with the help of V. Bakhin who also had his own dreams, concludes a state contract of August 22, 2017 No. 60-17 (registry number 2344416428517000026) in the amount of 660 873 720 , 00 rub. The specified contract was also signed with the Safe Region GKU VO. The subject of the contract is: "Provision of services for the rental of hardware systems for photo and video recording of traffic violations." And again, poor-quality equipment that does not meet the requirements of GOST 57144-2016 is supplied to the Volgograd Region.

In what parameters does the PTOLEMEI-SM complex not comply with the GOST requirements? Yes, in almost all:

 -doesn't recognize all types of license plates used in Russia;

 - does not record foreign license plates;

 - does not correspond to the declared metrological characteristics, the absolute error is higher than the declared one and exceeds ± 2 km / h. In this regard, Shayud A.AND. I was forced to "negotiate" with the management of the FBU "Nizhegorodskiy CSM" on carrying out fictitious checks. The complexes installed on the territory of the Volgograd Region cannot be verified according to the approved verification method;

 -requirements for reliability, defined in GOST 57144-2016, absolutely did not bother Gurevich, and therefore he also could not fulfill them, the complexes fail every day, therefore there is a whole department for the repair of equipment manufactured by Digital Vision Laboratory LLC in the region more than 30 people;

 - the requirements for the probability of determining the GRZ in various conditions of GOST 57144-2016 by the Gurevich and Smirnov complexes were also not met, the probability of missing a vehicle is more than 60%, and recognition errors are more than 30%;

 - not even the requirements for equipment marking in accordance with GOST are met.

So the roles in the formed organization were distributed - Gurevich L. traveled to the regions and got acquainted with officials offering them a rollback, Shayud A.I. was responsible for general issues, production, delivery of counterfeit components from abroad, conducting fictitious checks. V. Smirnov "solved" problems at a higher level and organized new sales in other regions.

At present, the Volgograd region is testing a novelty from Gurevich L.S. within the framework of the state contract dated November 8, 2019 No. 67/2019 (registry number 2344426884819000029), concluded between LLC “LCZ” and the State Institution of Higher Education “Safe Region”, the potential damage to the regional budget may amount to 799,823,020.00 rubles.

The subject of the specified contract is "Rendering of services for renting an automated system of weight and dimensional control", however, the supplied complexes "Archimedes" do not function properly, do not meet the requirements of the technical specifications, in fact, a measuring system is used that does not meet the declared metrological characteristics (the measurement errors of weight and dimensions are much higher than those stated specified in the technical documentation) and the requirements of GOST R 57144-2016.

In 2019, Digital Vision Laboratory LLC, already a resident of Skolkovo, exempted from VAT, entered the register of unscrupulous suppliers. Gurevich L.S. registered a new company LLC "Road monitoring systems" on his aunt - Blumkina Galina Maksovna and daughter Smirnov V.I. - Alexander Smirnov.

Road Monitoring Systems LLC is immediately registered as a Skolkovo resident. Still - tax incentives, but at the same time, LLC "DMC" does not produce or develop anything, but the goal is not in the development?

Although no, LLC "DMC" registered a "new" complex of photo and video recording "Lobachevsky", however, Alexander Vakhitov, when looking at the program code, recognizes his brainchild - this is the same old "Ptolemy-SM", developed in 2014, only the appearance has changed and body. All components, all software remained the same. A logical question arises - why are the metrological characteristics of the Lobachevsky measuring system so different from the Ptolemy-SM measuring device? This question can be answered by Gurevich, Shayud and Smirnov, as well as the corrupt leaders of the FBU "Nizhegorodsky CSM".

By their activities, Gurevich L., Smirnov V. and Shayud A. caused irreparable damage to the interests of the state, society and citizens in the amount of more than 5 billion rubles. Under more than 150 government contracts, low-quality equipment has been supplied to more than 50 constituent entities of Russia and continues to be supplied. At the expense of motorists and taxpayers, Gurevich, Shayud and Smirnov continue to swim in luxury.

But despite all the bad things, there are also good things in our history - the dream of one "unimportant" mathematician, but a good swindler - Gurevich Lev, was fulfilled, he became a citizen of Israel, and Israel, as you know, does not give out its own.

How was the fate of the heroes of our story:

 A. Vakhitov - left the team of L. Gurevich in 2016, works in a large international company and is engaged in scientific research. All developments in the "Gurevich Laboratory" stopped from that moment, none of the programmers did not understands how the algorithms developed by A.Vakhitov work.

 L. Gurevich - spends the earned money on the territory of Ukraine and Israel. In 2018, he obtained Israeli citizenship, as he fears the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. Having earned money in Russia, he left Russia in November 2019. In all likelihood, he will never return to Russia of his own free will. The Russians continue to support L.Gurevich from their tax payments.

 A. Shayud - currently Acting General Director of LLC "LCZ". He is waiting for Russian law enforcement officers to knock on his door. Congenital greed does not allow leaving for Israel, as L. Gurevich did right now, as he wants to earn more money on the sale of low-quality equipment for photo and video recording of traffic violations of the Russian Federation, has issued a number of foreign citizenships and is in maximum readiness to leave Russia.

 V. Smirnov - manages a number of companies, but earns the main profit from LLC “LCZ” and a number of affiliated companies (LLC “Road monitoring systems”, LLC “Intellectual roads”, etc.). I got a new set of tires for my Bentley.

 Bakhin V. - successfully continues to master the budget of the Volgograd region. In addition, his son began to actively help LLC “LCZ” to master the budget of the Pskov region. They say the apple does not fall far from the apple tree?


Mikhail Ermakov

To be continued