In 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin, communicating with young people in the framework of the project "non-Child conversation", categorically stated that in Russia there is no censorship on the Internet.  "We have no censorship now. Not in any sphere, " the head of state said. But there was a person for whom statements of the President of Russia not the decree. Which is not surprising, since he is the representative of the interests of another state, and maybe not one. It is about the oligarch Kenes Rakishev-the person forming "pension Fund" for the top of Kazakhstan. He made it so that all Russian media, and then the West, began to say that Russia is blocking entire segments of Facebook and Instagram. According to, Rakishev wanted to spit on Putin's statements. Russia for him is only a source of income for the"Kazakh family". Cozy " nests "for a happy life, he has long" built " in England, which liked The created Rakishev scandal with the blocking of social networks in Russia.

            Kenes Rakishev is a very peculiar person. He prefers to litigate business disputes in the high court of London or in the United States. But when the oligarch decided to block the segments of social networks, and at the same time publications (about Rakishev) on 40 resources, he chose for some reason the modest Tushinsky court of Moscow. Moreover, the prerequisites for this was not so much. The same Facebook and Instagram are purely American products, and the resources with which Rakishev "fought" are sometimes registered in the US or offshore zones. Why he did it is very clear.

            The us court would certainly want to thoroughly understand the question of what is really true and what is false. And could cause for interrogation and Rakishev as the main character of publications. It already was.

   he told in detail about the interrogation of Rakishev in the us court, when the oligarch was asked extremely uncomfortable questions about his relationship with his father-in-law Imangal Tasmagambetov, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Timur Kulibayev (son-in-law of the head of Kazakhstan), head of the KNB Karim Massimov. (The very people for whom Kenes forms a pension Fund). As a result, Rakishev felt extremely uncomfortable, all the time twisted, and sometimes did not know what to say. By the way, during this interrogation Rakishev admitted that his mail was "hacked" and the correspondence flowed into the network, and that he is familiar with the publications of the resource Kazaword. Namely, this website published a letter taken from hacked email Rakishev, in which the dialogue itself Kenes and "pimp # 1:" Peter Listerman. Latest offers Rakishev comfort of different models and simply beauties. Moreover, some girls have not yet reached the age of majority.

   soon will get solution Tushinsky court and will study it on the subject of not denied Rakishev whether any of the information, said in a U.S. court. The oligarch was there under oath. And lying under oath is a criminal offense in America.

            After these "tortures" under oath, Rakishev preferred for the next proceedings Tushinsky court of Moscow. District of the Russian Themis the goddess is extremely controversial and is sometimes host to mysterious ways.  already told how in 2011 the judge of the Kirov regional court of Ufa Munir Valeev made a stunning decision in the interests of the owner of the company "Grenal" Andrey Nazarov. The defendant in the lawsuit were not the site, not the media, not the author, and the entire Internet. The servant of Themis recognized false most of the then negative information about Nazarov (including his conviction for gang rape of a minor). Valeev even went further - he made the decision that where and when these data wouldn't appear on all Internet, they should be removed, as false. Now available Nazarov is the sentence for rape and that information was completely true. Valeev soon after such assistance Nazarov was expelled in disgrace from the judiciary, but the "Graneli" remained in the hands of the decision, which he successfully uses to this day, clearing the Internet. 

            Now on the" tracks " Nazarov went and Rakishev. Moreover, there is every reason to suspect that the oligarch had a dual purpose. And the main one is not to protect their honor and dignity, and to question Putin's statement of 2017, and at the same time give the UK a reason to "prick" Russia for censorship and blocking segments of Facebook and Instagram. England is Kenes ' second home. He studied there, in 2008 he bought the Sunninghill Park Palace from Prince Andrew, and then bought many other properties.

            In all this history it is interesting also another. Well would block resources asked man far from" black " PR. However, it is available there were documents that Rakishev himself is an active player in the market for the placement of custom materials in the Russian and foreign press. Moreover, this material is not only praising Rakishev, but also muddy his opponents and just do not like people, for example, the daughter of President Nazarbayev Dariga. On how prepared the "impact" in the media to Dariga will tell soon. In the meantime, let's return to the investigation on how Rakishev through Daniyar Ashimbayev (staff PR-schik "top" of Kazakhstan) deals with "enemies" and praises himself.

After receiving a task from Rantseva, Ashimbayev preporucam them to various journalists, including the author, no one under the name of "Ludan Ludan" and foreign to the author by the name of Charles. For correspondence with Charles "Ludan Ludan" use the box "" and "Charles" or "Carel Van der leeuw" box "". 4 Jan 2013 "Ludan Ludan sent Carel Van der leeuw" the letter in which he ordered in English three materials.

"1. A positive review of the work of SAT&Co (this is Rakisheva-Ed), with an emphasis on the creation of a new metallurgical production. 2. Medical care of oil regions of the country, with emphasis on the company Medicare (positive). 3.

Investment projects of Kenes Rakishev (Kenes Rakishev), in the field of high technologies (USA, Israel, Russia).

And still we will pay attention to the phrase:"to Mention that he is the son-in-law of Tasmagambetov, in materials it isn't necessary".

In a letter dated January 17, 2013, which "Ludan Ludan" ordered "Carel Van der leeuw" two large negative material about Mukhtar Ablyazov and Rahat Aliyev, there is a note " Payment is also 10,000»

The meaning of the materials that Rakishev "orders" from Ashimbayev, and he passes the task to the user "Ludan Ludan" unchanged: Rakishev( positive), Mukhtar Ablyazov, Rahat Aliyev, Khrapunov family,

Kazakhstan democratic opposition, independent media and Internet resources (negative).


To be continued


Timothy Zabiyakin