11 years have passed since the armed conflict in South Ossetia.

The fighting continued until 12 August inclusive. From 14 to 16 August, the presidents of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Georgia and Russia signed a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

On these facts the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated and investigated a criminal case, the version expressed by the Chairman of the Russian IC Alexander Bastrykin with the following: "At the same time, he noted that while the investigators "there is no direct (evidence) of the orders of Saakashvili about the beginning of military operations on the territory of South Ossetia". "It is obvious that the generals could not give orders, copies of which we have, the beginning of hostilities without the order of the Supreme commander," - said Bastrykin. "I think that in the process of further investigation, which will continue, we will do everything necessary to obtain such orders in cooperation with the competent authorities," said the head of the UPC.

"We have fully proved the crime: genocide and murder of a large number of civilians. 5315 people were recognized as victims in the case," the head of the UPC reported the latest data of the investigation of the August conflict. He also added that the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare by Georgia has been proved, reports Georgia Times.

His version of how the events that led to the war in 2008 in an interview said a former employee of the 9th Directorate of the KGB, the former head of the special task force of the Department for combating organized crime of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Dmitry Tselyakov.

Can you state your view on the events that took place in August 2008, as Alexander Bastrykin, having conducted the investigation, established that Georgia wanted to seize the territory?

Alexander Bastrykin, perhaps, forgot, who and when revealed, that can begin in August 2008…

          Who did?

My special task force of the Department for combating organized crime and terrorism of the Russian interior Ministry, which I headed on September 26, 2007. In particular, because of the activities of my group, the Department for combating organized crime and terrorism of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia was liquidated at one time.

          What kind of group is this?

The group, which faced special tasks, in which there were non-standard topics related to the opening of global schemes, as life forces us to move forward to a new understanding and identification of threats to the economic and national security of the Russian Federation, relevant for decades.

The existence of the group knew of only two managers in the Department on fight against organized crime and he the staff made was enough for the conspiracy to its work, I led the group worked under the legend that is vested solely in the execution of individual orders of the investigator of the IC at the MIA of Russia and engaged in Analytics, my position is that public was the Deputy chief of Department 7 of the "DR" did not mean the occupation of HORDES and such work. The entire staff of the group was formally scattered in other departments.  

           What is the reason for this conspiracy?

My conflict with a number of units of the KGB, the DRC Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and other high ranks, and structures, as the entrance to a new theme we've implemented through the market of money laundering, and affects all groups kryshuemye exclusively by the security forces. It was public work, so that there were no questions, and through black financial flows and hydrocarbon we quickly came to the scheme, which can be applied.          

           And when did you establish these events?

The work began in March 2006, but I could not even imagine that everything will work out, as it is like laboratory work, experience or not. Naturally, the first forecast went relatively, since the main component is the emerging economic crisis will appear in the summer of 2006, so first we considered the schematics without it, gathering the necessary components to establish the time of the outbreak of hostilities, namely the month and year. This is a large amount of work from the collection and analysis of data in politics, the economy of the black financial sector. 

           What's the prognosis?

About the beginning of the events in the summer of 2006, set boundaries and state where and with whom can join in the fighting, setting the sequence and role of fighting in the schematics and the role of the rising cost of hydrocarbons.

That is, you claim that the events of 08.08.08 are schematics and war is just an element of more global events in the economy and politics?

Yes, that's right, the war (detonator), the increase in the cost of hydrocarbon (TNT), the object of undermining the world market to regulate in terms of accelerating the development of the economic crisis. The result was seen by all, whose economy collapsed the most.

                    And why in August 2008

Since the economic crisis was already inevitable, it was decided to regulate it, the most convenient date after the summer of 2006 was August 2008. when the old us Administration actually leaves and gives the baton in November 2008 to a new one, Europe goes on economic holidays.

Vladimir Putin took the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, so 99.9% of this action was inevitable in this form, as the economy is responsible for the Prime Minister, and the impact on the economy will create a lot of problems and the chances of staying in politics are reduced. In addition to Russia, many other issues were resolved in the global world and political space. 

             And why not report?

The fact is that no one has done such work before us, so imagine the degree of my personal responsibility, since the head of the Department for combating organized crime Sergei Meshcheryakov will have to report to the political leadership of the country. Imagine how many questions I will be asked, because for many it is simply not an explainable topic, how you can go to the events and threats.  The main negative factor was the desire of leaders from the KGB to take me out in the interests of crime and their personal, selfish interests, because believe me there are no geniuses, gray mass, very loving money and power. I, of course, warned all of them that they didn't twitch as will clean me will be responsible if since August, 2008 events begin. 

The certificate had to lie on the table of the political leadership of the country immediately after the June holidays of 2008, I had a long weekend and 09.06.2008. I got to present subjects previously reporting her to the head of Department Sergey Meshcheryakov, who right honestly was taken aback by this information, and warned, and the side that I wanted to remove that risks human life and the economy of the country. But they thought I was joking, in the end, they'll take me 10.06.2008 G., and considering that all development be kept on the initiators that had I chance the country does not remain, unless the head of Department personally do not go to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, but no one seems to have been not to campaign.  

                    What do You think?

I do not think anything, just unpleasant when after the end of hostilities, certain figures began to cover their tracks, because they were the culprits of all this, and the war is a non-standard event, it is necessary with one of the former Soviet republics, in this case was Georgia, in 2014 Ukraine and slightly changed the scheme. We are to blame, because they bring these events due to some offices in the Lubyanka, mired in corruption.   

               Do You have any proof?

Of course there is, so I TFR 11 years afraid to interrogate on the criminal case of war with Georgia, I write applications, and hide them.

Even Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomaryov, accusing me publicly in December 2008 to Finance the purchase of weapons for the army of Georgia and has filed against me, statement of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin respoding to question me about the war with Georgia, fears.

                Are you sure you're right? 

Absolutely, since everything was based on documents that can not be destroyed, and clear explanations from the TFR on this war, no one heard and will not hear.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov Talked