Source: he continues to talk about the "backstage" of the Russian banking system. Previously we published an article about the shady financiers Dvoskina Eugenia and Andrei Rosove that densely sat down on financial flows in the Crimea. In the next publication, we talked about one of the characters who is behind Dvoskin and Pink. It is the adviser of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Dontsov, who has for many years been the "grey Eminence" of the Bank of Russia. In particular, it was he who for many years was the main patron of "Promsvyazbank" Ananyev brothers. We continue to publish this investigation. 

According to, the don is working closely with Angevine since 2000. Then he took the post of Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, which was headed by a good friend of Dontsov Mikhail Zurabov.  Immediately don began to actively lobby Ananyev owned by firm tekhnoserv as a supplier of computer and other equipment for the FIU. In 2004, the don followed Zurabov went to the Ministry of health, becoming the Manager of the office, and again became strongly recommend, that Technoserv became one of supplier of equipment for the budget.

After Zurabov left the FIU, Dontsov remembered another friend from the time of his work in the Moscow city hall - the head of the Moscow Main Directorate Of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Konstantin Shor. The latter appointed Dontsov his adviser. However, the sides I believe that its real features and capabilities not in the scope of this post. In fact, for a long time Dontsov is a mega-solver between various banks and the Central Bank of Russia. At the same time Sergey comes from and to "solve" the problems of credit institutions with the security forces. Among his wards were the Bank "Renaissance", the national Republican Bank and many other credit institutions.

And one of his most prominent clients were Ananiev and Promsvyazbank. According to sources it was Dontsov who initially did so that the Bank of Russia did not notice the growing "hole" in the capital of PSB. And then "covered" Promsvyazbank and brothers when they pumped out huge sums from Russia.

It is worth noting that in the media Sergei Dontsov imagine how "of the adviser of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation", as "lawyer of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation". In the last status he from 2012 to 2015 headed the Chamber for dispute resolution of the Russian football Union. But this, as they say, is another story.

According to sources exactly, the don organized the agreement between Angevine and Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Vladimir Talinum about the future of PSB. In addition, of course, large thanks to Tulin, he was promised that by the end of January 2018, the brothers will sell a number of large assets, and the proceeds will be allowed to plug the "hole" in the PSB. It was impossible to cover all of it, but at least some semblance of "correcting the situation" had to be depicted. In January 2018, the CBR was to conduct an audit of the PSB and, if the promises are fulfilled, not to carry out the Bank's reorganization.

Outwardly, it looked like everything was going according to plan: the ananievs announced the sale of assets, and the money had to be allowed into the PSB. They say that for Tulin it was an extremely unpleasant discovery, when it turned out that the proceeds from the sale of objects of funds, the brothers brought to the West. There also continue to "pump" and means PSB, and his "hole" is not reduced, but only grew.

According to interlocutors, Tulin, realizing that he can become "extreme", as a defender of the interests of Promsvyazbank, he ran to the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiulina and said that with the reorganization of the PSB can not delay not minutes, it is necessary to carry it urgently, and not to pull until January 2018.

It would seem that after the rehabilitation of PSB ananievs had to finally "sink". But they again came to the aid of Sergei Dontsov. It is he who is negotiating with the Central Bank of Russia, so that the brothers do not suffer the fate of Alexei Khotin. Ananyevs promise to return the funds withdrawn from the PSB, selling real estate and other assets. As a result, for a while they postponed a possible unpleasant turn in their fate and the intensification of work on the initiation of the case.


To be continued

Arseny Drones