Available were transcripts of court proceedings in two criminal cases: in respect of "thief in law" Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Young) and in respect of employees of the OVD Presnensky, who didn't intervene in the "review" in the restaurant "Elements". We will publish the most interesting parts of the hearings. In particular, in the first article present the testimony of attorney Edward Budantseva and the victim Gannim Kim – the owner of "Elements", which according to the investigators, subordinates, and Shakro was shaking. Kim herself refused to fly from Kazakhstan (she is a citizen of this country) and answer questions from the lawyers of the accused. According to, first of all, not to answer uncomfortable questions about his patron Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev. And he played a significant role in the "disassembly". It Rakishev sent to the aid of Kim lawyer Eduard Budantsev and his soldiers, who were armed. The result was a shootout between militants and Budantseva Shakro under the leadership of "authority" Andrey Kochanova (Italian).   

On December 16, 2015, when Budantsev was still in custody (later he will be elected a preventive measure in the form of house arrest), his first interrogation took place. The lawyer described in detail the events of December 14, 2015. In particular, Budantsev describes how he had to go to the "Elements": "December 14, at about 20 hours, I called on my mobile whether Vyacheslav, or Kenes, I confuse their voices." The caller said that some people "run over" the owner of the restaurant "Elements" Jeanne Kim and she needs urgent help. Vyacheslav means a large Kazakh businessman Vyacheslav Kim (a relative of Zhanna). However, in this case, the caller Budantsev was still not him, namely Kenes Rakishev (a close friend of Jeanne and the investor "Elements"). That lawyer called it Rakishev follows as from the materials of the "case Budantseva," and from the case against the police accused that they failed to prevent the shooting. According to, in these cases there are details of telephone connections "tubes" Budantseva and Kim. So, from these details it follows that when Kim came to the Italian people, she called different numbers, including Kenes Rakishev. In turn, Rakishev soon after this conversation called Budantsev. And the latter began to gather in the restaurant "Elements". But connections between your phone Budantseva and phone Joan no. Furthermore, Kim did not know until recently, who will come to her defense. She recorded conversations with extortionists on tape, which is not turned off. Because of this, on the record (it is present in the case file) were Zhanna's conversations with people from her team, as well as some telephone conversations (only Kim's voice is heard). In one of these conversations she said, "Now for another charge at the soldiers from my boss. It's okay." Later in another conversation, Jeanne clarifies that it will be "Kenes ' men".

And, after Kim learned that "Kenes's people" will arrive she strongly changed in behavior. Here's how, according to it described a police officer Shakirov, who was on trial for something that did not stop the "dismantling" "the character of Joan Kim is provocative, given that she consciously produced the audio recording and understand what and who she needed to talk, to hear the right answers and encourage individuals who came to the aggressive response and behavior. In addition, Kim has repeatedly come out from the negotiation and came back, moved in the restaurant during the evening, led the dialogue with newcomers to the meeting of persons repeatedly used the phone, that indicates its normal, natalina condition and lack of arrived in its address of threats to life and health."

Later Budantsev changed his testimony. Of them fell kindly Kenges Rakishev to intervene in the situation with Kim. The lawyer said that since 2014 he had concluded an agreement on legal assistance with gangam style LLC (owned by Kim) and it was within the framework of this agreement, as well as on a call to zhann, that he arrived on December 14 at Elements.

Kim began to adhere to the same testimony, and they contradicted the materials of the case – the first interrogation of Budantsev and transcripts of the records handed over to Jeanne on tape.

During the trial of Zakhar Kalashov and Andrei Kochuikov, Kim was interrogated in the building of the Almaty city court of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the use of video conferencing systems. During Kim's speech, the Italian said: "Jeanne, if you slander us, I will name your investors. One is a relative, and the second is the one who sent Budantsev." Under the last person (the one who sent Budantseva) Kochunov meant Rakishev.

It is therefore not surprising that Kim refused to answer the questions of the accused and their lawyer. Because Jeanne is not experienced Budantsev, could "sail" and start talking about Kenges Rakishev. Thus, the Kazakh oligarch finally "fell out" of the "Shakro case".

Now ... goes to Kim's testimony during the hearing.

"The victim Kim gave detailed and exhaustive testimony about the extortion committed against her.

So, Kim reported that she got acquainted with Misikova in March, 2014 and in the autumn of the same year signed the contract on rendering design services and performance of design and repair work. According to the contract misikova committed to design and repair the bar "Koba" and the restaurant "Elements", located on the street in the city of Moscow Rochdelskaya. For these purposes, the victim explained, she gave Misikova 33 million rubles in cash. In spite of this, your obligations in full misikova not fulfilled, resulting in between them there was a conflict. Moreover, misikova, presenting her unfounded claims, demanded the transfer of 8 million rubles.

Further events developed as follows.

9 or 10 December 2015 in the restaurant "Elements" , accompanied by three unknown came previously unfamiliar to her man who demanded "to close the issue on the debt with Fatima." In response, she stated that she had no debt to Misikova, after which the man and his entourage left. During the same period of time, she received calls from unknown persons and, threatening to cause problems, demanded to solve the above "issue".

A few days later, a lawyer, calling on the phone, in an ultimatum demanded an immediate meeting on this "issue", threatening that in case of failure "they will bring us".

13 December 2015, the same counsel again called and offered the next day to meet at the restaurant, which was located on the Presnenskaya embankment in Moscow", - stated in the materials of the court, which has  

"About 19 hours on December 14, 2015 she was in the restaurant "Elements". At this time five men including as it became clear further, - Hamidov, Nikolaev and Romanov who began to behave aggressively entered the restaurant, and near restaurant - the group of young people of a strong Constitution, dressed in the same type clothes and adjusted "on-fighting"gathered. Fearing adverse consequences, she initiated a call to the police, and asked for help to his friend - Budantsev, calling him on the phone. Hamidov, Nikolaev, and the Novels behaved boldly and demanded to repay a nonexistent debt. Moreover, Romanov warned her ex-husband, who was with her, so that he "will not climb, and (he) his "gonna kill". Some time later, the restaurant arrived police officers who actually did nothing to normalize the conflict situation, and Hamidov, Nikolaev and Romanov, who called themselves "lawyers or assistant lawyers", continued to demand from her transfer of 8 million rubles. The situation "heated up". A short time later, the restaurant arrived, as it turned out later, Kochuikov, who was accompanied by armed guards. Kochunov in rough shape immediately stated that he got tired of useless conversations, he "had enough", including "send police". The guards Kochanova, by force, did not allow her and her supporters to leave the so-called "VIP room", with special aggression showed one of them - China. Budantseva, arrived at the scene of the conflict, the guards Kochanova pushed out of the restaurant into the street, where it is then skirmish. The incident, Kim concludes, is extortion, which, thanks to the interference Budantseva, has not ended for it tragically," - said Kim during the interrogation. 

In turn Budantsev showed that "about 20 hours on December 14, 2015 he was called by Zhanna Kim, which on a contractual basis, he provided legal assistance. Kim reported the arrival of at least 15 men to the restaurant and the surrounding area, who, exerting psychological pressure on her, require the transfer of non-existent debt in the amount of 8 million rubles. Responding to her call for help, he and his friend Kostrichenko arrived at the restaurant "Elements", which was located on the street in the city of Moscow Rochdelskaya. On arrival, he saw his former colleague - Surzhikov, who, as it turned out, was part of a group of extortionists. Then he and Kostrichenko entered the restaurant, and some time later they were joined by their mutual friend - Cherchintsev . There, Kim spoke about the threats to her life and health, expressed by extortionists, including Romanov. At that time, there were police officers in the restaurant, who, despite the extremely tense situation there, did not take the necessary measures to stabilize it, but only indifferently watched what was happening. About 22 hours the same day in the restaurant arrived Kochunov "with a walkie-talkie in his hand," who was accompanied by Surzhikov and armed guards. Then Kochunov, Novels, and other persons being in the "VIP room", cried Jeanne, Kim, demanding a confession from her non-existent debt, and stating that otherwise "no one from the restaurant come out." Intending to stop this lawlessness, he, Kostrichenko and Cherchintsev entered the "VIP room", but extortionists forced them to leave this room and leave the restaurant," - said in the court materials, which publishes ahhh!

"There, the restaurant help, "the group Kochanova" at the command Surzhikova, began to arrive the young men of a sports Constitution that has surrounded all three of them - him, Kostrichenko and Cherchintsev. Kochunov openly declared that he is the Trustee of "thief in law" - "Shakro young." Directly afterwards there was a fight and a shootout, provoked by the Romanovs, and also Kochanova and his entourage".


To be continued

Alexey Ermakov