Source: continues to talk about the cheerful Deputy Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Krasnodar Territory, Sergei Uraikin, who, in a deranged state, leaving the Royal Arbat Moscow club, grabbed the phone of one of the visitors and was taken to the police department. Today we will talk about the history of the aret-residence.

The history of the art residence began in 2021. When our Uraikin wanted to get hold of real estate in the very center of the city of Krasnodar. Then he instructed his specialized institution to write a grant for the development of space for young people. Uraykin's speech is not very developed, the same applies to writing, so he does not know how to write grants and never wrote them. And only forced his subordinates to do it. These were: Dasha Krupnaya - acting head of the regional youth center (former activist of Kubsomol). Nadya Novikova - an employee of the department (ex-girlfriend of Seryozha the vacuum cleaner). Dasha Mishcheryakova is an employee of another department of the Ministry of Education (leader of the Russian movement of schoolchildren in the region).

As the source of told, the writing process lasted two months - day and night they wrote, corrected, and finally wrote. Then an expert-mentor arrived, he, at the direction of Urykin, in all the best Kuban traditions, was taken to the cultural places of the city in order to get his location for further obtaining grant funds.

After the “victory”, the headlines of the regional regional media were full of big headlines, because the amount of winnings exceeds 4.5 million rubles. In the Krasnodar Territory, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy, a large-scale art residence Kuban-art, or "Book" is currently being created on the basis of the Krasnodar (Book House.). And all three winners after the victory, gradually left the youth policy. By handing over to Uraikin, as compensation, grant funds cashed out through manual firms.

And it seems like the story is beautiful, useful, and most importantly for young people. If not for one


They didn’t really want to give away the art residence in the region, so the procedure dragged on.

Here the deputy minister uses his friend, the grandson of the ex-mayor of the city of Yevlanov, to coordinate the entire process in the department of property relations of the region.

All the former tenants who had been there for a long time left the former house of the book. The public's discontent went to the media. This also reached the supervising vice governor, she wanted to see what kind of art residence it was. Uraikin instructed his subordinates to start pretending to take measures so as not to fall out of favor with the leadership.

In the summer of 2022, another major ostentatious event "fashion in Russian" was held there. As always, in order to create the appearance of mass participation, young people from municipalities were brought there. In public, they began to actively discuss it. This event was the last in the art residence for young people. Now the areas are rented out on a gray lease, the proceeds from which go straight to our Deputy Minister Uraikin.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin