As it became known Bank "East-West United bank SA" (EWUB), which belongs to AFK "System" businessman Vladimir Yevtushenkov, has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow claims to "PROGRESS STUDIO" and SIA "film production CENTER". The price of the issue is more than 1 billion rubles. "Progress Studio" and "Film production center" are one of the last Russian profitable assets of the fugitive oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky and his eternal partner Igor Malashenko. Exactly two weeks after the lawsuit, Malashenko committed suicide.

Many today's readers Igor Malashenko is better known as the husband of the scandalous socialite Bozena Rynska. However, in the 90s he was an extremely influential figure in Russia. In fact, Malashenko was the second person in the media Empire of Vladimir Gusinsky (in the same NTV), he was considered the highest ranking officials, oligarchs, and all media managers stood on the "string". In the near future publish the recording of the conversation Malashenko, Boris Berezovsky and the daughter of the first President of Russia Tatyana Dyachenko, of which will understand the level of influence Malashenko of those times.  Everything collapsed in 2000 when Gusinsky was arrested, he was forced to part with NTV, and then left Russia and was put on the international wanted list. Behind him, left, and Igor Malashenko.

It would seem that in Russia Gusinsky has no assets left. However, recently journalists of "Project" found out interesting things. All these years Gusinsky's companies continued to produce and supply various series for Central TV channels. And the profit was up to $529 million.

"This is a 456 seasons of different TV shows or series 2647, and among them there are very famous: "national security Agent", "COP war", "Agency NLS", "Secrets of the investigation" and "Streets of broken lamps". In total, Gusinsky's firms released on Russian screens a little more than 13% of all series that have ever received rental certificates, calculated the "Project" on the basis of data from the register of rental certificates of the Ministry of culture; the calculation took into account the films and TV series, the rights to which belong to the companies "Forward-Film", "New Russian TV series", "Progress Studio" and "Film production center"; Gusinsky, as follows from the information service "Contour. Focus "and data registers of legal entities in the UK, Switzerland and Gibraltar, owns firms through a chain of offshore", - told the "Project".

Sources they say that the second co-owner of this serial business was Igor Malashenko. It was in order to follow him and he returned to Russia in 2012.

In Moscow he lived with his civil wife Bozena Ryńskie, in the fall of 2018, they officially got married. Also Malashenko led in the United States of litigation on the division of property with his former wife Elena Pivovarova.  

On February 13, 2019 Bozhena Rynska wrote in social networks that Malashenko is in a very serious physical and psychological condition.  "What is happening now: Igor is killed with slander in court. Igor is a very depressed and very unhealthy person. A stroke can happen every minute. I think you can see that the gang Pivovarov intentionally brings Igor to death in order to seize property".

Soon Malashenko flew alone to his Villa in Spain, where on February 25 he was found dead. According to the official version, he committed suicide-died of asphyxiation in the garden.

However, sources note that litigation with Pivovarova have Malashenko lasts a long time, nothing new or scary about it lately occurred. What experiences Igor associated with this trial - it was a version Bozena of Rynska. While it is no secret that Malashenko private man and particularly the causes of experiences with her is not divided.

Sources believe that much more reasons for the suffering of Malashenko caused another trial, which was not sanctified in the media. Because of the Russian business on the series.

In the fall of 2018 East-West United Bank S. A. Vladimir Yevtushenkov has filed in London court of international arbitration claim (case No. 183891) OOO "PROGRESS STUDIO" and SIA "film production CENTER" more than 1 billion in ruble equivalent. And on December 11, 2018 in London, a decision was made in favor of the structure of Yevtushenkov.

On February 8, 2019, East-West United Bank S. A. appealed to the Arbitration court of Moscow for recognition and enforcement of the decision of the London international arbitration court and for recovery of the amount of debt from the structures of Gusinsky and Malashenko.

And in five days after that Malashenko also had an attack about which in social networks wrote Rynska. On February 15 the claim was accepted to production and it became clear that soon the decision in favor of Bank Evtushenkov will follow. Given the hearing Pivovarova, it completely undermines the welfare Malashenko.

After that, he went to Spain, where he was found dead.

Earlier told that in Ukraine suspect that through EWUB Yevtushenkov billions of euros belonging to persons from an environment of the former President of the country Victor Yanukovych were removed.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov