We continue to talk about a powerful combination operating in the market of resolvers and hostile takeovers. We are talking about the resource retired general of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Komissarov and his brother, St. Petersburg lawyer Andrei Komissarov, Andrei Fedorovich. At one time they undertook to solve almost any issue, they solved it expensively, but reliably. Igor Komissarov's connections in Moscow and closeness to the head of the Investigative Committee opened up almost limitless possibilities. The businessmen who got into the development of the Komissarov brothers could come out either "feet first" or not at all businessmen, criminal prosecution and arrests made people quickly accommodating. On the contrary, those who came under the reliable guardianship of the Komissarovs did not have to worry about problems with law enforcement and fiscal authorities. Among the latter was businessman Andrei Herzen, who smuggled through the port of Bronco (declared as guar gum) in containers of elite alcohol, including Igor Komissarov's favorite wine of the “Screaming Eagle” brand (at auctions the price was from $ 3,700 per bottle) And even if the cargo came across , through the efforts of the Komissarovs, Herzen was nothing for this. Details are in the investigation.

As a source told, in early November 2016 on the territory of the Russian Federation, namely in the city of Kronstadt, a container with a cargo under the number CSFU 1264279 arrived at the customs terminal: the equipment was in the container: “automatic injection molding machine ENGEL ES 330/80 , 1989, serial. No 19399 "to the address of DOBROGOST LLC (INN7838363118), the goods were presented for customs clearance under DT No. 10216020/041116/0039642. In the course of customs control, during customs inspection it was established that the container contains a "second-hand ENGEL machine"; according to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, these goods are not subject to import customs duty and VAT when imported into the territory of the Russian Federation. The customs value of this machine was inflated many times, the attached invoice indicated a price of more than 7 million EURO, which clearly indicated the implementation of a criminal plan, there was an attempted crime under two articles of the Criminal Code: Art. 193 note 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Art. 159 h 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. If it were possible for the intruders to carry out their plan, with the market value of the "envelope", Andrey Herzen could earn up to 15% of the declared customs value of the machine on the withdrawal of currency abroad - and this is not much less than a million Euro! But a million more, a million less, in this illegal type of activity this is not the last million euros he earned, for several years Herzen Andrei, under the patronage of the General of the Investigative Committee Igor Komissarov (now former), has been converting rubles and withdrawing currency and so far no one has been able to stop him, the patron helps to evade responsibility. These facts should be dealt with by the police, and the transport prosecutor's office, perhaps even the investigative committee, but the general will not catch himself, and the victim is just the Russian state.

The counterparty who sold this machine is the company EUROBUSINESS GROUP LTD located in an offshore zone and owned by a certain Gennady Chervyakov, who works as an ordinary paramedic in Sosnovy Bor and is the father-in-law of the director and founder of the recipient company of the cargo DOBROGOST LLC Andrey Herzen, who is also the director of the company - forwarder, BODRUS LLC. In the course of customs clearance, it turned out that additional documents would be required for clearance at the declared value, which DOBROGOST LLC could not provide, plus this customs declaration came to the attention of the North-West Operational Customs. The cargo did not receive the “release permitted” verdict and the machine was detained by the customs authorities. Unknown but well-known persons from the Komissarov and Partners Bar Association, where the lawyer Andrey Komissarov, the brother of General Igor Komissarov, is named as the head, filed a number of lawsuits with the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, which, however, later themselves withdrew. According to the source of, the materials of the check on these facts through the customs line were kept in the operational-search department of the Baltic customs for a long time, then they were transferred from there to the customs inquiry department and the check itself did not end with anything significant, no one was punished. In 2015-2016, they tried to import and clear the same machine with the same serial number in order to withdraw funds abroad, but then the attackers managed to declare the re-export regime and take the ENGEL ES 330/80 machine across the border to Europe , 1989, serial. 19399 until its recognition as material evidence in a criminal case.

At about the same time, at the beginning of November 2016, containers with the cargo "guar gum" arrived at the PZTK of the Bronka border crossing point in the area of ​​activity of the Baltic customs to the address of DOBROGOST LLC, one of the In some way, it attracted the attention of the North-Western Operational Customs, it was a container number TEMU 6317575 with a cargo of "guar gum", it went to the address of DOBROGOST LLC (INN7838363118) and was presented for customs clearance according to DT No. 10216160/041116/0013085, in the course of customs control, during customs examination it was found that the container does not contain "guar gum", as indicated in the shipping documents, but clothes, household items and elite alcohol (wine of the "Screaming Eagle" brand, by the way, this wine is also loved by the general Komissarov and businessman Herzen Andrey, the price of one bottle starts at an auction in the USA from about 3700 USD, the cost of the batch exceeded one million rubles, which is the threshold for initiating a criminal case under Article 200.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, for which Mikhalchenko, called the “night governor” of St. Petersburg was arrested and sent to a pre-trial detention center, and later to a prison). But the director of the importing company DOBROGOST LLC, Herzen Andrey, skillfully organized and continues to organize interaction with the right people, for this event, too, everything went smoothly. The connections of his lawyer Andrey Komissarov and General Igor Komissarov are working, all have grown together in economic ecstasy. No criminal proceedings were initiated.

But when Andrei Herzen decided to "throw" his partner Dmitry Sbruev, the law enforcement machine, with the participation of the Komissarovs, started working at full capacity. In our last publication, we stopped at how Sbruev came under house arrest. And then the continuation of this criminal story.

As a result, after some time the criminal "case of Sbruev" goes to the court of the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg to judge Tatyana Vladimirovna Tregulova.

According to the interlocutor, the judge actually did not delve into anything in essence, since this was her last case and she was retiring. I did not understand that in the materials of the criminal case there were two examinations carried out on a copy of the approval of a major transaction where the experts wrote that the signature was not Herzen Andrey. And here Sbruev Dmitry submits to the court the conclusion of the expert of the EKTs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, carried out according to the original approval and it indicates that the signature was probably made by Herzen Andrei himself and it is real. Judge Tregulova immediately wakes up and the show begins. Dmitry Sbruev, in order to avoid damage to his numerous servants of Major General Igor Komissarov, submits the original approval of a major transaction to another criminal case, where Dmitry Sbruev has the status of a victim, the case is being investigated since the same 2017, but in the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Vasileostrovsky District, or rather, it was investigated for only two months, then facts leading directly to the lawyer's office of Andrey Komissarov floated out (hacking of mail and modification of information from the IP address of the lawyer's office), and the major of the Investigative Committee Igor Komissarov and the case began to be redrawn, which continues to this day ...

The criminal case itself was initiated under Article 159.6 Part 4 - this is a fraud in the field of computer information. As soon as Andrey Komissarov learned where the original approval of a major transaction was located, two special officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of a sufficiently high rank and in expensive suits flew in from Moscow, they organized a mini opera headquarters in the building of the OSB Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg, summoned there an investigator, police operatives, and Head of the Vasileostrovsky District Investigation Department, in general, the case has ceased to be investigated from the word "completely" and now, despite the complaints of the victim's representative Sbruev, it is not being investigated. The investigator only did that he managed to appoint an independent examination at the EKTs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and conduct it.

After Sbruev Dmitry presented the expert's opinion to the court and the court attached the opinion, the battle of experts began. All experts were summoned to court and questioned at the hearing. Those who followed the copy said that they were not given sufficient samples of signatures and they already now doubt the categoricalness of the conclusions. And Judge Tregulova, closer to the debate, examined seemingly indisputable evidence of the absence of guilt of Dmitry Sbruev - a notarized copy of the electronic correspondence between Sbruev and Herzen, presented to the Investigative Committee immediately after Sbruev's transfer from the pre-trial detention center to house arrest, in which Major General of the Investigative Committee is mentioned by Herzen Andrey Igor Fedorovich Komissarov and Dmitry Sbruev were explained to Russia exactly how the Major General's resource would completely destroy businessman Dmitry Sbruev. The specter of an acquittal loomed ...

At the court hearings, lawyer Andrey Komissarov brings a specialist expert from Moscow, and he declares in court that it turns out to be possible to forge the notarial correspondence - well, it can still be forged in theory. He says this not very confidently, but admits it is theoretically possible. Judge Tregulova decides that the notarized e-mail correspondence is irrelevant and delivers a sentence - a year conditionally and the right for Herzen Andreev to a civil suit, but the right is still for the injured society "D&A Logistics" (where Sbruev Dmitry has a 50% stake).

Herzen and Komissarov file a lawsuit to expel Sbruev from the D&A Logistics society, since the purpose of this entire operation was and is the seizure of Sbruev's money and property, but all authorities refuse them, up to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin