The Presnensky Court of Moscow has begun considering the second criminal case of ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko, during searches of which in 2016 about 9 billion rubles were found. Serving 12.5 years in prison in the first case, today he is accused of new episodes of receiving bribes totaling 1.4 billion rubles from the co-owners of the 1520 Group of Companies. In particular, according to the prosecution, Zakharchenko covered up the activities of banks, recipients of budget funds, etc. Who brought him into the world of billions? This is Zakharchenko's older colleague in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Zabednov. At various times he worked in OBOP of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the CAO together with Denis Sugrobov, who became his close friend, in the RUBOP of Moscow, in the Internal Security Directorate of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow, then in DEB and GUEBiPK, where he headed the department for detecting crimes in the banking sector. In addition to Sugrobov, Zabednov was friends with dozens of generals from various departments, owners and top managers of the largest banks, billionaires from the Forbes list, various shadow businessmen, personally knew the leaders of the largest organized criminal groups, thieves in law, including the same Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro molodoy). Zabednov could solve any issue, had relations with various financial schemes worth billions of rubles and taught all the intricacies of his craft to Dmitry Zakharchenko.

Until 2011, he was the head of the 7th department of the operational-search bureau of the GUEB and the PK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and then he did not pass certification. In October 2012, Zabednov's body was found in the back seat of a Porsche Cayenne parked near a restaurant on Butyrskaya Street. Two days before this, the man was resting with friends in the institution and fell asleep there. The restaurant staff helped him to the car. Experts admitted that Zabednov soon died of a heart attack, and his body lay in a foreign car for two days.

Zabednov died the day before he was planned to be interrogated about the circumstances of the seizure of the two largest casinos in the capital - "Crystal" and "Golden Palace". This is a kind of unique operation, which was carried out by "thief in law" Zakhar Kalashov, General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Orlov and their numerous henchmen, including Leon Lann. On the way to the cherished goal, the lawyer Dukhnov, representing the interests of Zurab Tsereteli, the co-owner of Kristall, was kidnapped and killed in Moscow. The same fate awaited only in Georgia Alex Crane - the main owner of "Crystal" and "Golen Palace".

At the disposal of was the testimony of the casino co-owner Karlen Azizbekyan on how events developed. We publish the most interesting fragments:

  “In August 1999, Lann appeared at the service entrance to the entertainment center“ Crystal ”with a group of about 20 people armed with IZH pistols and hunting rifles. The specified group of people tried to enter the building, but the guards did not let them in, a scuffle began. He (Azizbekyan) went to Lann, who said that he wanted to enter the building with these people. He (Azizbekyan) replied that he would not let armed people pass, but he could let Leon Lann with 2-3 unarmed people pass. After that, Lann began to threaten, saying that he would "destroy him and that he would" regret it. " About a month later, a man came to the casino and demanded that the guards give him the opportunity to talk with him (Azizbekyan). The man said that he represents the interests of "thieves", that is, the leaders of the criminal environment, and also said: "The thieves are unhappy that you are sitting here." He (Azizbekyan) said that the "thieves" have nothing to do with his appointment, and therefore he will continue to do his business ...

In December 1999, before the New Year, in the daytime, two buses with armed officers of the special forces of the internal affairs bodies drove up to the cultural and entertainment center "Kristall". They were led by a militia officer in the uniform of a militia general (Orlov-Ed.), Who did not introduce himself. He (Azizbekyan) asked the operative on duty to find Dukhnov, after which he went to the central entrance, the general approached him with several armed police officers and Lann. The general began to ask on what grounds he (Azizbekyan) would not let Lann into the facility. Shortly before this, officers of the FSB of Russia in Moscow and the Moscow region informed him (Azizbekyan) that Lann was wanted by the United States and asked to assist in his arrest. Therefore, he told the general that Lanna was looking for by FSB officers and that he was wanted for crimes in the United States. The general replied: "Nobody will touch him, since he is under our protection." After that, the general demanded to let THEM all inside. He (Azizbekyan) replied that he was a co-owner of the cultural and entertainment center and that he saw no reason to let them into the facility, due to the lack of legal grounds for visiting. In turn, he (Azizbekyan) asked the general for a resolution or other document allowing you to enter the facility. The general replied that he was acting on the basis of the “Law on Militia,” to which he (Azizbekyan) said that this law does not give the right to carry out an armed seizure of an enterprise. Then Dukhnov drove up, who began to talk to this general as a lawyer, but he was not interested in Dukhnov's explanations, he was faced with the task of removing the security company from the facility (at the same time, employees of other security structures drove up to the building). The general began to threaten that he would issue the command for an armed assault on the building. He (Azizbekyan) replied that in this case, in accordance with the "Law on Weapons", he would be forced to issue a command for armed repulsion of the assault. Shortly thereafter, the police officers left with Lann. ...

He (Azizbekyan) saw Kalashov once - around 1998, he was introduced by Alex Crane. Crane said that he has known Kalashov since childhood, they were boxing in a sports club in Tbilisi. He (Azizbekyan) knows from the security staff that Kalashov maintained a relationship with Lann, often visited the Golden Palace casino, which was actually operated by Lann. He (Azizbekyan) also knows that after the raider seizure of the cultural and entertainment center, Lann began to receive from his activities, with whom he shared this profit - he does not know.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov