The criminal case of embezzlement of "Promsberbank" funds turns into a huge investigation of shadow bankers engaged in cashing and sending abroad billions of dollars. One of the most active participants of this business, Ivan Myazin, as already reported was sent to jail. However, some of his partners are still at large. The closest of them is Evgeny Dvoskin, who is rightly considered to be the "King Naked No. 1". His last "brainchild" - "Genbank". To cover his fifth point, Dvoskin opened his offices in the Crimea. According to, a giant "hole" was formed rather quickly in the bank. However, to withdraw a license from a bank operating in the Crimea and bring cases to its owner did not. "Genbank" was simply sanitized, the state paid for the funds raised. But for a long time on the "Crimean theme" Dvoskin "leave" he will succeed. Especially the example of Myazin showed that all the former patrons of this shadow bankers can not already help or do not want to. If Dvoskin also goes to jail, the "strings" from him will be drawn not to the shadow, but to public figures. For example, to Yevgeny Giner (by the way, Dvoskin is a big fan of CSKA and often goes to the matches of the club). In this regard, publishes the third part of the archival information of special services. It is about Dvoskine. In the fourth part of the investigation, which will appear soon on just the other day, will be told about those same partners Dvoskin.



Dvoskin (Slasker) Evgeny Vladimirovich, 21.03 .... Native of Odessa of the Ukrainian Republic, .... was documented by a Russian citizen's passport series .... Rostov - on the Don (in 2005, against the leadership of the OVD of the Oktyabrsky district, a criminal case was initiated for the illegal issuance of passports in 2001-2002).

        In 2002, he became one of the founders of OOO Pelikan, registered in St. Petersburg (Moscow, Irkutsk). The main activity is gambling. The amount of cash turnover is about 50 million rubles. for the whole period of activity (2002-2007).

       According to the data of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for Moscow on the territory of the city, he arrived on April 17, 2003. In October 2005, Dvoskin EV appealed to the Air Defense Department of the Khamovniki of Moscow with a statement about the loss (theft) of a passport ... .. and was documented by a Russian citizen's passport series ... .. In March 2007, in violation of the regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Dvoskin EV documented by a foreign passport ...... Documentation was carried out by the Deputy Chief of Air Defense of the Department of Internal Affairs of Khamovniki, police major Bondyreva Raisa Magametovna.

         According to the data received from the US FBI and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, it is established:

         This citizen is well known FBI USA. So in the US is held under the surname Slusker EV, the Ukrainian passport number AM 94 ...., The number of the social insurance USA 099-62-3258, the driver's license number 439093749, additionally used the date of birth ...., The surnames Eugene Shuster, Eugene Shuster, Eugene Dvoskin, Semyon Altman, Eugene Lozin, Eugene Lozin, Eugene Slushke, Eugene Sousker, Eugene Slusker. Since 1989-2001. repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility in the United States (illegal possession of weapons, robbery, storage of strong drugs withdrawn from free circulation, giving a bribe to a public servant, possession of stolen property, hijacking a vehicle, hooliganism, non-payment of taxes, etc.). According to the FBI, he served a sentence in one prison with Ivankov Vyacheslav Kirillovich (nickname "Japonchik"). Is a close connection Ivankov.

  A reference of special services published by states that, on February 5, 2000, the FBI was declared an international hunt for the horde No. 03-0063. Accused of committing fraudulent acts (Article 371 of Chapter 18) and legalization of proceeds from crime (Article 1956 of Chapter 18).

         The Slosker with a number of persons carried out financial fraud with shares of several American companies and money laundering (through the shares, money laundering of the Colombian drug cartel was carried out).

           According to the data of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Evgeny Vladimirovich Dvoskin, .... registered since 11.03.2002 at the address: Odessa, ... .. passport of a citizen of Ukraine .... issued .. ... Withdrawn from the registration account on 21.01.2005 by a court decision.

          According to archival data, Slusker Evgeny Vladimirovich, .... b. from 10/10/2000 was registered at: .... The Odessa region. They were removed from the registration account on 26.02.2002 due to the change of registration.

           On 20.04.2002 the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts of the Primorsky District Department of Justice of Odessa changed the name from Sluskar to Dvoskin (certificate of change of name I ....).

           On December 29, 2000, the Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration of Individuals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine issued the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad AM No. ..., which at the moment is listed as lost.On 16.02.2001 the same authority issued a passport AT number ... instead of the lost passport. to the surname Slusker, who at the present time was destroyed in connection with the change of surname to Dvoskin.

           05/15/2002 Dvoskin Evgeny Vladimirovich, documented by the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad AT No. .. ..

  A reference of special services published by states that, according to the data (PTP), it has stable business relations with a number of persons residing in the United States, the Republic of Ukraine.

            In his work is closed on thieves in the law Ivankov VK. ("Japonchik"), Malysheva A.N. he is also Gonasalez, Pichugu.

            He regularly visits public places, has stable friendly and business relations with Evgeny Giner (ZAO PFC CSKA), a number of artists, etc.

            Has personal accounts in Monaco (data of Rosfinmonitoring), OJSC MAB Tempbank, account No. 4230 ... .closed 27.10.2003, "KBI Bank", account No. 40817 ..



To be continued