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Two years ago the Moscow leadership has conducted several significant reforms in the construction of urban infrastructure. Finally I managed to breathe new life into many long-term construction. "The pilot building mikraraynov" the primary responsibility for a qualitative leap in the field of construction, municipal housing management company has been appointed the city.


Under the pretext of efficiency, the organization was given unprecedented polnomoiyami and if it existed in the days of the planned economy, it was a classic Soviet trust. But new times made it difficult to plan much of Moscow municipal builders.


Department of Experimental Residential District forced to get most of their finasirovaniya on open competitions in which, in principle, can take part at any passing criteria. But in fact, a public auction turned into a mechanism for the redistribution of financial flows. Some statistics: In 2015, the firm has won 17 of 21 competitions held by the Moscow authorities, which participated.

Here are just competitions they are held "in a brotherly way." The only competitor "ETN" in most cases were GUPy owned by the City of Moscow Property Department (as well as "ETN"), and sometimes the company acted no alternative bidder. Total number of such "brotherly" wins, when two competing organizations belonging to the same department natikalo almost 7 billion rubles. "ETN" is essentially a holding company. But not collected through official for equity monitoring system, and a system of consulting contracts and affiliation of individuals. So, "Mospromproekt", "Mosrealstroy", "Mosproekt 4" (essentially subsidiaries ETN) also financed through contractual arrangements, which simply is no system of competition. In general, the effective holding simply turns the system created for the development of competition in the self-financing system, and without regard to the FAS and baking contests, fronted afilirovanye face and this mechanism works effectively for several years. The issue with the financing of "trust" is achieved through questionable contests, trust management through questionable consulting contracts with formally independent directors of state unitary enterprises, which can not make decisions without consulting the ETN. However, these tips are also Gupam a lot of money. Why commercial organization makes decisions on the management of state property, bypassing the competition. Should not interested in law enforcement.

But the lack of regulations and control as a result creates impunity, and that leads to abuse of power. It is not hard to do, because the ETN combined team did not search for the best and honest, and nepotism

and it has become a matter of fact in the business clan led by the general director of "ETN" Albert Sunieva, entrepreneur from Kazan. Senior officials "ETN" holding also came to Moscow in Tatarstan. Vice Sunieva - Albert Samitov

and Eduard Ibragimov,

before moving to Moscow to work in the republic's capital

. Clannishness need to wring the Muscovites, what did not manage to overcome the former executives. For example, in 2014, the austere and complicated tender procedures, only two contracts planted and landscaped to 140 million rubles, Ltd. company "Le Corsaire", whose authorized capital is owned directly Seyshelskomu offshore.



"Management of experimental development districts" is both the management body in built houses. As the managing organization in apartment buildings is assigned a certain Management Company "Orion" in which one of the founders of Faith Astafieva is also the director and one of the participants of "Law Centre" Assistance. "

30% of LLC "Legal Center" Promotion ", according to an extract from the register, owned by the deputy head of" ETN "Ruslan Kashaev (the online" ETN "means that Kashaev was the director of" Assistance "from 2006 to 2011.), Which He is chairman of the procurement committee of "ETN" and he also co-owners Suniev

. Is there not in this situation of conflict of interest? In addition Ruslan Kashaev a business partner Alfat Sunieva, apparently, his father's head? Alfat Suniev Ruslan Kashaev - co-founders of "Stroyholding", located in Tatarstan




In fact, the company's activities resulted in inconvenience to hundreds of Muscovites - the owners of cars in many areas of the city. Starting this year, the State Unitary Enterprise "Directorate of garage construction" actually subdivision "ETN" the associated number of treaties, held a contest to manage the parking spaces located in the city's possession. As competitions in this company, we have about present and win not random people in them. Parking spaces to be transmitted in homes built by investors in respect of the share of the city in investment contracts subsequently transferred SUE DHS for further use or sale. With the money SUE plug their holes, and at the same time attempting to introduce charges to the owners of parking lots that do not belong to the city.

As a result, one of the contest management feature parking spaces in the garage cooperatives in dozens of addresses in Moscow was transferred to the company "Ergostroy", which until 2013 was unknown. And in that year, it started with the receipt of the order is only 1.2 million rubles, but in 2014 won the tender for 98 million rubles. And now she entrusted to restore order in the city garage sector.


"The establishment of order" turned imposition Muscovites services that this company was not named to manage their property. Most garage businesses with this quite successfully coped management companies created by the owners. That is, imagine - there is a huge garage complex for hundreds of cars, the city belongs to the ten-fifteen places in it, and suddenly there are strong guys are swinging the contract with the "ETN", are at the gate, along with his Chop and begin not to let you in the garage that you bought. According to reportings many TV channels and video, filmed owners of parking spaces, "Ergostroy" at will "ETN" literally force trying to force car owners to enter into contracts for service, made entirely inappropriately. So in the contracts drawn up by the company, the money paid for the help in "parking the car"

rather than, for example, security parking. Those. service as it is - but it is not. Such Faz agreement usually calls insignificant and officials and commercial structures imposing a form of relationship should be punished by fines. Muscovites also surprising point that with the owners of the company can raise funds for the maintenance, cleaning and other services, for which the city has to pay. Hiding behind win the competition, "Ergostroy" trying to manage the entire parking lot and not only those places that belong to the city.

The company copes with the assumed obligations frankly bad. "Here, the dirt, the devastation here, there are no surveillance cameras," - so the owners of cars evaluated its "work" .K Besides, she brazenly profited by renting out the empty boxes.



The scale of activity Ergostroya impressive. Otherwise, how can it not be called a seizure. Actions controlled by "ETN" companies have already rebuffed motorists in many areas - Sokolniki, Mitino, Khodynka Field. In some cases, it comes to collisions with motorists suddenly appeared strong young men, and even unknown at Khodynka was sprayed with tear gas. Police then prevented the collision, but it is obvious that the action of such semi-criminal structures affected thousands of citizens.


By law, owners have the right to choose a management company, so no matter what the competitions, no one has the right to impose them their services. So in essence we are talking about the raider attacks on the part of the officials under kontolnoy ETN Company "Ergostroy", which is found journalists are "Moscow-24", even legal address turned out to be fictitious.


In fact, the example of "ETN" we are faced with a banal example of corruption, led by a certain clan and it discredits the government procurement system. All the best tidbits unopposed accrue to firms close to the officials, and they distribute the orders to family and friends. Administrative resource efficient officials polubanditskuyu creates a monopoly for which pay exorbitant prices are forcing ordinary Muscovites.


And as always, carried away by the collection of tribute from the townspeople - forget about the main thing your destination, for example, to build, the number of meters that were promised (do not put more than 2 million square meters of planned), or bring the heat to the houses that have already been sold, well, at worst a profit for the city, that is, for the Muscovites.

Source: Rucriminal