The case of the heads of the banking department of the Directorate of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Frolov and Kirill Cherkalin, can be seriously “hooked” by the Investigation Department (CS) in the Central Administrative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. Counterintelligence agents acted in close conjunction with the leadership of the SU, now in connection with this being checked. Her first results became known In particular, the inspectors were interested in how the actual owner of a number of banks, Vladimir Sheozhev, the nephew of the top manager of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR), Hasambi Sheozhev, lost responsibility for the criminal case.

In subsequent publications, we will write out in detail the scheme of interaction between Frolov, Cherkalin and the current management of the Central Administrative District — head of the department Anton Pankov, head of the 2nd department Irina Zineeva, and others. All of them previously worked together in the 12th department of the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate already then acted in close conjunction with K-shniki. In the 12th department, and then in the SU in the Central Administrative District, Frolov and Cherkalin were usually “dumped” on the necessary banks: materials on which a formal matter should be initiated, but not one of the serious ones to attract; figurines with which you can work financially, etc. There are many such cases during inspections and will talk about them. This article will focus on the investigation of money laundering through Eurokommerz Bank. Employees of the Office of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation found that the actual owners of Eurokommerts are KBR people Vladimir Sheozhev (served as deputy head of the bank) and Marian Thamokov (deputy director of the bank’s department), which, in turn, are backed by powerful clans from Nalchik. Here are excerpts from the ruling on bringing Sheozhev as an accused under article 172 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal banking activity). "" Sheozhev, intending to illegally enrich himself by committing a serious crime ... joined the organized group, which included M. Thamokova. "This group was engaged in illegal banking operations, namely they cashed out over 30 billion rubles, earning almost 1 billion rubles.

A similar charge was brought against Thamokova. Irina Zineeva (who was still working in the 12th section of the GUS) was then indicted, and all the accompanying work was carried out by individual representatives of the Department K.

However, the case was not in a hurry to go to court. And that was the reason. According to sources from, Eurokommerz cashed mostly money not from outside clients, but from the CBD. And even we can assume that it is for the money. Vladimir Sheozhev’s uncle, Khasambi Sheozhev, for a long time headed the Pension Fund Administration for the CBD. In 2012, he was arrested on charges of embezzling 68.6 million rubles from the Pension Fund.

Khasambi Sheozhev and his clan learned very well how to work according to the rules of individual security officials (like Frolov and Cherkalin), servants of Themis, etc. Therefore, a miracle happened. The court sentenced Sheozhev to a suspended sentence and did not prohibit him from working in the State Committee. Therefore, Sheozhev returned to senior positions in the FIU, having reached the position of head of the Pension Fund Office in the Central Federal District.

And the same miracle happened to his nephew Vladimir Sheozhev. With regard to him and Thamokova, the criminal prosecution was terminated due to rehabilitating circumstances. Zineeva was no longer working in the 12th department (she passed with the chief in the Central Administrative District), but, as shown by current polls, she and Pankov retained control over this department. As a family of Sheozhevs and through which employee of Office K, miracles have already been established. It remains to wait for what assessment will be given to the collected materials.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued