In 2020, a mysterious All-Russian public organization for the development of sports, politics and culture "The Star of Russia" appeared in Russia. It was organized by the President of the All-Russian Public Fund for Support and Development of Sports of the Russian Federation Vladimir Utkin, and the presidium included the Minister of Sports of Russia Oleg Matytsin, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region Roman Teryushkov, stars of sports, culture and show business. Utkin positions the "Star of Russia" as a structure created on the instructions of the president and hints at some kind of closeness to the head of state. An investigation by showed that, in fact, all respected people were drawn into a big scam. Hiding behind their name, Utkin and his repeatedly convicted deputy, Yuri Zhernov, collect money from businessmen for resolving various issues, hiding behind these loudest names.

Владимир Уткин

According to the source, Vladimir Utkin created the public organization "Star of Russia" one call to the Ministry of Justice.

He was helped in this by Yuri Zhernov, a former policeman who now works as vice-president for security at Zvezda Rossii. How Zhernov got such a position is completely incomprehensible. In 2016, in the Krasnodar Territory, he beat a man and got a criminal record, and in 2011, while working as a policeman, he hit a man in his car near the beach, for which he was kicked out of the internal affairs bodies with a filthy broom in shame. Nevertheless, he was able to convince Roman Tsyganov, Deputy Director of the Department of the Ministry of Justice for Public Associations and Political Parties, to give life to the "Star of Russia".

As a source told, Utkin himself convincingly tells everyone that the "Star of Russia" has been instructed to create by the Presidential Administration to maintain the image of hockey and popularize sports. In fact, everything turned out to be different. The Presidential Administration is hardly aware of the existence of the "Star of Russia".

But the beautiful name and the way Utkin was able to present it played their part. Stars began to appear in the team. Once on the ice, they managed to lure Sergei Neverov from United Russia. Artists and politicians began to be lured into the team under the pretext that this was a project of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the official website of this office, the supreme council includes Sergei Neverov from United Russia, as well as the Minister of Sports of Russia Oleg Matytsin himself. All this in order to dissolve businessmen for contributions and enter different offices, ask for budget money for hockey populism in support of Vladimir Putin, and at the same time try to solve various issues. This is a real diagram.

Владимир Шапошников

According to a source, Utkin is currently hanging out at Oboronservis, the Ministry of Sports and Rosseti, asking for budget money and grants. The whole scheme was invented by his brother, also Vladimir, only the surname Shaposhnikov. Recently, he was in the development of the security forces, traveled around Moscow, huddled construction sites, was a member of the Presidential Council, oversaw migration issues. But he “finished it off” so that he himself fell under a criminal case, after which he was expelled from all councils. Now he somehow surfaced in Rosseti and added Vladimir Utkin there. Shaposhnikov is now deputy general director for design and survey work of JSC "CIUS UES"

Two brothers in the same department, but under different surnames. In the near future, citizen Utkin may have problems with the investigating authorities, as a number of inquiries are being prepared for him. This is due to fraud. The "Star of Russia" will soon go out.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov