At the disposal of was a detailed report of the special services, which listed all the main "players" of the shadow banking business. It is not only about the vowel and private owners of commercial banks, but also about their patrons in the CBR and various agencies, including power. The reference is not yesterday, but, surprisingly, most of the people mentioned in it, with rare exceptions, remain "afloat" and still in the banking business. rucriminа publishes the first part of this reference.


"The case of preliminary operative verification was posted on the incoming operational information concerning GS Sitnikova, head of GTU No. 2 of the Bank of Russia.

           According to the available operative information, this official, using his official position, assisted in carrying out illegal banking operations connected with "cashing out", laundering and withdrawal of foreign currency funds through the JSCB "Yaroslav". According to the information, this group included one Ruslan, Moiseeva Tatyana and a number of employees of the GIKO of the Central Bank of Russia.

           As a result of the operational search activities, it was established:

           Sitnikova Galina Semyonovna, 21.12.19 ..., born in Moscow, registered at the address: Moscow, ....

            According to the intelligence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, she has been working in the banking system since the 1990s. Previously she worked as Deputy Director for Planning Operations, Asset and Liability Management of Unikombank. Since the second half of the 1990s, she held the position of Deputy Governor of GTU No. 1 of the Bank of Russia in Moscow, oversaw issues of control and supervision over the activities of credit institutions. In 1999-2001, she headed the Department for Licensing the Activities of Credit Institutions and Audit Firms of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. According to data for 2002-2005, she held the post of deputy head of the MGTU of the Bank of Russia. In 2005, she was appointed to the post of the head of GTU No. 2 of the Bank of Russia.

         According to the data of the FSB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, one of the closest links Sitnikova is Gasiyan Vyacheslav Shaghenovich, 01.05.195 ... ur. Grozny of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic ...

Gasiyan is a pop singer (stage name "Vyacheslav Olkhovsky"), laureate of Russian and international vocal competitions. In 2001-2004, he received remuneration from commercial organizations "Association of Regional Banks of Russia" (TIN 7702077663).

         Sitnikova G.S. and Gasiyan V.Sh. repeatedly carried out joint flights Moscow-Krasnodar, Krasnodar-Moscow. In 2005-2006, they jointly operated with Moscow-Surgut, Surgut-Moscow, Lev Kaimanov and Tatyana Paramonova.

         Paramonova Tatyana Vladimirovna, 24.10.195 ... in the years 1998-2007. She was the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (a friend of Sitnikova, materials of PTP).

        Kaimonov Lev Vasilyevich, December 27, 1944 ... On the territory of the Moscow region arrived in 1980 because of abroad. In 2003-2004, he received cash from the Moscow branch of ZAO Surgutneftegazbank (TIN 8602190258).

In the certificate, which appeared at the disposal of rucrimin.alfo, it is said that as a result of working off the available information regarding somebody Ruslan is established:

          Amerkhanov Ruslan (Mamed) uses a mobile phone (8-91 ... ..) has close friendly and business relations with Sitnikova GS.

          Thus, according to the materials of the PTP, Amerkhanov R. is part of an organized criminal community that belongs to the Yamadaev brothers' clan. One of these brothers is directly related to a certain Bagautdin (the nickname "Baga"), who previously provided the "roof" to Elbakidze DE. (nickname "Juba"), which is located since December 2006, is on the federal wanted list in criminal case No. 248103 of the Criminal Code under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

         The main business of persons belonging to the Yamadaev clan is financial fraud, "kiddies" of persons wishing to cash out money, knocking out debts, control over a number of washing "sites", basically these actions are carried out on the territory of Moscow. The facts of the presence of Yamadayev's armed groups in Moscow were fixed in 2006-2007.

           A special service certificate published by states that, according to the materials of the PTP, Amerkhanov is actively engaged in "business" in the territory of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Grozny, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Samara and other regions. The basis of business is the provision of services for "cashing" and money laundering, mediation services to resolve problems with law enforcement agencies, special services, the Bank of Russia, etc. The funds received from illegal actions are invested in financing the armed formations located in the North Caucasus (Ruslan, a certain person, 8-928 .., in the conversation of the latter he calls the "owner" and his group consisting of 24 people, the group is ready to execute any order of Amerkhanov) .

The certificate, which was in the possession of rucriminа, says that the main funds are invested in commercial projects in the territories of the above-mentioned regions, in the promotion of their persons to the power structures of the FSB of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Bank of Russia and various state departments. The OPS includes more than 50 people.

A special service certificate published by rucriminа states that, in the territory of Moscow, it maintains stable friendly and financial relations ("cashing out", money laundering) with the leaders of a number of organized criminal communities: Myazin IG, Dvoskin EV , Kulikov AA (nickname "Bird"), Zakharov S.Yu. (nickname "The Redhead"), Verteletsky P.V. (nickname "Helicopter"), Sitnikov I. (nickname "Sita"), Kotelnikova, (nickname "Kettle"), (materials of PTP and STISC). Previously had financial relations with Albakidze DE and Frenkel 'A.E. (arrested in the case of Kozlov).

            Perhaps it has a map of America Express No. 0100 ..., various movable and immovable property, it is possible that it uses a fake passport. "

To be continued