Source: spoke in detail about how structures controlled by the Rotenberg clan constantly broke deadlines for work under contracts with Russian Railways. Now it is time to describe the similar problems of the Kovalchuk clan, whose structures are also actively mastering the means of Russian Railways. Because of access to railroad money, there is now a “war” between the Rotenbergs and Kovalchuk. Whereas the Rotenbergs control GK 1520 (a major contractor for Russian Railways), then Kovalchuk controls R-Industry (also a major contractor for Russian Railways). R-Industry and its head Vladimir Vasiliev got into an unpleasant story with the construction of a zoo in Perm, the main contractor for this project is RZDstroy.

This story is like that. In 2016, Russian Railways representatives agreed with representatives of the then Governor of the Perm Territory Viktor Basargin that Russian Railways would win the competition and build a zoo in Perm. Another contractor, Tekhglavstroy LLC, was submitted to the competition; his proposal was 10 million more profitable. But he was not allowed on formal grounds. The competition was initially not very profitable. But Russian Railways had a great idea (they are so used to working on their own Russian Railways) to change all the equipment to Chinese counterparts, bring high invoices, receive and cut money. For these purposes, RZDstroy as a subcontractor involved LLC Firm STUZ.

And everything could have turned out like this if Basargin had not been removed at the beginning of 2017, and Maxim Reshetnikov would not have been put in his place.

Although the head changed in the Perm Region Construction Department in May 2017, Dmitry Levinsky became the head. But apparently they agreed with him or misled. But the equipment was indeed purchased by a subcontractor not design, many flaws were allowed in the construction.

STUZ LLC was owned by Artem Yuriev and his partner in Russian Railways, Oleg Patsulya, a friend of Oleg Tony, vice president of Russian Railways. Together they were the founders of Formulastroyagro, Formulastroyproekt, and SU-23.

Yuriev is now hiding in Miami, Patsulya is an official bankrupt, which does not prevent him from further working with Russian Railways.

At the end of 2018, STUZ Firm LLC was ousted from the construction of the zoo, and Russian Railways pulled R-Industry, which is controlled by Kovalchuk and their partner Vasilyev, into this construction site.

According to sources, in order to somehow get out of this situation, some of the objects were built only on paper, and the money was already interest-bearing and received. Then the representatives of Russian Railways, the Office of Capital Construction and the R-industry drew up acts that the buildings were demolished due to changes in the project. And the R-industry overpriced them again.

But the P-industry could not catch up with the pace of work, plus law enforcement agencies became interested in this construction site. And in December 2019, a scandal erupted, the project manager from RZDstroy Kozyrev was taken into custody, Yuryev fled to Miami.

Theft amounts to 1 billion.

“Vasiliev was given half a year to bring everything into line and remove claims,” the source told - In December 2019, Vasiliev wanted to send the director of the R-industry, Alexander Lashkov, to Perm for half a year. But he categorically did not agree to rake all these problems of Russian Railways and resigned. ”

Most likely, all theft will be attributed to Kozyrev and Yuryev.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov