The information posted on the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU about the construction of a complex of buildings for one of the operational and auxiliary units of the Voronezh FSB became the reason for an inspection by the employees of the Central Office of the department, after which the head of the Department, Oleg Nefedov, changed the chair of the head of the FSB to the position of a seconded employee in FAU "GNIII PTZI FSTEC of Russia" with a salary of about 600 thousand rubles. This can be equated with the golden parachute of the "honored" Chekist. Details - at

When Nefedov was in charge of the FSB, the "sovereign" already famous throughout Russia, the deputy head of the Voronezh FSB, Andrey Zaitsev, could often speak unflatteringly about the professional and business qualities of the then first deputy of the FSB Lyoshin. Zaitsev also allowed himself similar statements about another deputy head of the Department, Mikhail Nechepurenko.

Zaitsev’s next commercial project is to receive money from businessman Voronov (LLC TSP Voronezh Stroy Complex), who last year received two contracts for 1.7 billion rubles at an auction without strong falls - the construction of a water intake on the Left Bank and an extension to the Voronezh theater of opera and ballet. Mr. Voronov is known for the fact that he himself, being a defendant in a criminal case, told the FSB about the former head of the Construction Policy Department, Grechishnikov (“Grek”), accusing him of exceeding his official powers. The official asked the merchant to refuse to participate in the auction for the construction of a kindergarten for 160 million rubles. Grek was subsequently convicted and dismissed from his post. And the businessman Voronov avoided criminal liability and began to receive new large-scale government contracts for construction.

Now the "statesman" Zaitsev has in his pocket a project to buy out the Levoberezhnye treatment facilities by the city authorities with their subsequent transfer to the concession to Vodokanal (RVK-Voronezh) and cut 2 billion rubles. state contract for their reconstruction. The search for reliable contractors is carried out by a team of housing and communal services workers (Sysoev, Zachupeiko, Solomakha - a relative of Zaitsev).

An old construction friend of Colonel Zaitsev, Sergei Goncharov, behaves boldly with business partners, allowing himself not to fulfill his obligations due to impunity from the law enforcement bloc. So soon he will have no one to work with ...

According to sources, Goncharov, under the strict guidance of Zaitsev, has been implementing a dubious commercially profitable project for the construction of an office building since the reign of Nefedov in Liski (Voronezh region). And the secret is simple: according to an unclear mechanism, it is planned to be transferred to the use of the local OUFSB at a stable favorable rental rate. And security officers will daily be in a building built with gross violations of technical standards.

It is interesting that even in the renovation program, large builders of Voronezh, working under the auspices of the sharks of the construction business Lukin (senator) and Khodyrev (Chairman of the City Duma), were forced to cede to Goncharov large development plots of land on Leningradskaya Street in Voronezh.

“Derzhavnik” Zaitsev, no longer being the curator of the OZKSiBT, retained his influence on the social bloc of the regional government and subordinate institutions through his protege, who had already risen to the head of the OZKSiBT Sergey Milovanov, who, according to his colleagues, failed the work of the unit, absolutely not understanding the specifics of its activities. However, Sergey's merits were in ensuring the security of Zaitsev's business processes. As an example, the already famous entrepreneur Roman Lisichko does not hesitate to talk in wide circles about receiving rewards of about 1 million rubles. per month for the conclusion of contracts for various services to some educational institutions in the city of Voronezh. Knowing the sovereign, there can be no disinterested friendship between Milovanov and the head of the health department of VO Shchukin.

After publications on the Cheka-OGPU, Zaitsev sold his Land Rover car, hiding behind the need to expand living space for those who were not aware of the need to expand living space and living in a spacious mansion in the suburbs of Voronezh.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued