Russian Railways funds, including those allocated for all Moscow projects, are in good hands. They (and we are talking about tens of billions) mainly go to the main contractor of the Russian Railways group of companies (GC) 1520 (controlled by the Rotenbergs), and there the top manager, deputy general director for construction of the 1520 Group of Companies Vladimir Stalenovich Volkov is responsible for their development.

At the same time, he was hiding in Indonesia for several years, since he was involved in a major case about ... the theft of Russian Railways funds. However, Volkov's services were needed by Igor Rotenberg's "right hand" for projects with Russian Railways and 1520 to Alexei Krapivin (he himself, by the way, goes under at least two criminal cases). And now Volkov is already in Moscow and manages the funds of the Russian Railways, coming in 1520. Sources of told from what criminal case Volkov was hiding in Indonesia for so long. This is an investigation, according to which Volkov's close friend, the head of the investment service of the Moscow Railway (MZD), Andrei Soldatenko, received six and a half years in prison. They were the organizers of the scam, as a result of which at least 122 million rubles were stolen from Russian Railways. The essence of the scam is simple. For the construction of the Moscow Central Ring (MCC), it was necessary to buy out garages from the population. They were estimated so that the cost of the garage was several million, then an agreement was concluded with an affiliated company to buy these garages. The garages were bought for 200-300 thousand, and the friends and their partners took the difference for themselves.

Vladimir Volkov served as the head of the procurement group for the DKRS of JSC Russian Railways, and then became the head of the Department of the Moscow transport hub GK1520. The pause in his career was forced, in connection with the flight to Indonesia due to a criminal case.

In addition to Soldatenko and Volkov, the head of the investment projects support department of the investment service of the Moscow Railways Irina Marchuk, as well as businessmen Igor Agapeev and Mikhail Romanenkov, are involved in this case. As it was established, in November 2012 they united into an organized group to steal funds from Russian Railways. Soldatenko and Marchuk oversaw the tenders for the investment program. Using their position, they thus drew up requirements for their participants, that the winner was always Stroyengineering LLC. This company won the right to conclude six contracts with Russian Railways related to the cleaning of land plots for the needs of the project; the total amount of the contract amounted to 154.3 million rubles. As the investigators found out, the accomplices stole and cashed out of this money about 122 million rubles. The money was stolen and "used at the personal discretion of the members of the group." The accounts were opened in the bank "Purpe", the owner of the controlling stake in which, according to the investigation, also controlled the work of "Stroyengineering", and after receipt of budget funds on his account "he calculated their distribution." The main defendants were charged with fraud on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and banker Alexei Evdokimov was charged with complicity in this crime.

The businessman Igor Agapeyev was sentenced to six years in a general regime colony and a fine of 1 million rubles, and was also found guilty of fraud.

On September 5, 2017, Iryna Marchuk was sentenced to three years in a general regime colony. During the investigation, she pleaded guilty and entered into a pre-trial cooperation agreement, within the framework of which she "made a confession - she explained the circumstances of the crime together with her accomplices, exposing them."

To be continued

Timofey Grishin