Remember the statement - "greedy, therefore rich"? This is exactly said about the former owner of the Bank "Ugra", and now the prisoner Alexei Khotin. studying the biography of a businessman who unexpectedly stumbled upon an interesting fact: 3 Dec 2012 the bailiff UFSSP across Moscow V. Yakovlev received the writ (No. ВС032427108) eviction hotina Alexey Yuryevich of apartments in the building 9 building 1 on Sadovnicheskaya street. However, Alexei Khotin gave a real "fight" to the government of Moscow for this living space and with the help of simple manipulations tried to get as much as $15 million from the budget. Apparently, the family wanted to get the whole building, but it didn't work out. But, about everything in order.

As found out, in 2002 the government of Moscow issued the resolution No. 1928-RP that houses 9, pages 1 and 2 on Sadovnicheskaya street are subject to reconstruction under the administrative purposes with resettlement of inhabitants at the expense of means of LLC Velikan-XXI century, with the subsequent compensation of expenses of the last from a share of the city of Moscow. As it usually happens, the implementation of this order was delayed, and then came across an impenetrable wall in the face of the Khotin Family, who became the owners of a 5 - room apartment with a total area of 96 square meters in the house 9 building 1 on Sadovnicheskaya street. Elegant place - the center of the "old" Moscow. Gorgeous and the building itself is a former apartment house of a merchant Privalov, built between 1903 and 1913 under the project of known Moscow architect Ernst-Richard Niernsee. The main thing was the decision of the authorities to create a business complex with an underground Parking. And buying and raider seizure of shopping and business centers is the main specialization of Alexei Khotin and his father Yuri. That's where they made hundreds of millions of dollars. 

According to, officially owners of the 5-room apartment were the wife of the oligarch Alexander Vladimirovna hotina (nee Tobolina) and her mother E. N. Tobolina. In the chic mansions were also registered Alexey Khotin himself and their two children with Alexandra.

Alexei Khotin and his father Yuri are known for the fact that they only need to get at least 10 square meters of the building (regardless of its total area), as then they quickly become the owners of the house itself. Apparently, in the case with mansion for horticultural, were the same plans.

LLC "Giant-XXI century" offered many options for settling the family of Khotyns (the last remaining residents of the house), but they were adamant. Then Prefecture TSAO decided that Hominy should be deported to their allocated housing. Tobolina owed a separate one-bedroom apartment on Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street, 40, p. 2 with an area of 62.1 square meters.  This is a new monolithic-brick house business class with underground Parking, located near the metro station "Serpukhovskaya" in CAO. The cost of such an apartment passes for 20 million rubles. Alexandra Khotina, her husband and their children were given a 3-room apartment in 4 building 2 in Kovrov Lane, with an area of 75.9 square meters.   Also a great house in the Taganka district and the cost of such apartments will pass for 25 million rubles.

This is for ordinary citizens such a proposal, and even more of the previous housing on 42 square meters, will seem excellent. But Khotina volumes in the size of apartments do not think. Give them the whole of the building or millions of dollars.

As a result, on June 24, 2010, the family signed a contract for the sale of 75 million rubles of an apartment on Sadovnicheskaya Cyprus offshore Glabra Holdings limited. Here Hotiny clearly made a mistake. The problem is that according to the Cypriot databases, Glabra Holdings limited had some kind of relationship with another offshore - VTB Capital IB Holding, which is 100 % "daughter" of VTB group. In the summer of 2008, Alexey Khotin received a loan from VTB for 5.25 billion rubles (for the purchase of regular shopping centers) at 14.5% per annum. A year later, the Bank recorded the first non-payment, and in March 2010 filed a lawsuit to recover the debt.  How

As a result, on July 5, 2010, the company Glabra Holdings limited, highlighted in the Affairs of Khotin, urgently sold the apartment to another offshore company - Desired Destiny Limited. At the same time, the amount of the transaction was "drawn" in $2.6 million And on July 10, 2010 between the two offshore companies an additional agreement was concluded, according to which the price of the apartment increased to... $15 million at the same Time with the Hotins and Tobolina was an agreement that they are responsible tenants chorus offshore.

Thus, according to documents concocted by Khotin, the price of an apartment in a building owned by the government of Moscow, soared to astronomical proportions. Moreover, this amount had to be paid from the budget. Or pay in other ways. For example, the premises in the renovated and converted house on Sadovnicheskaya. Well, where the premises for $15 million, and there to capture the entire building nearby. 

We can say unequivocally that everything that happens is directly subject to the operation of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud). Moreover, we are talking about an attempt to fraudulently obtain budgetary funds. However, Alexei Khotin became the accused. Until 2015, he (through the offshore Desired Destiny Limited) tried to get $15 million from the Moscow government through the courts And got away with it.


To be continued

Arseny Drones