Source: Rucriminal continues the story about the criminal list of the oligarch Mikhail Fridman, a "Lviv citizen who has Israeli citizenship and resides in London" (as he represents himself in Ukraine). In the last article, we reported how the UK under the Ministry of the Interior investigated the money laundering case, in which Alfa Bank also appeared. Moreover, the investigators found that in the dark firms was involved LLC "Velteks", the sole founder of which was Mikhail Fridman. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for a long time could not understand how such an oversight came about and why the oligarch "wrote down" an ordinary company involved in "money laundering". It turned out that Friedman "put an eye" on one of the gosdach. And to get it, the oligarch needed some kind of structure, where he is the owner. His subordinates did not find anything better, how to apply for the boss "Velteks", used in shadow operations. On the theft of the state dacha, a separate investigation was conducted. About it and then will tell in this publication.

As evidenced by the testimony of the former director general of the oil company Evikhon, Koptenko, in late 1994 and early 1995 Boris Yeltsin personally asked for help. The president asked to finance the construction of a sanatorium for FSO employees. The choice to "Evihon" fell not accidentally: the company belonged to all formerly associates of the president - ex-deputy chairman of the government Vladimir Shumeiko, ex-councilor of Yeltsin Mikhail de Boire, etc.

This is now, when the president or prime minister tells the oligarchs to allocate money for a project, they take under the visor and get paid free of charge. In the 1990s, it was accepted to receive something in return. Koptenko was no exception. The leaders of the FSO decided to transfer to him for rent for 50 years three objects that were on the balance of the agency - Sosnovka-1 (former state party member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Suslov), Sosnovka-3 (former state secret of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Konstantin Chernenko) and "Gorki-10-10". "Sosnovki" - is a huge land on a protected FSO territory in the village of Trinity-Lykovo on the outskirts of the capital.

"Evihon" concluded a sublease agreement of state entities with LLC "RNP-Invest", which was established by Shumeyko, de Bois and Strobis, owned by Koptenko. It is noteworthy that Strobis was later bought by Nikolai Chilingarov from Koptenko, the son of a prominent polar explorer and United Russia's Artur Chilingarov.

In fact, the former leaders of the Yeltsin encirclement got state daughters, in which they settled. De Bouar and his wife took Sosnovka-1.

Shumeiko and his family - Sosnovka-3. Their common neighbor was Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Almost ten years, retired officials lived under the protection of the FSO, while in 2002, his buddy, head of the oligarchic Alfa Bank, Mikhail Fridman, and his wife Aiziman did not come to visit de Bois. As follows from the testimony of Lyubov Elizavetina (wife of M. de Bouar), the couple of guests were impressed by their lands and neighbors. They expressed a desire to settle in Sosnovka as well. At that time Shumeiko was selling his residence (more precisely, the right of long-term lease). Friedman also bought for about $ 3 million.

However, the head of Alfa Bank is not used to being satisfied with small things. He decided to get a gosdatch in the property. For what he attracted Mikhail Kasyanov, with whom he is associated with long-standing friendly relations. The essence of the deal was extremely simple: Kasyanov organizes the privatization of objects, they are at the right price for the structures of Friedman, and he gives one state gift to Kasyanov.

In January 2003, the Prime Minister signed an order to transfer Sosnovok from FSO to the Ministry of State Property to be assigned to FGUP VPK-Invest. This meant that in the future, gosdachi could be privatized. To resolve all issues on the sale of objects was entrusted to Deputy Minister of State Property Nikolai Gusev. He was in a difficult situation, since the state daughters were in a long lease from Evikhon, which at that time belonged to businessman Shalva Chigirinsky. In turn, Evihon had a sublease agreement with RNP-Invest. Gusev for a long time thought about how to approach the gossacks. At Kasyanov, this slowness caused obvious irritation.

According to the testimony of the former deputy head of the Ministry of State Property, at one of the meetings the prime minister threatened him with dismissal, if he did not show speed. And Gusev was explained that the dachas were meant for Kasyanov himself.

To the official did not become shy, in support of him detached Deputy Director of FSO Protsenko. Together they began to call Chigirinsky, de Bouar and other interested parties to him. By methods of psychological pressure, they were forced to abandon long-term lease. All this was accompanied by constant calls to Gusev from the head of the secretariat of Prime Minister Merzlikin. He was interested in the progress with the Sosnovki, and demanded to speed up the process.

DeBoir and Chigirinsky were the most resistant. They wanted some preferences for the liberation of summer cottages. As a result, the entire financial component of the tenants discussed with representatives of Alfa-Bank.

Agreed on the compensation of the amount from $ 700 thousand to EURO 1 million. By joint efforts of officials and Alfa-Bank in October 2003, tenants were removed from Sosnovok. But then a new problem arose. FSO was not in a hurry to transfer these objects from its subordination. Merzlikin literally cut off the telephones of the service's leadership, demanding that the government's order be executed quickly. The rush was terrible - Prime Minister Kasyanov already guessed that his days in this post were numbered. When, at last, the question with FSO was solved, the time of privatization has come.

In their testimony, witnesses claim that the representatives of Alfa Bank in a hurry conducted an assessment of state issues through a "related" structure. After that, in December 2003-January 2004, the objects were put up for auctions. Only entities affiliated with Alfa-Bank participated in the trades. In this question Mikhail Fridman himself confessed during the interrogation.

As a result, "Sosnovka-3" got for 10.1 million rubles LLC "Velteks", the sole founder of which was Mikhail Fridman. A Sosnovka-1 for 11.1 million - LLC Amelia. The investigation found that the budget for the transaction for "Sosnovka-3" did not receive 186.4 million rubles, and for "Sosnovka-1" - 190.6 million. The market value of dachas in general is about 250 million - no longer rubles, but dollars. After all, we are talking about whole complexes. "Sosnovka-1" includes 26 real estate objects located on 11.5 hectares of land.

"Sosnovka-3" is 23 objects located on 5.6 hectares. Both cottages have individual exits to the Moscow River.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal