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The largest theft in the history of Russian securities depository energy sales companies from the "Smart Capital" raider seizure of the depository, an attempt to capture power grid company Bryansk region - close to all these events, we see a former top manager of the odious "Energostrima" Yuri Simonov. There were also reports beneficiary stock scam of the century - a billionaire Dmitry Arzhanov.


All their

The story began as a time when the majority of its participants the impression that troubles behind, or almost over and it is time to honest work.

In early 2012, the State and shareholders managed to gather together and organize the work once the largest in Russia "Energostream" energy holding company, for which the theft of the international wanted list announced by his former head of Yuri Zhelyabovsky hiding are now abroad. So there was CJSC "RegionEnergo" lead and lead to a normal state is entrusted to former manager "Energostrima" Yuri Simonov.

Here Simonov including and became responsible for the direction of corporate business management. He knew better than the rest of the internal configuration of the device group of energy companies, which remained after the infamous escape abroad odious George Zhelyabovsky.

In addition to the energy supply companies, fully controlled by "RegionEnergo" and under the leadership of Yuri Simonov, the group also owned minority stakes in other "sale." For example, in the ownership of "Novgorodoblenergosbyt" were nine minority stakes:

- OAO "Kuban Energy Retail Company"

- OAO "Tambov Energy Retail Company"

- OJSC "Saratov"

- OAO "Arkhangelsk Retail Company"

- JSC "Ulyanovskenergo"

- JSC "Stavropolenergosbyt"

- JSC "Chelyabenergosbyt"

- JSC "Rostovenergo Energosbyt"

- JSC "Dagestan Energy Retail Company"

Two more "marketing" - "Novosibirskenergosbyt" and "Belgorodenergosbyt" - were issued to offshore "Arina United Company SA", "COLOR Management Inc. ',' Forties Ltd." And "Marcon Tran Inc.," Whose activities also controlled by the "RegionEnergo".

The cost of all 11 blocks of shares was approximately two billion rubles, and Yuri Simonov set the task to transform a complex intricate system created by Yuri Zhelyabovsky to steal money from Russian energy, in a simple, user-friendly, effective and legally clean business mechanism.

In Mr. Simon had everything: formal authority, deep knowledge of the history of the problem (it's quite a long time he worked in management positions in the "Energostrime" before fleeing Zhelyabovsky abroad), very high even by Moscow standards, salary and full confidence of employers. These capabilities Simonov used the most obvious way - on the post of the first people he supervised all sales companies, people were pretty fast, dedicated to him personally, Simonov.

Our sources in this regard, notes the special relationship of trust which have developed from his Director General of OAO "Novosibirskenergosbyt" and JSC "Novgorodoblenergosbyt" Podchasovoy Tatiana and Olga Grigorieva. Even personal driver Mr. Simonov Pavel Sizov was appointed a board member "Novosibirskenergosbyta".

Seller stolen

At the end of 2012, equity stakes of all sales companies were placed on deposit of the depository of "Smart Capital", driven by Vadim Kiselev - friend Yuri Simonov.

Happens then, the media have described with reference to the materials of the criminal case excited. According to investigators, Vadim Kiselev organized change of ownership "Smart Capital" - the new owner was the depositary offshore company "Santarina Systems Inc..." Employees of the Investigation Department of Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow today are investigating the disappearance of a package of shares of the above marketing companies, which took place after the appearance of the "Smart Capital" of the new owner. The cost of the missing in the "Smart Capital" - about two billion rubles, the value of stolen from another firm Kiselyov "Tusk Quadro Securities" - for about three billion rubles, which will provide Vadim Kiselev status of the stock scam century organizer when the case goes to court, and the court She finds him guilty.

But some things suggest that if Vadim Kiselev and stole securities, he is not a thief, and the seller of stolen goods. The role of the thief in the criminal case file procedurally is free, but in fact there is every reason to take an interest in this regard, the participation of Yuri Simonov in the events that have become the object of a police investigation.

"Santarina Systems Inc." Appeared in the story with the filing of Yuri Simonov. The shareholders asked him to arrange the purchase of shares in the depository to be safe - for the "Smart Capital" was the keeper of the remaining after the revocation status of a supplier stakes in all eleven energy sales companies, the total value of which was very high. Simonov fulfill this indication, but not exactly as instructed by the employer.

"Santarina" first became the owner of 0.99% shares of "Smart Capital" for quite a formal contract with the then owner of the depositary, and then captured and the other 99.01% of the shares - as suggested by consequence, on the basis of fraudulent Vadim Kiselev another contract of sale. Law enforcement agencies have established nice detail: the beneficiary has mastered the depositary "Santariny" himself became Yuri Simonov! Attorney same "Santariny" became Gleb Volkov - one of those "their" people Simonov, taking advantage of the trust of shareholders, has placed in key positions in the sales companies. In particular, Mr. Volkov was a member of the Board of Directors' Novosibirskenergosbyta ".


Guard swindler

To carry out a stock scam century Vadim Kiselev and Yuri Simonov together would be not under force. They are, as mentioned above, helped people, chosen and appointed to the post on the basis of personal loyalty scams. The investigation now studying the role of each of them.

Actually, in an organized group Simonov key role for accounting and encashment of financial resources went to his 35-year-old mistress Maya Belousova. Schemes cashing and withdrawal abroad developed an experienced financier, co-owner group of companies "Park Development," 47-year-old Muscovite Arsen Babayan. Legal support was carried out general director of CJSC "Helios" Alexander Shcherbakov Rostov lawyer Dmitriy Lugovoi. The case also featured a former soldier and now owner of "Aktion" and "District" Yuri Ivlev, who made out hundreds of millions of rubles derived from energy sales companies Simonov.

solid offshore

How to skillfully villains are not seized by the depositary - by itself it would not allow them to steal shares of supply companies. After an agreement with the owners of the packages provided only for storage and accounting, but there's nothing about the sale has not been told. But Yuri Simonov knowingly made friends with the CEO "Novgorodoblenergosbyta" Olga Grigorieva and formed a board of directors of the company of "their" people.

The investigation revealed that the Board of Directors approved the transfer of more and "Smart kepitalu" kept all his stakes in energy sales companies to trust management with the right to sell. The result was not long in coming - all of them have changed owners, and, so far it is not clear who is ten of them now belong. Only shares of OAO "Kuban Energy Retail Company" were sold for 150.0 million rubles.. understandable OOO "KES", which is part of a group of "TNS energy" billionaire Dmitry Arzhanova. This, incidentally, is an extremely rare event in modern Russian practice, when such a high-ranking person acts as a buyer-obviously stolen.

It is also known that the shares of JSC "Tambov Energy Retail Company" were sold to certain offshore IC Vostok Capital Limited, which set of beneficiaries is not yet possible. Shares of the JSC "Stavropolenergosbyt", for example, moved to companies' Santredo Ltd. BVI »and« Akara Building BVI ». Equally owned by an anonymous offshore companies are now stored in the "Smart kepitale" shares "Novosibirskenergosbyt" - they were sold by some Spanish citizens.

And a separate description worthy of the history of another company that falls into the sphere of interests of Yuri Simonov - LLC "Bryanskoblelektro".


The driver for the Jura

September 17, 2015 in the 20th Arbitration Court of Appeal driver Yuri Simonov Pavel Sizov tries to challenge the decision of the Arbitration Court of Bryansk region, denied him the claims against LLC "Bryanskoblelektro". In his lawsuit, Mr. Sizov tries to challenge the deprivation of its 0.0001% share of the company worth 3319 rubles, and, the reasoning of the decision of the court of first instance can not be read without laughing.

From its 0.0001% share of "Bryanskoblelektro" Pavel Sizov refused himself in writing - his statement attached to the materials of the case. In the process, he tried to prove that the statement is fabricated, and the court, as it should in such cases, the appointed handwriting examination fully confirmed the authenticity of the document. But the driver of Mr. Simon presented the results of some other examination of the results means followed that statement still fake. The Court tried to explain to the driver that the results of extra-judicial examination may not matter in the case where there is a document available for the study of experts appointed by the court in the case file. It did not help.

Persistent Pavel Sizov contested decision did not accept it in the court of appeal to still prove: 0.0001% of the shares "Bryanskoblelektro" worth 3319 rubles he was deprived illegally. But, as the court had little hope not, he turned more in the management of the Investigative Committee of the Bryansk region. Namely - to the investigator for particularly important cases of the investigation department of the Soviet inter-district of Bryansk, Sergei Ilyushin.

And the investigator Ilyushin in January filed a case of forgery of forensic evidence, although for certain forensic examination established that Sizov he wrote a letter of refusal to share, and none of his signature is not forged. Note that allegedly caused the driver to Simon "significant damage" at the time of institution of criminal proceedings amounted to 3319 rubles, and after the revaluation of the authorized capital of the company fell to 1600 rubles. Indeed, the very important matter for the Investigative Committee.

What a fine thing, and his excitement - this is an obvious action in the interests of the swindler escaped abroad Yuri Simonov, the inspector did not stop - in the office, "Bryanskoblelektro" even were raided with the participation of special forces.

It is worth adding that the driver Pavel Sizov has shown himself earlier as a trustee Yuri Simonov, who helped organize the theft stake "Novosibirskenergosbyt" (the episode came in a criminal case against Vadim Kiselev, the actual head of the "Smart Capital" depository, where he kept missing shares). Mr. Sizov appeared there as a board member "Novosibirskenergosbyta".

All these details combine to suggest: Yuri Simonov trustee holds the classic raider seizure "Bryanskoblelektro". Ask this of Simon's, unfortunately, is not possible - for a long time on the territory of Russia Mr. Simon has not been seen. They say, in accordance with established tradition, he lives in London. But the main question: for whose benefit all this is happening?

Today, the former head of "RegionEnergo" associated with a single businessman, whose interests are actually in line with the interests of Vadim Kiselev accused of stealing shares of retail companies that were stored in the "Smart kepitale". This odious billionaire Dmitry Arzhanov whose "KES" OOO unexpectedly became the owner of one of the abducted packages - shares in OAO "Kuban Energy Retail Company". There are other nuances that suggest that it is the oligarch Arzhanov was the buyer in whose interests acted Vadim Kiselev and Yuri Simonov.

Source: Rucriminal