Lawyers of the former owner of the Bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin did not appeal against the measure of restraint chosen by him in the form of house arrest. That is understandable, so, thanks to the patrons, Khotin received leniency from investigators, prosecutors and servants of Themis. For example, the first, according that were not at the hearings to publicize the fact that Hawtin has chosen the place for the old-age security Switzerland. Sometimes he spent a year in this country for two months. In Sarnen, a Swiss registered company Radamant Financial AG, through which the Khotyn belonged to the "Ugra". In this country, he bought real estate and applied for citizenship. If these facts were announced at the court on the election of a preventive measure to Khotin, the court would have no choice but to send him to jail.

Sources they say that the assets of the wife have had a drink between Russian agricultural Bank, Alfa-Bank and Rosneft. The first structure under the key are all the most delicious "pieces" of the Empire. Alfa-Bank will receive in return for Khotin's debts his good real estate. And Rosneft gets the oil. We publish a map of all the oil assets of the former owner of "Severstal".

At one time, Khotin hoped that he would be able to preserve Russian assets. To do this he prudently recorded it on his Manager Sergei Ponticello. In particular, Podlisetsky is the head of the oil company "Rus oil", although according to, he is a nominal and independent figure. Such a modern "zits-Chairman Fuchs".

Father and son Yuri and Alexei Khotina moved to Moscow in the late 1990s, when there began to slowly move people from the Belarusian authorities, saving their money from the Father. Including the former managing Director of the President of the Republic Ivan Titenkov. Naturally, Belarusian officials had good ties with Russian government agencies, which helped to develop business in Russia. Debt payment is red. The General Director of the oil company Hotin "Dulisma" was appointed someone Lagvinets – a friend of Ivan Titenkov. In addition to "NK Dulisma", Khotin managed to grab other oil assets that were included in the company controlled by him "Rus-oil". Khotin also acquired a share in the oil company Exillon Energy.  The main shareholders of Exillon are offshore khotina Senegal International Agency ltd (29.99 %) and other offshore Sinclare Holings Limited (26.69 %). In total, they own 56.68 %. Sinclare Holings Limited was owned by Alexander Klyachin, a businessman and sponsor of the Bolshoi theatre, at the time of the purchase of Exillon shares. Khotin and Klyachin are close friends, they have a lot of joint Affairs and Affairs. Therefore, no one doubted that Klyachin bought shares to immediately transfer them under the control of Khotin, who became the main owner of Exillon.

As a partner in his oil projects, he attracted Mikhail Margelov, Vice President of Transneft, and his own son Dmitry Mikhailovich Margelov, who previously was an adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rus-oil JSC, and in 2016 he took the chair of General Director of Exillon Energy. Khotin, of course, very clumsily hid oil assets. Something copied in the offshore, something his assistant Sergey Ponticello.

Hatinh and Pagliaccio had a long partnership: in 1997, Pidlisetskiy became Manager of the factory for the production of cosmetics, owned by Kutinym. He held the position of General Director at Moscow soap factory, which Hotiny seized as a result of raiding operations. Pidlisetskiy is only a nominal owner of its assets, all of his "business activities" are clearly correlated with the interests and Affairs Hatinh, which aren't owned directly. Cunning Belarusians were one of the most non-public businessmen and successfully hid even from the cameras of journalists. As not times mentioned, their business was based on the takeover and raider attacks of Moscow factories and plants, which then turn into shopping and business centers. To manage these assets of the company "Cube", "Art-vising", "Center-T" New life group and others, which are usually led by Sergei Pidlisetskiy.

Zits-the Chairman of Pidlisetskiy is only one shadow managers, who registered dozens of companies, designed to save the business Empire of the family Hotiny after the collapse of the Bank "Ugra". This relationship is evident even without Bank documents, from which it follows that all the oil companies of Ponticello ("Russ oil" NK "Dulisma", Exillon Energy) fueled by money, derived from the "Ugra" in the form of loans.


To be continued

Arseny Drones