The Internal Affairs Directorate for the Belgorod Region sent an "investigation" to the Department of Internal Affairs for the Fili-Davydkovo region a statement on the initiation of a case against billionaire Alisher Usmanov. The application was submitted by the former minority shareholders of Lebedinsky GOK (the list is at the disposal of the editorial office). They believe that as a result of fraudulent actions, they lost their shares in the course of a forced redemption, which was made by Usmanov's structures at prices far from market ones. The assessment was carried out by Gorislavtsev & Co. Appraisal ", which proceeded from the fact that the official proceeds of the GOK were less than $ 1 billion. However, according to the applicants, in reality the proceeds were at least three times lower. For tax optimization purposes, the products were sold at reduced prices to Usmanov's offshore companies (BGMT and FMC ltd.), And they were already selling them at market prices. As a result, the mine's real revenue was at least $ 3 billion.

Алишер Усманов

 Also, Ovcharenko, the deputy head of the Directorate for Economic Security and Combatting Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Belgorod Region, indicated in his notification that there is a prejudice on this issue.

At the disposal of was Ovcharenko's answer from the former shareholder Andrey Burkin and the association of defrauded shareholders of OJSC Lebedinsky GOK, which we publish with minor edits.

“Thank you for detailing the legal term“ Prejudice ”(Article 90 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code). However, obviously there was a mistake or someone deliberately misled you, Andrei Nikolaevich.

Until 2020, neither in court case No.A08-8226 / 2009-30, to which you are referring, nor elsewhere, we have never indicated the facts documented and transmitted to you for verification and investigative actions on a purely criminal aspect in the actions of a citizen Great Britain Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov, .. and / or his company. We have never asked you or your colleagues to give any legal assessment of the civil-legal status of our relations with the British company Usmanov A.B. ...

In terms of your purely competence, as a resolute and professional fighter against corruption and violators of Russia's economic security, we inform you:

The English Barrister of the Royal Council pointed out to us the actions of a criminal nature against the minority shareholders of OJSC Lebedinsky GOK in the implementation of the lawful compulsory redemption of their shares only at the end of 2019. It was the criminal aspect that he drew attention to in view of the fact that the proceedings on newly discovered circumstances and for filing a claim with the English and / or the European Court is possible only with the restoration of the statute of limitations. Given the presence of clear signs of FRAUD, that is, fraud committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), we have transferred the documents we have to you and your colleagues in the UK for an investigation. Currently, preparations are underway to submit an application to the German Prosecutor's Office (certified translation of documents). .. Usmanov left the Russian Federation long ago and is actively involved in patronage in Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Your English colleagues, pointing out that Fraud has no statute of limitations in any jurisdiction in the world, have kindly agreed to assist us in identifying the beneficiaries and executors based on the facts set out in my explanation.

To be honest, we did not even count on your professional help as an experienced and decisive anti-corruption officer of the UEB and PK UMVD of Russia. Now we see that in vain!

You were given the main documents in which the signs of crimes of Art. 159 and Art. 199 within the scope of your purely competence and responsibilities in accordance with the Law on the Police of the Russian Federation. My colleagues and I, from April to November 2021, received detailed explanations on the criminal aspects of the economic activities of citizen A.B. Usmanov. Therefore, a reference to the civil status of the dispute with the alleged fraudster's company and the applicability of Art. 90 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation are not appropriate.

Considering your high professional level and speed of response to our appeal No. 5192 dated 04/09/2021 to the KUSP OMVD of Russia, as well as the fact that your high salary originates from those high taxes that we paid from miners' earnings and as a result compulsory (legal) redemption of our shares in OAO LGOK using a fraudulent scheme pointed out by your British and German colleagues, following the advice of the President of the Russian Federation, we demand:

1. Conduct ALL the necessary investigative actions to establish the persons who conducted a double assessment of the capitalization of OJSC Lebedinsky GOK, as a result of which our shares were forcibly (legally) redeemed by GAZMETALL at a price of 8015 rubles per share, based on the first, subjective, Report on the value of OJSC shares "LGOK" prepared by "Gorislavtsev and Co. Appraisal ", then consolidated in the general block of shares of Metalloinvest for sale on the stock exchange in London, based on the second From couple on capitalization (value) of assets prepared by Renaissance Capital (with the assistance of Deutsche Bank, Credit Swiss and Merryll Lynch in 2008).


2. We demand to check and confirm, or deny, the presence of signs of Art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation when exporting ore and steel to the Russian Federation, based on the documents provided to you, prepared for commercial purposes by the British employees of the offshore divisions of citizen A.B. Usmanov.

We draw your attention to the clear signs of Art. 199 (especially large) for the export of iron ore from the Russian Federation - on page 11 of the document "RECOMMENDED CASH OFFER" (the recommended offer to buy back shares) the offshore structure of control, ownership, receipt of proceeds and concentration of profits from the resale of the national treasure is disclosed, indicating the name of the main beneficiary of export transactions - Alisher USMANOV. “According to the official reports of the offshore company (FMC), prepared in accordance with European standards, the proceeds from the sale of Russian ore and steel in 2007 (the year of redemption) amounted to 3,010 million (Three billion ten million) US dollars!”

At the same time, according to the data of the Accounts Chamber, the official revenue of JSC LGOK did not exceed USD 1 billion in 2007


Having no doubts about your professionalism and level of training, I believe that you should start with a request to Renaissance Capital with the requirement to provide a copy of the Report on the appraisal of Metalloinvest's production assets in 2008 (in particular, Lebedinsky GOK and OEMK). For our part, we undertake to cooperate with the investigation as interested in identifying persons responsible for violating the Federal Law-7 Law on Joint-Stock Companies in terms of determining the market value of rejected shares, as a result of which we and our children were left without shares that generate income and without due , statutory compensation.


At a time when our new "effective manager-owner" with a London residence is spending huge sums on charity, acquiring the image of the most generous philanthropist in the West (according to the Sunday Times 21/05/21), our families are barely making ends meet and neither a decent education for children, nor adequate work or health care can afford. Our children are dreaming and are already planning to emigrate to the countries that issued to the citizen A.B. Usmanov. their national passports.

The economic security of Russia has suffered enormous damage: since the acquisition by Usmanov A.B. control over our enterprises, the withdrawal from the tax field of Russia amounted to more than three billion US dollars a year, when exporting national resources! Social tension in the region is growing, and now along with the growing attention to your professional actions as a responsible representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.


In order to avoid a social explosion in the region, as well as to prevent the sanctioned blocking of accounts and diminishing the reputation of the Government of Russia and honest, respectable businessmen of the mining and metallurgical sector of the Russian economy (who paid the market value of the redeemed shares to minority shareholders. For example, V.S. Lisin, NLMK) We ask you to act decisively and more promptly!

If you do not have enough to fulfill your official duties in identifying persons involved in fraudulent actions in the double assessment of our company (English documents, translations, competence, courage, etc.), please let us know promptly, please! We and you do not have time for buildup.

Thomas Gordon

To be continued