In the case file on the activities of the gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), who committed over 60 murders, one can often find a mention of a cottage in the Baltiya residential complex on Novorizhskoye Shosse. Dzhako himself lived in it, killers from his group or the Family, as Gagiev himself called it. Also periodically tortured, killed, dismembered the "guilty" members of the Family. According to, this cottage belonged to the family Choen, the owner of the Salyut vodka factory Elbrus Komaev.

Komaev is a friend and business partner of the head of North Ossetia, Vyacheslav Bitarov. Right next to the pool, the cottage was strangled, and then the gangster Marat Pliev (Pollen) was dismembered. Before this, Pliev was brutally tortured in the basement. The “right hand” of Dzhako Arthur Dzhioev (Sonny), who made a deal with the investigation and received 17 years of strict regime, described in detail how the murder took place during interrogation.

“Around the spring of 2012, into the criminal community under the leadership of A. Gagiev entered Pliev MD, who had the nickname "Pollen" and Sekinaev B.A. nicknamed the Baron. After entering the community Pliev M.D. began to engage in intrigue. In particular, he spread rumors about some conflicts, invented some of his (Dzhioeva AB) negative statements about others. In general, he represented him in a negative light before the other members of the criminal community. It ended with the fact that he ceased to communicate closely with M. Pliev. In early 2013, the winter has not yet ended, he, Pliev M.D. and Dzugutov G.Z. were in the gym "Goldjim", located on Leningradsky Prospekt Moscow. During training, he was called by Gagiev A.M. He talked to him. Pliev M.D., who was nearby, asked to give him a phone to talk with A. Gagiev. He gave the phone to Pliev M.D. He left the gym and talked about something with A. Gagiev. about half an hour. Having returned, Pliev M.D. gave him the phone. He was in a happy mood and he began to behave strangely, was in some kind of euphoria. Subsequently, Dzugutov G.Z. explained to him that Gagiev A.M. during this conversation he promised Pliev M.D. make it the main one from their community in Russia. That is, this promise is A. Gagiev. gave to check Pliev MD, how he will behave further. In the same period, a few days later, from his secret phone, G.Z. Dzugutov called him. and offered to meet. They met in the restaurant "Grapes" on the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment of Moscow. When meeting Dzugutov G.Z. he was told that Pliev M.D. behaves inappropriately. According to Dzugutov, Pliev M.D. wants to dismiss Gagiev A.M. from the leadership of the criminal community, and also wants to commit the murder of him and other members of the community, who, in his opinion, spoke badly of him in the past. Dzugutov G.Z. said that he knew this from the words of B. Sekinaev, who personally spoke with M. Pliev. He advised Dzugutov G.Z. to report everything to Gagiev A.M., since he understood that Pliev M.D. becomes dangerous for him personally and their other guys. After that he left.

After some time, it was too late, G.Z. Dzugutov called him. and said that he, together with Pliev M.D. going to come to the country in the LCD "Baltia", located in one of the settlements of the Moscow region. According to Dzugutov G.Z. he understood that with Pliev M.D. want to talk about his behavior. Dzugutov G.Z. asked him to come there too. After some time, he also went to the dacha in the Baltika residential complex. At that moment, when he arrived at this country house, there were Dzugutov G.Z., Elephants G.G., Kudziev T.A., Bagaev R.A., Zasseev II, Gutiev U.Kh., Kokoev D.V. and Pliev M.D. At that time Plieva M.D. placed in the gym, gave him a mattress. Plieva M.D. the above-mentioned members of their criminal community were already guarding, as it was an order from A. Gagiev, who said to keep him there while he was thinking what to do with M. Pliev. He, too, along with the others, began to wait for the arrival of A. Gagiev, so that he made a decision on this situation. They did not release Pliev M.D. and they didn’t let him run away, since he represented a danger to them and had previously expressed B.A. Sekinaev the intention to kill him (Dzhioeva AB) and other guys in their community.

After some time, maybe a couple of days, A. Gagiev arrived at the cottage. Gagiev A.M. was dissatisfied with the existing Pliev M.D. situation, namely, inadequate behavior. Upon arrival Gagiev A.M. instructed him to bring Pliev M.D. and call Sekinaev B.A. He went to the guys guarding M. Pliev, and told them that A. Gagiev wants to talk with him, that is, so that they raise him to Gagiev A.M. As far as he remembers, Bagaev R.A. and Gutiev U.H. raised Pliev M.D. to a large room to A. Gagiev He was not present during the conversation, because he did not want to interfere.

After some time, Gagiev A.M. told the guys to take away Pliev M.D. Then Gagiev A.M. talked in the same room with B. Sekinaev about his telephone conversations with MD Pliev, he found out what exactly the latter told him.

Subsequently, for another two to three days, Gagiev A.M. talked at least three times with Pliev M.D. and tried to figure out what to do with it. Judging by the fragments of conversations that he heard, A. Gagiev found out from Pliev M.D. whether he really intended to remove him and kill some of the members of their criminal community, including him (Dzhioeva AB). That is, Gagiev A.M. I wanted to understand the situation in order to decide on the fate of Pliev M.D. According to the answers of Pliev M.D. one could understand that he was not going to change his mind about them and correct his behavior.

After about 5 days after Pliev M.D. at this cottage Gagiev A.M. gathered him and some other members of the criminal community, except Pliev M.D. He consulted with everyone, that is, with him, Dzugutov G.Z., Slonov G.G., Kudziev T.A., Bagaev R.A., Zasseyev I.I., Gutiev U.Kh. He asked basically the same thing whether MD Pliev was dangerous. for them, whether it is possible to trust him and so on. Given that Pliev M.D. was going to kill him (Dzhioeva AB) and other guys, some expressed their opinion that Pliev M.D. dangerous and unpredictable. Having listened to the opinions of those present, Gagiev A.M. instructed to deprive Pliev M.D. life by strangulation by putting a bag on your head. Gagiev A.M. instructed him and Dzugutov G.Z. monitor the execution of his instructions.

They began preparations for the murder of Pliev M.D. He and Dzugutov G.Z. instructed community members who were in the country to carry out preparatory activities for the murder. So, Kodoevu D.O. they were informed of the evidence of the deprivation of Pliev M.D. life and is instructed to go and buy plastic wrap, plastic bags and other necessary things to dismember the corpse and then hide its parts. Kudziev T.M. He began to paste over with plastic wrap the room of the locker room of the pool in the same household, where he and Dzugutov GZ, after consulting with the others, decided to commit the specified murder. The direct executors of the murder of Pliev M.D. Bagaev R.A., Zasseyev I.I. and Elephants G.G. Corpse Plieva M.D. charged to dismember, Bagaev R.A., Zasseyev I.I., Kudziev T.M. and Slonov G.G., and Yurtov R.V., Vataev F.O., Kodoev D.O. and Gutiev U.Kh. It was entrusted to take out parts of the corpse from home ownership and hide from detection.

In the same period, at the direction of Gagiev A.M., Dzugutov G.Z. and Yurt R.V. recorded a video message Pliev M.D. Why this video was made and what MD Pliev said on it, he does not know. Perhaps she was addressed to the relatives of Pliev MD, to explain his subsequent disappearance.

When the preparatory measures were over, Bagaev R.A., Zasseyev I.I., Elephants G.G., Kudziev T.M. and Gutiev U.H. brought Pliev M.D. from the room in which he was detained and brought him to the pool locker room, where he also went. Near the pool locker room was the pool room, which also gathered Vataev F.O., Kokoev D.V. and Kusov G.S. The locker room was already glued with plastic wrap. Pliev M.D. seems to have understood what will happen to him. Someone told him to lie on the floor. Pliev M.D. silently lay face down on the floor. Zasseyev I.I., Kudziev T.A. and Elephants G.G. tied behind Pliev M.D. foot tape - scotch tape. On the hands of Pliev M.D. there were already handcuffs on the back. Then he asked TM Kudziev. where are the plastic bags that Kodoev D.O. should have brought Kudziev T.M. said the packages were in the corner of the pool room. He told Bagaev R.A., where are the plastic bags. Then Bagaev R.A. took the bag and put the bag on Pliev M.D. on the head and wrapped M. Pliev’s neck adhesive tape on top of a worn plastic bag while Zasseyev II, Kudziev TM and Elephants G.G. held by Pliev M.D. hands and torso. After that Bagaev R.A., Kudziev T.M., Elephants G.G. and Zasseyev I.I. held by Pliev M.D. about 5-7 minutes, until he stopped showing signs of life. Then Kudziev T.M., Elephants G.G., Zasseyev I.I., Bagaev R.A. took the corpse of Pliev M.D. and dragged into the vestibule of the pool to divide it there. All the others, including him, left the pool and headed into the house. He went to Gagiev A.M. and reported that Pliev M.D. is dead. After a couple of hours, the corpse of Pliev M.D. was dismembered. After that, Gutiev U.Kh., Vataev F.O. and Yurtov R.V., fulfilling their role, took out parts of the corpse of Pliev M.D. from the territory of the household. At the direction of Gagiev A.M. parts of the corpse Pliev M.D. were taken to SNT “Ramenka 1” in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, where they were transferred to Kodoyev D.O. to hide from detection. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov