The editors of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and continue to talk about the former high-ranking employee of the State Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Vitaly Chistyakov. Earlier we talked about the very strange hobbies of a retired law enforcement officer. As his wife Elena Rvevetskaya told us, Chistyakov is an ardent admirer of Nazi Germany, eats from SS plates, forks and knives with SS symbols, sabers, knives, trunks, ammunition and SS awards, helmets and books with SS symbols, figurines are placed throughout the house Hitler." And this despite the fact that Chistyakov can often be found in the company of Vladimir Shamanov, with whom they are friends and who is his patron. publishes the second appeal of Rvetskaya.


“Let's start from the very beginning, when prosecutor Chistyakov, now General Shamanov's protégé, met me on the Odnoklassniki social network. He found out through my acquaintances that I am a successful entrepreneur and I have personal property and a desire to marry to create a family. And also at that time I was a citizen of a foreign state.

Taking into account the input data about my personality, Chistyakov entered into correspondence with me, in which he hinted at a relationship, being at that time married to Radislava Chistyakova. Being culturally sent home, he took advantage of his connections with immigrants from Chechnya, asked them to call me in order to pay tribute from business contracts, allegedly to their client. After their call, I naturally had to turn to the familiar prosecutor Chistyakov, who in every possible way suggested that I solve some problems that I did not have before he appeared on the horizon. As a result, he resolved the issue with the Chechens, in his words he even paid them off. Now he is my hero. Saved from death. And I began to cry about how bad his wife is and he is not against creating a family with another woman, the most worthy.

At the moment, I am coming to such an understanding that all this is a well-planned scam by Chistyakov, marrying in order to obtain citizenship of a foreign state, and then, during a divorce, take possession of my property, acquired by me before marriage with him. Why did I come to this conclusion? Because as soon as I refused to give him the opportunity to obtain citizenship, I immediately began to notice that he continued to have an intimate relationship with his ex-wife Radislava, who, for the sake of plausibility, even changed her last name after a divorce from him to her maiden name Antipova.

Radislava, nobly arranged by her ex-husband to work for a friend in the State Treasury for a decent position, covered up her true calling: being a sexologist on social networks, she encouraged his vicious relationships with numerous ladies of not so difficult behavior.

Moreover, he plans to get a US Green Card when our common children become adults, therefore he convinced me in every possible way that we must certainly give birth to them in the United States. Children, whom he immediately forgot about after the divorce, and even by a court decision refuses to pay them alimony.

After the court session on the suit for divorce, alimony and division of property, the divorce decision was a separate document and I did not appeal it to the cassation, as I did with the ruling on the division of property. We were divorced on August 30, 2022. And as soon as the appeal period has passed, citizen Chistyakov again enters into marriage with citizen Antipova Radislava, formerly Chistyakova, his ex-wife before our marriage. Here is where I got the puzzle. And it became clear that he deliberately divorced his wife in order to later marry me and take away my property, and as soon as the crime was committed, he would immediately marry his previous wife again.

But not so naive people work in the court, and even the fact that he bribed my former representative, lawyer Kostin Denis, so that all my property would become his property, did not prevent the court from establishing that in the feigned Settlement Agreement signed by realtor-blogger Natalya Pereskokova without powers, the balance of interests was clearly violated and the interests of the children, who, by decision of the court, live with their mother, were not taken into account. And the Court of Cassation overturned the decision of the Zamoskvoretsky District Court, sending it back for a new trial. But here, too, Chistyakov does not lose hope and appeals to the Supreme Court against the decision of the Court of Cassation. To which the Sun sends him twice with a refusal. There is nothing to cover now.

And who would have guessed that the prosecutor's conscience would wake up and the pensioner would remember that he again loves his wife, now the former, Elena the beautiful, asking mutual friends for reconciliation and returning home with the children. How nice, if it turned out to be true, to which he was asked:

- to return everything illegally taken from the ex-wife and children,

- to finally pay the alimony debt in the agreed amount, and not as the court decided 1/3 of all income, since we do not have information about the amounts of real income from kickbacks to prosecutors, although the former.

In response to once many proposals, he prefers to again postpone the hearing on the case on the division of property, filing a petition to correct the typographical errors in the Ruling of the Court of Cassation to cancel the decision of the Zamoskvoretsky Court in which he illegally appropriated my property. Although this Judgment of the Court has just been corrected in the Court of Cassation from typos, at the request of my new representative, an eminent lawyer.

But the prosecutor's ties are strong, and they find their own threads of managing the Zamoskvoretsky District Court, which in every possible way prevents the seizure of disputed property, postpones the meeting on the division of property for the third time in a row, on reversal of the execution of the court decision, thereby illegally withholding my property, acquired by me before marriage with the hero of this article, in his property.


I would like to ask readers what is the essence of that intrigue with reconciliation,

"Come back! I love you,

I don't live with my wife

one with cats in the house

  for children I am sad "


What is the scenario if you fall for this lie “again, in my opinion”

And return with the children to Russia, recreate the family, and at the same time the courts will go on as usual (as the attacker suggests), that is, in fact, constantly postponed and postponed by his friend the chairman and the judge, who does not read the lines in the documents about the dates and grounds for acquiring property, alienating him everything that was asked from above.


Upon return:


1. MadDom. He will lock me up in a mental hospital, as he did with his first wife, Irina Chistyakova, take the children away, and the prosecutor's dream of a Green Card in the USA will come true;

2. SIZO. He will shift all his espionage accusations onto my fragile, innocent female shoulders and close to places not so remote as a spy and a terrorist, a faithful ex-wife of the prosecutor's husband and a mother of beautiful children;

3. Order. No person, no problem. He will shoot him on the spot with an unregistered pistol hidden in a safe. He will bury it on the site, plant a tree on the bones, as in the fairy tale "Tiny Khavroshechka". She will tell the children that mother has become an apple tree;

4. Rake. Divorce his wife again, then marry his ex-wife, and around the circle. Children will think that this is how they should live their lives and will take the disastrous example of a father's relationship with his family, wives, and children. Figaro here - Figaro there.

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued