In September 2019, two wives of the leader of the super-killer gang Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako) visited Moscow simultaneously. The first wife is Guzal Mustafokulova, the mother of two of his children. She holds the strings to Jaco's "storerooms" for 112 million euros, which are sheltered in Austria and Spain. The second wife is Yana Komissarova. She holds $ 318 million worth of storage in Switzerland, the VChK-OGPU telegram channel reports. Before the future verdict, Jaco decided the fate of the money earned during the bloody activities of Gagiev. He is shining for life, at Jaco he counts on the best. According to his intentions, it will be possible to organize his "death" in the colony into part of these capitals. And the resurrected Jaco will appear somewhere far from the Russian Federation. Dzhako identified two of his long-standing partners as rescuers - the ex-head of the FLC Nail Malyutin and Arkady Berkovich (aka Arthur Khabibullin). According to Dzhako, Berkovich will be the main custodian of the withdrawn money. This was brought to Guzal and Yana. They also discussed details with Berkovich (under house arrest). After that, the ladies left the Russian Federation. About Berkovich-Khabibullin will tell in detail in the near future. In the meantime, we decided to dwell on the identity of Nail Malyutin. Moreover, has repeatedly talked about this person.

Nail Malyutin in the 90s under the leadership of German Gref worked in the city hall of the northern capital. Since those ancient times, he is well acquainted with one of the main "godfathers" of St. Petersburg, Gennady Petrov. Over time, Malyutin became the head of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC), which was supposed to deal with "state support of leasing programs in the field of civil aviation." In 2008, Malyutin was sentenced in Moscow to 8 years. According to investigators, in August 2007 Malyutin’s company entered into an agreement with FLC-Komplekt, which was to purchase 25 Il-114 aircraft for FLC for 290 million rubles. However, as the investigators found out, this transaction was a cover for withdrawing funds: FLC-kit transferred 30 million rubles to criminal authority Aslan Gagiev, nicknamed Dzhako, who bought a large plot of land in Ryazan, and then sold it to “FLC-kit” already for 253 million rubles.


Later, Jaco transferred this money to Malyutin’s personal account, allegedly as payment for a loan previously taken from him, and he, in turn, sent the money to Spain, where they bought the estate in Spanish Palma de Mallorca.

As follows from the wiretaps published by, it was Gennady Petrov who was the "godfather" of Malyutin. The latter reported to Petrov about everything “according to the ships”. It was about the acquisition of shipyards in Germany through the FLC. It was thanks to such a “godfather” that Malyutin did not sit down the murders that the Gagiev’s gang committed on his go-ahead. Moreover, with the participation of Malyutin, the FLC office was turned into a torture chamber, in which people were tortured and killed. However, Malyutin only served time for embezzlement, and even that is not all. continues to publish excerpts from the case against the Jaco gang.

“Around 2004, during a visit to the gym, he met Onoprienko S.V. from St. Petersburg. In the beginning of autumn 2006, in the office of the FLC, in the office of Gagiev A.M. I heard the conversation of the latter with Malyutin N.A., who asked to deal with Onoprienko S.V. To this Gagiev A.M. promised to talk with Onoprienko S.V. After about two to three months, in a cafe on the base on the street. Boat city of Moscow, from Nikolaev M.K. found out that he and Beglaryan S.L. committed the murder Onoprienko C.The. and his friend at the request of N. Malyutin ...

“In the early days of January 2008, Y. Yashkin phoned his secret phone, telling him to arrive at the office of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC), located on ul. Makarenko in Moscow, where the members of the "Family" were to gather. Upon arrival at the indicated office, he went down to the basement, where there was a sauna, a steam room and a pool table, there were already 10-12 members of the “Family”, including Gagiev A.M., Beglaryan S.L., Alymov O.N. ., Dudy I.A., Nikolaev M.K., Yashkin E.I., Dzhioev A.B. Also in the basement there was a uniform of police officers in black with police badges, metal dummies of Kalashnikov assault rifles, black balaclava masks with slots for eyes and mouth, metal handcuffs on a belt in a special casing (holster), holsters for pistols, unloading vests, boots-boots. The models of the assault rifles were metal and in appearance practically did not differ from the real Kalashnikov assault rifles. At the direction of Gagiev A.M. Dudiy I.A., Nikolaev M.K. and a few other people from the “Family” members changed into police uniforms, he and Yashkin E.I. did not change clothes. Nikolaev M.K., who was an active police officer, had a holster with a Makarov pistol on his belt, the rest had empty holsters.

Gagiev A.M. said that it was necessary to go and capture some person who was allegedly involved in the kidnapping in North Ossetia. Then for another hour or more they expected the team of A. Gagiev. On departure, as he understood, they were waiting for information about the whereabouts of the man whom they were going to abduct. Then, at the direction of Gagiev A.M. all members of the Family disguised as police officers, as well as he and Yashkin E.I. got into a dark-colored minibus, operated by EI Yashkin, and to a car wash located in the vicinity of the Baumanskaya metro station. Having entered the washing area, they stopped near the cafe, got out of the minibus, after which he and Yashkin E.I. they remained standing on the street to observe the adjacent territory, to ensure that no one ran out of the cafe, and the rest of the “Family” members, wearing “balaclava” masks on their heads, in the form of police officers and bursting with machine guns burst into the cafe. After staying in the cafe for no more than 5 minutes, the members of their “Family” took the two men out of there, wringing their hands behind their backs, dragging them into a minibus, laying them on the floor and handcuffing them, fastening them behind their backs. When everyone got on the minibus, they drove back to the FLK building, where they took both men stolen from the cafe and took them to the basement of the building, where Beglaryan SL, Dzhioev AB were located. and a few more people from their criminal community. Having stayed in the basement of the FLK building for several more minutes, he, with the permission of Gagiev A.M. went home. A few days after the commission of the specified crime from Yashkina E.I. he learned that both abducted men were killed by members of their “Family”.

They are with Kodoyev D.O. We arrived at the FLC, in the basement of which was a sauna with a pool and billiards. In the room where there was billiards, to the right of the entrance, the previously unfamiliar Avlokhashvili L.S. “Lasha”, his hands were handcuffed in the rear position, on his head was a mask without slits for the eyes. Talked with him Gagiev A.M., Gagiev O.S. and Nikolaev MK, at Lasha, they were interested in the circumstances of the abduction of the son of Zasseyev Ludwig. He initially denied everything, but after Gagiev O.S. beat him with a billiard ball in a hat on the chest and back, and Nikolaev M.K. poured boiling water on his back, L. Avlohashvili “Lasha” spoke about the circumstances of the abduction, even how they shared the money. At this time, Kodoev D.O., Gutiev U.Kh., Dzhioev A.B., Yurtov R.V. were also present in the indicated building, two people were in black uniforms and masks, he did not even guess who it was was. In another room where the pool was located, an unfamiliar man was sitting on the edge of the pool, as D.G. Javakhishvili later found out. "Georgian", who was accidentally captured along with L. Avlohashvili, he asked him to let go, he said that he had AIDS. Nobody applied any physical force to him. When Avlokhashvili L.S. confessed to kidnapping, including the abduction in 2006 of the underage son of Zasseyev Ludwig, who was engaged in slot machines in Vladikavkaz and in Moscow, L. Avlohashvili “Lasha” was brought into one of the rooms of the sauna, similar to an office. Dzhioev A.B. and Gagiev O.S. in this room recorded the recognition of Avlohashvili L.S. in kidnapping on camcorder. He heard this personally, as he was standing next to the door ajar to this room. Avlohashvili L.S. initially thought that he was in the police department, as Gagiev O.S. said, he tried to offer them a bribe of 10 million rubles. Avlokhashvili L.S. He suggested that his brother sit for him, and he would collect the necessary amount. After about 2-3 hours from the moment of their arrival, Nikolaev M.K. told everyone to go to the Far Base to S. Safronov to the Sheremetyevo area. They also went with D. Kodoyev. Gobozov M.S., Gutiev U.Kh., Dzugutov GZ, Dzhioev A.B., Gagiev O.S., Staikhevich A.V., “Gypsy” were already at the Far Base ”, Possibly others. In the bathhouse, where Bekmurzov A.K. was previously killed “Kipu” in front of the shower on the floor in handcuffs sat Avlohashvili L.S. “Lasha”, next to the steam room, also on the floor and in handcuffs, sat Dzhavakhishvili "Georgian". They were brought by the Chrysler minibus Nikolaev MK, Yashkin E.I. and someone else from their guys. Having stayed at the Far Base until evening, he left, who remained to guard L. Avlohashvili “Lasha” and Javakhishvili D.G. He doesn’t know “Georgian,” one of their guys. On the second day, he himself arrived at the Base in the late afternoon, at about 21 o’clock. There were Gagiev A.M., Dzhioev A.B., Gobozov M.S., Kodoev D.O., Gagiev O.S. “Bot”, Beglaryan SL, Dzhioev G.R., someone else. Then Dzugutov G.Z. brought there Ludwig Zasseyev, who at the time of the abduction of “Lasha” was in Moscow. Gagiev A.M. called Ludwig Zasseyev and said: “This is the man who stole your child”, pointing to L. Avlohashvili "Lasha." Further, Gagiev A.M. invited Zasseyev Ludwig to kill “Lasha” himself, but Zasseyev Ludwig refused.

Then Gagiev A.M. gave Nikolaev M.K. command to kill. Nikolaev M.K. put Avlohashvili L.S. on his head “Lashi” a plastic bag on his head and together with S. Beglaryan rewound his head with tape, Avlohashvili L.S. died of strangulation. Javakhishvili D.G. The “Georgian” at that time was alive, as it seemed, was in an armored car on the street. Gagiev A.M. told him and Dzugutov GZ to take Zasseyev Ludwig home, which they did. They drove a car Dzugutov GZ, under his control, with them also went Gutiev U.Kh. Zasseyev L., who witnessed the murder, was in shock, he even got out of the car much earlier than his home. Dzugutov G.Z. dropped them off in the city center, where at Gutiev U.Kh. there was a car. After about two hours, he and Gutiev U.Kh. returned back to the Far Base, on the street, in the courtyard met MS Gobozov, who explained to them that the “Georgian” was also no longer alive, the command to kill him was given by Gagiev OS "Bot" that their corpses in the bath. Javakhishvili D.G. "Georgian" was also killed by strangulation through a plastic bag and adhesive tape Nikolaev M.K. and Beglaryan S.L. After a while he left. On the third day in the evening he again arrived at the Far Base, from the armored car one of the guys, as if Nikolaev M.K. and someone else, pulled the bodies of L. Avlohashvili “Lashi” and Javakhishvili D.G. "Georgian" and brought them to the bathhouse. When he went into the bathhouse, he saw two corpses without a head, they no longer had clothes on. Nikolaev M.K. was standing over the corpses with an ax. "Pioneer". Beglaryan S.L. “Armenian” was talking on the phone on the street. Gobozov M.S. and Gagiev O.S. were also in the bathhouse. “Bot”, Omarov A.S. (Roma). At the office were Gagiev A.M., Kodoev D.O., Gutiev U.Kh., Dzhioev A.B. and Dzugutov G.Z. Then Gagiev O.S. left the bathhouse, and Beglaryan S.L. “Armenians” went into the bathhouse and they with MK Nikolaev began to carve the corpses. He began to leave the bath, but he was met by Gagiev OS, who suggested that he himself take a couple of limbs from the corpses and put them in a bag in order to overcome disgust in him. When they entered, Beglaryan S.L. and Nikolaev M.K. Already chopped off all limbs to both corpses, chopped limbs on joints, fragments of bodies stacked in black garbage bags. Helped them S. Safronov White plastic buckets from under construction mixtures stood there, it is not known whether fragments of bodies were in them. He also put several fragments of bodies in packages, but he began to stir up and, going out into the street, he was sick. Fragments of the bodies were taken somewhere by Nikolaev M.K., where exactly, he doesn’t know, perhaps, together with R. Yurtov. ”

To be continued

Timofey Grishin