Source: spoke about the Minister of State Property and Land Relations of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Ruslan Tedeev, who, according to the materials of the case of the murder of three people, was a member of a group of racketeers in the early 2000s. One of the businessmen who was covered by the organized criminal group was Y. Dzagoev. Tedeev came to him with his accomplices and demanded another tranche, but was unexpectedly refused. On the same day, Dzagoev's parents and wife were killed, and everything of value was taken out of his house. At the time of the crime, witnesses saw Tedeev's car near the Dzagoevs' house. The weapon from which three people were shot was previously used in the attack on Dzhigkaev T.Sh. (they shot him in the leg). Ruslan Tedeev and his eternal partners of those times, Arik Tedeev and Miron Bagaev, took part in the attack. This trio worked together then. The nature of their occupation is clear from the materials of the case file of the leader of the bloody group, Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), on whose orders Arik Tedeev and Miron Bagayev were killed. Ruslan Tedeev survived, escaped criminal responsibility and became a minister 20 years later.

     A member of Dzhako's gang, Georgy Dzugutov, testified as follows: “The murder of Miron Bagaev, which, in my opinion, took place in 2010 or 2011 in Vladikavkaz. Bagaev Miron was killed because he stabbed a child in the presence of his parents while extorting money (the murder of the child, according to my information, took place in the village of Oktyabrskoye, Prigorodny District of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania). Bagaev Miron was also killed for allegedly participating in the abduction of the child of businessman Ludwig Zaseev. I do not know to what extent this motive corresponds to reality, but it was about this motive that I heard from A.M. Gagiev. ("Jaco") or Dzhioev Arthur ("Figures"). In the murder of Bagaev Miron, people who were part of the group of Oleg Gagiev ("Bote") took part, namely: Zassev Inal (directly fired), Kudziev Timur ("Temo"), who, in my opinion, was driving a car and had not yet less than two people, who exactly, at the moment I do not remember. This crime was also completely with the knowledge of A.M. Gagiev. ("Jaco") and at his direction ”.

At the disposal of was the testimony of another member of the "Jaco's gang" Robert Bagaev about the circumstances of the murder of Arik Tedeev.

Руслан Тедеев

“In July 2008, when I arrived in Vladikavkaz to participate in the murder of E. Kusraev, nicknamed Bzo, practically on his birthday on July 21, maybe a day earlier or later, T. Kudziev, nicknamed Temo, told me that from Gagiev Oleg, nicknamed "Baby" and "Bote, an instruction was received about the murder of Naniev, I do not remember his name, and Zasseev Alan, who were part of the gang of Bekmurzov Artur, nicknamed Kip, and Avlokhashvili L., nicknamed Lasha, who were previously killed by members of our" Family »In Moscow, as well as Bagaeva. The indicated criminal group abducted Ch. Mirikov. and the son of Zasseev Ludwig. For this reason, they must be killed….


We began to look in Vladikavkaz for the places where these lindens appeared. One day in Vladikavkaz, Aslan Chelokhsaev showed me A. Zasseev, I could see it well. About 2 days before the murder of A. Tedeev, that is, at the end of July 2008, from about 12 to 14 o'clock, T. Kudziev and I. In the area of ​​the Vailovsky vocational school No. 17, next to which Zasseev lived ... we saw a group of men for table that played some kind of board game. Among them I saw A. Zasseev. Seeing A. Zasseev, I decided to kill him from the PM pistol I had with me. I took some kind of rag that was in the car, tied it up, covered my face with it, prepared a pistol, the cartridge was always in the chamber. We began to approach a group of men, but at that moment our car jerked, because Kudziev abruptly dropped the gas, was nervous. A. Zasseev noticed this and prepared, in this probability, a pistol, because he held his hand between his legs. Noticing this, I told T. Kudziev to pass by, because I would not have had time to get out of the car, he would have shot me. We drove past, after some distance we turned around and drove back. A. Zasseev was no longer at the table ...

Leaving our car on Moskovskaya Street in Vladikavkaz, about 300 meters from the place of the attack. G. Slonov and I got out of the car. The elephants were carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle in a black-flowered sports bag. I had a PM pistol in my belt. Passing through the courtyards, we came to a house in front of which men were sitting in a gazebo. About 30 meters away from them, we hid behind trees and watched for about 30-40 minutes. The distance between us was about 3-4 m, the Slonov was on my right. An electric light was on over the table. The number of men at the table was constantly changing. Some kind of "Gazelle or Rafik" drove by, from which three men got out, one went into the house, two went up to the players and looked at them. We waited for them to leave, then A. Tedeev drove off in a VAZ 2110 car somewhere approximately o for 10-15 minutes, then he returned, having parked the car next to him, and he again took his place at the table.

I knew only A Zasseev, and A. Tedeev, A. Slonov also knew A. Naniev. I asked G. Slonov who the other men were, he said that they were probably people from their group. Naniev was sitting on the right with his back to us, and a man unknown to me on the left ... Tedeev Arik was sitting not on the bench, but on its back, then a man unknown to me, on the left from the edge of the table Zasseev A.

At about 00 o'clock we went with G. Slonov to the table at a distance of about 6 m, while our backs were to Dovator Street. G. Slonov, fired shots at those sitting at the table in automatic fire mode. Almost immediately, one of the bullets hit the light bulb, after the light went out, we practically stopped seeing what was happening at the table, we ourselves were more illuminated. As a result, I abandoned the original plan, according to which I was to finish off A. Naziev and A. Zasseev with my pistol. I knew that A. Zasseev, A. Naniev and A. Tedeev were carrying weapons and any of them could open return fire, Slonov shot the store in two bursts. I haven't fired a single shot. The results of the shots of G. Slonov were unknown to me. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov