The photograph with Yevgeny Prigozhin laying flowers at the grave of Alexander Romanovsky in Peterhof is a real godsend for the journalist. If you greatly enlarge the photo, then on Prigozhin's T-shirt you can see ... TWO Stars of the Hero. In the summer, everyone wondered whether or not they gave Prigogine one Star by a closed order. The Kremlin did not refute, Prigozhin was silent. And here immediately Two Stars. However, sources say that the second Star is the Star of the Hero of the DPR.

No less than two Hero Stars on Prigozhin's T-shirt, the man who accompanies Yevgeny is also interesting. Sources of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU confidently identified him as Alexander Grigoryevich Maloletko - Prigozhin's "right hand". Maloletko is the protagonist of the criminal case on the hacking of messengers and the phone of Alexander Vinokurov, the son-in-law of Sergey Lavrov. However, as it turns out, not the main one.

          We got acquainted with the verdict of Maloletko dated December 2021 and found such interesting testimony there (the verdict is impersonal, we inserted the missing names) . “Further on the same day, he called Maloletko and told him that the number number .. belongs to Alexander Vinokurov, who is the son-in-law of someone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In response to this information, Maloletko explained that he knew who owns the number number, namely Alexander Vinokurov, and also said that there was nothing wrong with obtaining the data of the indicated subscriber, since the “customer” is also a high-ranking person and has great connections.


 And let's guess together what kind of high-ranking "customer" with "great connections" who really dislikes Lavrov and ordered Maloletko to hack the messengers of the son-in-law of the Foreign Minister?

Лавров и Винокуров

            However, the investigation did not begin to look for the customer, but so cleverly formulated what happened: "Maloletko ... out of selfish interest, under circumstances not established by the investigation, acted as the organizer of the crime and financed it." Prigozhin's "right hand" was sentenced to a fine of 50,000 rubles to the state.

Given the period of Maloletko's detention, he was completely released from serving a sentence in the form of a fine.

The verdict also took into account the fact that Maloletko was awarded three Orders of Courage. To this we can add the "Cross of Military Valor", received in the Central African Republic.


Prigozhin, according to the Cheka-OGPU, was not interrogated in the case. publishes the testimony of witnesses from Maloletko's verdict and other case materials.

 The accused Witness No. 1, interrogated at the court session, testified that he had a comrade Maloletko. In early April 2020, in one of his personal meetings with Maloletko on <address> square - <data taken>, near <address>, the latter asked him about his ability to obtain information from mobile subscribers of mobile operators, namely, to obtain data from the WhatsApp messenger (whatsapp)". At that time, he told Maloletko that at present he could not help in any way, however, he told Maloletko that it was necessary to find out from acquaintances the possibility of providing this service. Further, also approximately at the beginning of April 2020, he does not remember the exact date, he, in correspondence via the Internet messenger <data taken>" turned to FULL NAME13 with a request to remotely obtain all available data from the Internet messenger "<data taken>" by to the mobile subscriber number indicated by him, that is, to receive the correspondence of a specific user. further, received from FULL NAME13 information about the possibility to obtain data messenger subscriber cellular communication he gave Maloletko by telephone number. Approximately a week later, approximately 12-DD.MM.YYYY, Maloletko, via the messenger "<data taken>", told him the number of the subscriber number, which must be hacked in order to obtain information, namely, correspondence in the messenger "<data taken>)". Initially, he did not know whether telephone number No. belonged to the subscriber. Further, on the same day, that is, approximately 12-DD.MM.YYYY, he transmitted information FULL NAME13 through the messenger "<data taken>" that it is necessary to obtain the data of subscriber No. with access to "<data taken>)". After some time, he received a call FULL NAME13 and said that he had loaded the phone number No. into the program «<data taken>». The essence of this program is that if you enter the subscriber's number, the phone screen will display how this contact (user) is recorded in the notebooks of other subscribers. According to FULL NAME13 after downloading the phone number No. into the program "<data taken>", it turned out that the indicated number belongs to a user who is recorded by other subscribers as "<data taken>", "<data taken>". In this regard, FULL NAME13 explained to him that <data taken> is a serious person. Later that day, he called Maloletko and told him that the number number belongs to Vinokurov, who is the son-in-law of someone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In response to this information, Maloletko explained that he knew who the number number belonged to, namely VInokourov, and also said that there is nothing wrong with obtaining the data of the specified subscriber, since the "customer" is also a high-ranking person and has great connections. Maloletko also explained to him that if, after receiving information on subscriber No., there is something valuable in it, then it will be possible to talk about paying for this service. Initially, he neither Maloletko nor FULL NAME13 did not discuss the financial issues of this service. After received from Maloletko information he passed it FULL NAME13 by phone call. FULL NAME13 for the specified service asked to transfer him part of the funds in the amount of 35 000 rubles. Further it by means of a non-cash transfer from the card of the bank PJSC Sberbank received from Maloletko through an ATM transferred funds in the amount of 35,000 rubles to the FULL NAME13 card. That is, approximately DD.MM.YYYY FULL NAME13 began work on hacking a subscriber of a telephone number that was in use <data taken> only the result and providing Maloletko with the necessary information. Further, approximately 20-DD.MM.YYYY he called FULL NAME13, and said that the order had been completed, namely, the phone of subscriber No. owned by <data taken> had been “hacked”, namely, all the information of the indicated subscriber had been received, including the correspondence of the WhatsApp messenger ( WhatsApp)”, which is copied and located at FULL NAME13 Also, FULL NAME13 explained that in order to pay for the specified service and provide the “customer” to him (FULL NAME13), about 700,000 - 1,000,000 rubles are needed. Further, on the same day, he called Maloletko and said that his person (referring to FULL NAME13) has all the necessary information obtained after the hack "<data taken>)" and that in order to pay for the specified service, it is necessary to pay 700,000 - 1 000 000 rubles. To this, Maloletko told him that in order to fully pay for the service, it is necessary to study the information received on subscriber No. After that, FULL NAME13 through the Internet messenger "<data taken>" sent him an archived file containing all the information of subscriber No., including correspondence "<data taken> and passwords. The total file size ranged from 5.5 to 7 gigabytes. Further, on the same day at the end of April 2020, via the Internet messenger “<data taken>”, he sent the information received from FULL NAME13 to Maloletko. That is, Maloletko received all the information and correspondence of the subscriber + No., including the messenger <data taken> (<data taken> in the amount of 5.5. to 7 gigabytes. Further, he (Witness No. 1) called Maloletko and said that he had thrown him ( Witness No. 1) information, to which Maloletko replied that he had received the information and would study it. He deleted the file from 5.5 to 7 gigabytes containing information and correspondence <data taken>. Approximately 2 weeks later, namely from 10 to DD.MM.YYYY at a personal meeting with FULL NAME2 on the square <address> - Petersburg, about <address> Maloletko FULL NAME2 reported that the information illegally obtained by correspondence FULL NAME50 studied, and "zakachik" is ready for the service rendered by "hacking" to provide cash funds in the amount of 300 000 rubles. In one of the days in the period from 13 to DD.MM.YYYY, he does not remember the exact date, he appointed FULL NAME13 a personal meeting near <address> at <address> in <address>. he explained that the customer estimated the received information by correspondence <data taken> in the amount of 300,000 rubles. At the same time, taking into account the previously paid advance, he handed over FULL NAME13 a white paper envelope in which there were cash in the amount of 270,000 rubles, in denominations of 5,000 rubles. He also said FULL NAME13, that the customer overpaid 5 000 rubles. More he FULL NAME13 did not discuss the specified topic. Under the above circumstances, he was aware of the illegality of the actions taken, however, acted as an intermediary, wanting to help his comrade - Maloletko. He had no selfish interest, did not try to extract material benefit under the above circumstances. Who was the customer in obtaining correspondence FULL NAME51 in "<data taken>" he does not know, but only communicated with Maloletko.


Witness No. 1 confirmed his testimony during a confrontation between him and the suspect Maloletko, according to which Witness No. 1 directly points to Maloletko as the person who committed the crime. (Vol. 8 pp. 94-97)

Interrogated at the hearing the representative of the victim FULL NAME9 testified that DD.MM.YYYY on the mobile phone, instant messengers and social networks <data taken> LLC «<data taken>» FULL NAME34 (mobile number No. a cyberattack was committed, or rather illegal access to computer information The mobile phone, the information on it, the SIM card of the mobile operator <data taken> with phone number No. belong directly to LLC <data taken> and are classified as corporate secrets. personal account of the account "<data taken>" (PJSC "<data taken>") for managing the number FULL NAME34: + No. <data taken> - from the personal account “<data taken>” (PJSC <data taken>) requested call detail by number # and downloaded to an unidentified device. Next, the attacker set forwarding incoming calls from number # to number + #, several times requested authorization by a voice call from the service <data taken> (which was redirected to a fake phone), as a result of which the account was intercepted. The final interception was carried out simultaneously with the blocking by the service of a further opportunity to change the owner of the account (timeout for several hours), which made it possible for the attacker to use the account alone. Then came incoming verification SMS from instant messengers and social networks (<data taken>). Then there was confirmation from the managers of "<data taken>" that there were no alternative registrations in the Beeline network with the number, i.е. the SIM card was not compromised, the location of the subscriber FULL NAME34 did not change. After that, the employees of the company “<data taken>” began to receive requests from the intercepted account FULL NAME34 with a request to send archives of chats <data taken> to a fake address <data taken>, which was carried out by two employees. Further number FULL NAME34 was blocked by employees "<data taken>" and access to the personal account is closed. Thus, unidentified persons made illegal access to the personal account of the subscriber of PJSC "<data taken>" with number No. owned by LLC "<data taken>", which led to the inclusion of redirection of incoming voice calls from number No., after which this redirection resulted in to unauthorized access to the account in the application "<data taken>" of subscriber No. and call details of subscriber No., which resulted in the modification and copying of computer information. Explaining also at the hearing that at the present time the claims do not intend to declare.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin