Protection of the father of Senator Rauf Arashukov, adviser to the head of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Raul Arashukov, appealed the court decision on his arrest. For Arashukova Sr. happening real shock. And it's not that he was in jail. Raul was in prison, and more than once, behind the shoulders of two convictions.  The problem in dealing with the investigators of the TFR. Recent years Arashukov Sr. was accustomed to command staff of this Department of the North Caucasus Federal district. Moreover, it was he who "raised" a whole group of law enforcement officers, who now occupy positions of responsibility in the investigative bodies of the North Caucasus. it became known about the party all these wards Raul sledak, which took place shortly before the arrest of the Senator and adviser to the head of "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz".

            The event was timed to the 52nd anniversary of the head of SU TFR in Dagestan Sergey Dubrovin and it was held on December 30, 2018. The place for celebration was chosen restaurant in the castle "Cunning and love", located near Kislovodsk. Castle made a platform for a Banquet is not accidental. The Director there is Oguzov Elena - the wife of the Deputy head of the SU TFR for Dagestan Marat Oguzov. Family Agunovich and Chehovich (nee Helen) are the owners of this complex. Gathered for a holiday birthday Sergey Dubrovin, his loyal Deputy Oguz, I. O. GSU SKR on KCHR Kazbek Bulatov and another group of militiamen from the North Caucasus Federal district. According to sources, all of them are United by one thing – faithful service to the interests of the Arashukov clan. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most honorable participant of the celebration was not Dubrovin, but Raul Arashukov.

 In order to communicate with the loyal security forces, he even got out of his voluntary exile in St. Petersburg. As we have already told, realizing that the situation for him is not the best way, Arashukov senior actually settled in the office of "Mezhregiongaz" in St. Petersburg under the "wing" of his patron from "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev. He was sure they wouldn't come for him. And along the way, he solved his problems and the problems of his son through Gazprom. However, skip the collection of loyal security forces, Raul could not.

According to as a result, during a party in the castle "Insidiousness and love" birthday greetings "diluted" discussion of the situation around the family Arashukov. Raul himself said that there would be no arrests, so he was promised in Gazprom. But in any case, discussed with the right investigators further plan of action. First, it was necessary to do everything not to talk to the General Director of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Makhachkala, Vladimir Anastasov, who was detained in St. Petersburg only in mid-December 2018. He got to fly for protection to Arashukova, and he advised urgently to go abroad. Anastasov did not have time, he was handcuffed right at the airport "Pulkovo". Anastasov was at one time planted with Raul on the gas business in Dagestan and could give a very unpleasant statement. The second topic for discussions in the castle "Insidiousness and love" - is gaining momentum the case about the murder of Aslan Zhukov and Frala Shebzukhova, which was suspected Rauf Arashukov. Discussed options on how to "plug" the accused and witnesses in this case who testified on Rauf.

            As a result, all gathered made the plan of further actions. Only here to implement it failed. FSB detained Raul and Rauf Arashukov. According to, now in respect of Dubrovin, Oguzov and Bulatov is being checked, which may end for them not just dismissal, but more radical measures.

Raul Arashukov took under his" wing " Sergei Dubrovin, when he was Deputy Prosecutor of the Stavropol territory. Arashukov senior for many years headed LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Stavropol". He was one of the owners of the Stavropol territory. And Bulatov clan Arashukov generally raised "from scratch", his career success he owes only to the influential family. It Bulatov for many years just did not notice all the indications and evidence pointing to the fact that Zhukov and Shebzukhova "ordered" Rauf Arashukov.

By the time the case family Arshakovich updated with all the new defendants. publishes a Bolo three – Ouali Evgamukov, Alan Kyatova and Umar Kalmykov.

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy