No matter how hard businessman Vladimir Palikhata (the main current sponsor is the family of Ksenia Sobchak), criminal stories do not bypass him. And now he was at the epicenter of a grand scandal. Last week, lawyer Valery Kulish, during investigative actions, jumped out of the window of the Main Investigation Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow and died. The fact that during the investigative actions were with Kulish was first reported by the telegram channel VChK-OGPU. They were carried out as part of a new case against the controversial lawyer Kantemir Karamzin (serving a term of 8 years and 4 months). Kulish himself has been under house arrest since June 2021. At one time, both Karamzin and Kulish were closely associated with the general director of JSC VSUM (Moscow Military Construction Department) Alexei Dushutin, Kulish was a VSUM lawyer. According to the investigation, at one time a large number of both the assets of the VSUM and the assets of the Dushutins family, including real estate, were stolen. Then Dushutin organized the "landing" of Kulish. Next, Dushutin himself was put on the wanted list. Now this whole saga reached Karamzin, against whom, being under house arrest, Kulish began to testify. However, during a confrontation in the case, he jumped out of the window. Because of the incident, Anton Pankov, the head of the 10th department of the MCh of the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, was dismissed; in the near future, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate Igor Yakovlev will also leave his post.

More than a month ago, Karamzin himself filmed a story in the pre-trial detention center, in which he told a very interesting story. He stated that they wanted to get testimony from him that it was he who organized (paid the police officers) the provocation against Ivan Golunov. All this led to the fact that the journalist was planted with drugs and detained. As a confirmation, the operative is shown some correspondence in the messenger with the "customer" of the provocation against Golunov. The purpose of the "customer" was to discredit and achieve the resignation of the head of the FSB for Moscow and the Moscow Region, Alexei Dorofeev, with the help of a provocation against the journalist, since it was to him that the traces of Golunov's investigations about the "cemetery mafia" were leading. Karamzin did not name the "customer", specifying only that he was "connected with Ksenia Sobchak." At the same time, the lawyer showed the very "correspondence". If you increase it, you can see that it is being conducted with Palikhata, who, as you should understand, is the customer.

But Palikhata's troubles do not end there. The media reported that in addition to Karamzanin, Kulish named Palikhata in his testimony. Before his death, he assured that, together with Palikhata and Karamzin, he created a criminal group to steal the property of the VSUM. The scheme, he said, also involved four nominee directors who came from neighboring countries. The lawyer claimed that they were later killed, and the bodies were buried at privatized military facilities in Lobnya and Lyubertsy near Moscow. Kulish, according to the media, also named the alleged killer - a native of Kamchatka, Konstantin Mishchenko.

Vladimir Palikhata denies that he knew Kulish. “I don’t do that kind of thing. And as far as I already know, people are alive. Probably, they resurrected and made a video message to law enforcement agencies, ”he told reporters.

Palikhata, of course, can talk about live denominations, etc. He is no stranger to lying. However, has at its disposal a completely entertaining story described by the direct participants. We are talking about the seizure of the Institute of Elastomeric Materials in Moscow by then raider # 1 Vladimir Palikhata. Three denominations took an active part in the operation, which were almost immediately ... killed.

The capture scheme of the Institute of Elastomeric Materials was as follows. Before the attack on the research institute, at the end of 2003, someone, representing the interests of the citizen of Uzbekistan Yusupov, falsified the minutes of the meeting of shareholders, according to which the shareholders appoint Yusupov as the director general of the institute. Later investigators will find this Yusupov. It turns out that he lost his passport long ago, and he himself is registered in a medical institution for the mentally retarded.

But in 2003, no one knows about this yet, and the pseudo-general director had to be legalized. For this purpose, a lawsuit is filed by Yusupov in the Shatsky District Court of the Ryazan Region that the tax inspection of the city of Moscow does not register him as the legal director of JSC NIIEMI. Why was the lawsuit filed in the Ryazan region ?. The fact is that it was there that Yusupov was temporarily registered and it was at the place of his registration that they went to court. And then the judge, which leads to certain thoughts, without the presence of tax officials, without calling the current leadership of the research institute, in a very short time makes a decision that obliges the Moscow tax office to appoint Yusupov as the director general of the institute. Classic scheme.

The positive decision of the Ryazan court, along with forged documents, of course, does not reach the capital's tax inspectorate. Why should the true owners know that fundamental changes have taken place with their shares and property? Instead, compose there is a fictitious sale and purchase agreement, according to which the general director Yusupov sells the main building of OJSC NIIEMI at 10 Efremova Street to a certain company LLC Viyur-Grad.

But the building of the institute was not at the disposal of "Viur-Grad" for a long time, it was immediately resold, now according to the Law to the "bona fide acquirer" LLC "Business contract", where the general director was Nikolai Nesterenko (right hand of Vladimir Palikhata), the same one, which, accompanied by 30 thugs, in February 2004 blocked all the entrances and exits of the research institute.

Sergei Reznichenko, who headed the Institute for many years, is trying to fight the invaders. On his behalf, law enforcement agencies received numerous applications, but the police were in no hurry to initiate a criminal case, and when the case was opened, it seemed that precious time was irretrievably lost. After a series of statements from both one and the other side, to all control and registration authorities, Nesterenko, in some incomprehensible way, wins. And the whole complex of buildings of the research institute passes under the control of his firm "Business contract". And then they changed the seal.

The change of seal, it would seem, put an end to this confrontation. By the spring of 2004 at the Research Institute. it seems like new owners have appeared on legal grounds.

As found out, left without his research institute, who does not know what to do with a large institute team, who were suddenly left without jobs and without a salary, Sergei Reznichenko takes a rash step. Through a number of intermediaries, Reznichenko contacts three "strange" people - Fryazinov, Bagdasarov and Ivanchenko. The whole trio was recommended to him as serious and influential people not only in business, but also in criminal circles. “During my first meeting with these people,” said Sergei Reznichenko, “they took a break to clarify the whole situation around the Institute. After a short time, I met with them again. Fryazinov and Bagdasarov threw such a phrase, I say literally "You were captured by Palikhata!" But we can help you, he will not go against us. "

Reznichenko first heard the name of Vladimir Palikhata, but very soon he will find out with whom he had to face.

“Fryazinov and Bagdasarov, during our subsequent meetings,” continues Reznichenko, “they said that they met with Palikhata and tried to understand the situation. Confirmed that my problem is solvable. But they could not prove to the latter their credentials, and most importantly, what relation they had to the Institute. " The general director of JSC NIIEMI was asked to write off a small number of shares to their companies, and even then, on quite legal grounds, Fryazinov and Bagdasarov pledged to return the property to the rightful owner. Reznichenko believed these words and signed a heap of documents that immediately appeared on the table.

Reznichenko signed a bunch of contracts in which various surnames and firms appeared, - among others, there was a document on the transfer of a small number of shares in favor of Afina LLC, where a certain Yulia Makurina was the general director. So, these shares were transferred on condition that all the property would subsequently be returned back to the director of the Institute. At the same time, Reznichenko himself is not even left with copies of the documents he signed. Later it turned out that one more person is present at all the negotiations - this is Vyacheslav Bushuev. His name was found in the list of employees of the Sphere company, where Vladimir Palikhata was then president.

Not long after Reznichenko signed the strange documents, police found the bodies of two men in different districts of Moscow. An examination will show that one of the killed was Fryazinov, and the second was Bagdasarov. And JSC "NIIEMI" has a new general director, a certain Voronin. It was found that in the contracts signed by Reznichenko, the fraudsters replaced the first sheets and now it turned out that the legitimate general director himself transferred a controlling stake in his Institute to unknown people.

  For several years since the early 2000s, Palikhata's “sphere” has been associated with a whole series of “unfriendly takeovers”. The list is really striking, in addition to the possible involvement of Palikhata in the above-described seizure of OJSC NIIEMI, these are legal battles around Department Store Moscow, OJSC Giprokhim, TsKB (design bureau) Svyaz, OJSC Metallist, CJSC MAKTs on Dmitrovskoe highway. In Ulyanovsk, OJSC Kontaktor was attacked by Sphere's lawyers, in St. Petersburg - OJSC Terminal and another joint-stock company in Moscow, Infiko.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin