"Authority" Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi), whose gang has had dozens of murders, is a native of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group and acted with their own methods. As the trial of the Orekhovskys was going on, their main killer Aleksey Sherstobitov (Lesha Soldat) said that out of 57 victims of the group, 18 were "ours", also Orekhovskies. The leader of the organized crime group Oleg Pylev objected: “Yes, they are dead, but do you think they were the boys from the sandbox? They were all bandits and they were killed by the same bandits. "

So, Kostya Bolshoi has enough of his own fighters. Among them was Oleg Shchesnyak. When he came to get a job in the group, he had problems with the law. Piskarev took Shchesyanka "to work", gave him documents for a different surname, but categorically warned him not to get involved in any stories not related to the organized criminal group. Puppy was identified as a bodyguard driver to Kostya Bolshoy's wife, and he also followed potential victims. Oleg was very pleased with the work, he told his father that he was working as a driver for the wife of the “FSB general”. But then he could not resist and, together with a friend, brutally beat a man in the course of a domestic conflict. Shchesnyak was detained with forged documents. Piskarev personally pulled it out to the police, hid it in the dachas with one of the members of the organized crime group. But Oleg has already made a budget judgment on himself. Piskarev did not forgive anyone who disobeyed his orders. Moreover, there was a danger of the arrest of Shchesnyak, and during interrogations he could speak. Under the pretext of moving to another shelter, Shchesyanka was taken out of the dacha. On the way in the forest, Kostya Bolshoi personally shot Oleg. When they began to bury him, he was still alive. Piskarev finished off the victim.

Ivan Danilin suffered from drug addiction, but when accepting a job for Kostya Bolshoi, he hid this fact. For a year he held on and became Kostya Bolshoy's personal bodyguard. Then he went for a promotion, Piskarev began to entrust him with personal tasks. But on the very first of them Danilin "broke down." Kostya gave him money and instructed him to buy one piece of antiques. Danilin went on a drug binge, and Piskarev said that he was ill. So Kostya Bolshoi could not forgive. Killed for less. He called Danilina for a conversation and shot in the back of the head right in the car. publishes the testimony of witnesses and those accused of these two murders.

“The testimony of the accused Mishin DS, according to which Piskarev demanded the involvement of new people for various assignments. At one time, when Makarov brought S.Yu. Bezrukov to the gang, Balayan brought Volodin and Shchesnyak, who worked for Piskarev as drivers and guards for his wife, carried out "surveillance" of various people, carried out errands for the economic part. Shchesnyak made periodic visits to various banks. Piskarev told Shchesnyak to behave calmly, not to get involved in any conflicts. Shchesnyak maintained relations with Volodin, Stolyarov and Kapkov. When Shchesnyak beat up a man, because of which a statement was filed against him to the police, Piskarev reacted negatively: he told Shchesnyak to go to the dacha to S.A. Bezrukov. and there he "sat out". Balayan was interested in the disappearance of Shchesnyak and asked Piskarev about the reasons for his disappearance. Piskarev answered Balayan that Shchesnyak had disappeared because of the money. "

The testimony of the accused Lupichev D.A., according to which in about 2002-2003 Shchesnyak and Volodin had a fight with someone, after which they were taken to the police station. Piskarev "pulled" Shchesnyak out of the police, despite the fact that he had a "left" passport in a false name. In the summer of 2004, at the request of Saryan, Lupichev came to the Burevestnik yacht club to see Piskarev, who explained that it was necessary to kill Oleg Shchesnyak. The three of us in a Lincoln car, Piskarev, Lupichev and Saryan went to the dacha to SA Bezrukov. in SNT "Kubinka", where for a month Shchesnyak was hiding from the police. At the dacha, they explained to Shchesnyak that he needed to be transported to another place. The four of them drove in the direction of Lupichev's dacha, located in the Nikolskoye joint venture SHT Ugolek of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. On the way, Lupichev thought out a place for the murder and not far from the SNT "Ugolyok" asked Saryan to stop the car. Piskarev was the first to get out of the car, followed by Shchesnyak. Piskarev, together with Shchesnyak, went in the direction of the summer cottages. Lupichev and Saryan also got out of the car. Lupichev stepped aside a little and heard a shot, after which Shchesnyak fell, and Piskarev removed the PM pistol. Piskarev, Saryan and Lupichev stripped Shchesnyak, put his clothes in the car, and dragged his body into the forest and buried him. When the body was transferred, Shchesnyak was still alive. Before burying him, Piskarev fired another shot in the head of Shchesnyak. "

The testimony of the victim Nikolaeva E.Yew., According to which Danilin I.Yew. is her younger brother. For two years before his disappearance, since 2000, Danilin worked as a private security guard for a man named Konstantin, whom Nikolaeva had never seen. From the words of Danilin Nikolaeva, it was known that his brother had fallen into the "structure of bandits." Danilin said that “If this can be called If you are an organization, then there is a ruble entry, and two exit. " Together with Danilin, the Yurov brothers, whom the victim knows from childhood, worked for Konstantin. On the day of his disappearance, 06/27/2002, Danilin was at the boat station in the village of Troitskoye, from where he arrived home at about 21 o'clock and said that by 24 o'clock he had to walk along Dmitrovskoe highway towards the center of Moscow and he would be "picked up." The next day, 06/28/2002, Nikolaeva began to look for Danilin and from the words of her son Alexei I learned that at about 23 hours 40 minutes Danilin approached him and called someone on the phone. From Danilin's acquaintances in the village of Troitskoye, Nikolaeva also learned that on the day of his disappearance, Danilin received a telephone call from a man named Zyoma, who also worked for Konstantin.

“Testimony of DA Zemtsov, according to which, in the early 2000s, the Yurov brothers brought Ivan Piskarev to the organization. Piskarev took Danilin to work as his guard. Danilin worked for about a year, then began to express thoughts that he did not want to be a security guard, but wanted, like the rest of the gang, to carry out Piskarev's assignments. Piskarev liked this desire, and he even entrusted him with some business related to the acquisition of a valuable antique item. Danilin took money for this task and "went on a spree": he answered phone calls that he was ill, but he was seen in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication. Piskarev found out about this. One day in the summer of 2002, Piskarev called Zemtsov and told him to come to the base, to the Burevestnik yacht club. On the spot, Piskarev told Zemtsov that he needed to talk to Danilin: "Let's go now to the village of Daos and talk to Ivan, otherwise the latter has become completely insolent." They drove up in a VAZ 2108 car to the village of DAOS, and Zemtsov, at the direction of Piskarev, phoned Danilin, telling him to go down and go to the bus stop. A conversation took place in the car between Danilin and Piskarev. Piskarev asked: "Well, have you completed the task?" To which Danilin replied: "No, tomorrow we will do everything, everything is under control!" Then together with Danilin they drove towards the village of Aleshino. Zemtsov suggested that Piskarev was going to kill Danilin, since Piskarev did not forgive such "mistakes" and deception, and Danilin's impunity in this case could undermine Piskarev's authority. After turning to the village of Muranovo, after about 300 m they stopped. Zemtsov was driving the car, Danilin sat in the front seat, and Piskarev in the back. As soon as they stopped, Piskarev took out a pistol and shot Danilin Ivan in the back of the head. After the murder, Zemtsov and Piskarev buried Danilin's corpse in the ground and left. On the way back, Piskarev said that Danilin was previously a member of the Dolgoprudny group and could tell the members of this group about him. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov